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Hi!! thank you again for your theme! Now i’m trying to modify it in a multiple page. but having trouble with the top menu bar…

i’ve tryied this: <li><a href="produits.php" data-option-value=".home">Nos Produits</a></li>

but doesn’t working … can you help me please ?

it’s look like … a simple liink don’t work in the div menu

ok i’ve found a solution :)

Bought this but have no idea how to upload the theme (unzip any file as no zip file has been found) at all. Is there any step to step guide? Or this theme is not a theme, it’s just a couple of html files?? I am looking for a theme that I can upload, and it will turn into a website. Thanks!

Hello, Koyorest is the HTML Site Template. It’s not theme for wordpress or any CMS. If you have any problem with editing html/css template, please send me mail via my user page contact form. Best Regards.

For some reason links aren’t working in the social ‘follow-us’ . Any suggestions? If I right click on the link and select ‘open in new tab’ it works, so nothing wrong with link HTML.

Hello, Thanks for purchase and message. Please delete lines 460,461,462 on misc.js file or download update version of KoyoRest.

Many thanks, P.S. If you will need some help with Koyorest you also can send me mail via contact form for faster answers.

Is there a wordpress theme version of this design? Let me know-

We have plans to in the end of september or first week of october.

Will the theme support Woocommerce?

Is there a status update on the wordpress version?

Hello, please tell me how to make some of the ‘read more’ buttons link to one of the ‘pages’ i.e. gallery page, instead of a pop-up.

Please also tell me how to get the form working. When clicking the ‘send a message’ button it’s not linked to anything. How do I link to the mail.php page so it works?

Hope to hear from you soon Love the theme!

Hello, Thanks for message. Link’s with pop’up should look like this:
  • Read more
  • And:#new_menu_read_more_dialog is a div to display in pop’up.

    Contact form is working, is the ajax/php form, not needed to direct link, what exactly problem do you have?

    Many Thanks, If you will need more help, please contact me via my user contact form.

    I want to NOT display the pop-up. What’s the link. i.e. to the contact page.

    With the contact form, when I click the button nothing happens. I may as well be clicking on an image with no hyperlink.

    If you want to use filter links, you should play with “filter option-set” classes like on header’s menu.

    On Live preview, like on template you bought, contact forms working, maybe you have made some mistake while customization!? Can you show me please your website?!

    P.s. For more comfortable discussing please contact me via my user contact page.


    Hello, im trying to change all icons but i dont know where i can find it

    http://cimarronjoomla.com/navio/ cup icon, key icon etc Please feedback


    Your link don’t working. If you want to use another icons, you can generate it from fontello.com and change the files or if you want to use your own icons you should create for them own style classes.

    Hello Sr. dammi, i almost finish the website, but i im confused in the themplate when i check the website in responsive sizes, some icons arent fixed depends of the screen. in especial the big ribbons. Can you tell me whats the issue in the css http://cimarronjoomla.com/navio/

    Big hopes that you can help us reduce the amount of js and css the index page calls for. Our page crashes on ie8 and has crashed a few times on the iphone 4. Its a great looking site that we are really happy with, but just hoping there is a way to trim it down so it will load in ie8 and be faster everywhere else.


    Thank for purchase and message. KoyoRest was tested on ie8 and different types of smartphones, result is very good because we don’t find any problems. It should work, if you need more optimized version, you can try to use some of js minimizer’s. So what’s why i think that may be you make some not correct changes or you have to much content for onepage website. For first reason will be better to compare your modificated template with an original one, if it’s second reason it will be better to create a multi-page template from one page (it’s easy, just needed to turn-off filtering menu and compose separate html pages). If you can see the same defects on original template please send me printscreens of them and we will try to fix it asap. P.S. If you can send me more info about your problems with your url, i will try to answer you with more technical details.


    I will opt to turn off filtering menu and add additional pages. Please tell me which stylesheet that needs to be modified in and thanks for the help.

    Hello, I tested template with iphone 4s safari browser. it is crashed sometimes..

    Hello, our demo version have special scripts for changing styles of elements and probably they can charge more memory than usual. Without those scripts Koyores worked correctly, but if you want to use this template for some project with too much stuff of elements we recommend to devide template to separate pages. Also we work on updates for Koyorest and bonus multipage version will be able soon to download.


    The orange elements on div disappear while online viewing. In off-line the orange elements are visible. Can you pls help sort this issue?

    Thanks & Regards, D

    Hello, Thanks for purchase and message. Probably, you have some problems with displaying SVG’s image files on your host. You can also change all SVG to PNG, but will be better try to know on your server about displaying svg files.

    If you will have any questions in future you can send me mail via my user page contact form with your link, and i will try to answer you with more details.

    Best Regards.

    Hi, works fine in all browsers except IE10.

    Is any fix/patch here for IE10?

    Thanks, Telepuzik

    Hello, We don’t find any problems while testing in ie 10. Can you mail more info about it with prtscreens and your url. We will try to fix it asap. Thank you.

    Hello, I tried to put an iframe youtube video in a div class element, but it doesn’t work: the preview look is OK, but no button is working.

    <iframe width="460" height="220" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ICDAQrHEXKg?modestbranding=1&rel=0&autoplay=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Any idea? Thanks!

    IE8 crashed,when the preview opens, and always reloading …. (IE8.0.6001.18702)

    Thanks, i’ll try to fix it asap.

    Hello, thanks for the theme! Can you help me add a facebook feed in the first page?


    Thanks for comment. Yes, of cause i can help you, just mail me via my user page contact form. Please attach link to your site and purchase code.

    Best Regards.

    how can I upload the theme. It says: stylesheet is missing


    It’s not a WP theme :(, it’s an HTML Site Template (you can see it also on category name) and it’s probably only for html use. Here is a WP theme – http://themeforest.net/item/koyorest-responsive-retina-wordpress-theme/6687693

    Tell me please if i’ll can help you. Best Regards.

    The map widget is not working. Here’s the site: http://chitopeppler.com/absolutethai/

    Hello, you wrote comment on KoyoRest HTML wall, not on WordPress version. Here is the for theme you have:


    And here is the link for support center of SkygoThemes, where you can find your problem support (it’s needed to create a support ticket).

    P.S. I think you should past this url for your map:

    Best Regards.

    I would like the menu sections to be the two column width rather than one column default. Can you suggest how to do this?



    Please contact me via my user contact page and please attach the purchase code, i will try to help you.

    Best Regards.


    The footer section where you have ‘Contact New York Office’ how can I target to the contact section onclick rather than an external link,


    Hello, You need to create “isotype” link with contact filters. If you’ll need more details, feel free to contact me via my user page contact form or via email. Best Regards

    It keeps crashing on my iPod, tried to fix it but can’t get it working 100% Link: www.web-dsigns.nl/pizzeria

    Hello, Unfortunately i don’t see “purchase” mark on your nick name. Please contact me via my user page contact form with your purchase code and i will find a solution for you. Best Regards.