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Still no answer for my submenu problem… How long will it take? Sent you account information two times now..

Mhm still no chaanges here…

Can you do me a favor. Please search for “minutes to read” on CodeCanyon and tell me why this won´t work with krating. And by the way: Submenus still not working. 2 weeks gone

Hi Digi, Sorry for late reply.

1. You should ask to Minutes to Read author about it. 2. i’m on my way to see submenu problem in yours

How to remove all customization created by the theme, ie: the style tags ( <style> ) to use the style in .css file, we want yo use a custon font ( not google, not default, and not using !imporant, and it´s a mess that the theme create by default this tags.

Hi Zeosing,

Sorry to hear that. Let me do this for you. Please send the credential of your site via message of my profile.


If you tell me the file taht creates them, i will do, ;)

Its in inc>option>panel>config.php . If you have any issues just let me know :)

As per documentation “Both the theme content and theme options have been provided so that you can set up the theme to look exactly like the demo in a few minutes. You can find the main demo XML file, along with the demo content XML files for each of the example sites in the main download folder”.

I could find “theme content” XML but couldn’t find “theme options” file anywhere in the zip package. Where is it? Urgent please

Hi Naniglavs,

We just reply uour message at our tickect. We will update krating ASAP.


How come the 3 line menu button that brings up the submenu is white, I don’t know how to make it black so it’s visible. Thanks,

Hi Penguinaa,

Sorry cna you more specific? You can message us to at our profile


Great work and support¡

Thank You. Treintametros :) You can review and give rating our product in your download page.


Hi, I have a problem with my post title because of the seo by Yoast. It doesn’t show post title like it should.

What can I do please ?

Link :

Should be : post title – site name

How it’s shown : post titlesitename

Hi Bonakor,

Please send a message via our profile. We will let you know how to do it.


Hi, I really like this theme and badly want to buy it, but the theme actually is unpredictable on Ipad and Ipad Mini, both on portrait and landscape visualization. Is a fix for the Ipad on your roadmap?

I guess not…

Hi filojoy? What do you mean with unpredictable?


Hello there,

can you support me with the css code to recolor the background of the right content area… there is something like “body background” in the styling section but that has no effect on nothing visible

tested on latest IE, Firefox and opera

.share-post doesn´t work for me. can you built an example, lets say making the button background blue and white when hovering? Using .share-post.sharer-0 label, that works

Ok Thanks

Hi, If you add a menu to the header, it shows the menu on the expandable menu , which is fine, but how do I move the menu a little bit for the right or even down? Because it gets covered by my logo


You can change it via CSS. Example to make it down, just add this css : #mainmenu { padding-top: 80px; }


Hi all. Can someone confirm how easy it is to remove/modify the diagonal sliding effect that occurs when you click the top right hand corner up/down navigation buttons to navigate between posts?

Is there a setting in the theme for this or will it require some jquery code changes?

Hi Arkid,

there is no setting for that. It is done in jQuery and not just some.


Hi there!

When can I expect an update on the theme?

Kind regards,



I sent several e-mails but none of them was replied. This delay is planting a seed of doubt in my mind in terms of support but anyway. Contact me.

hai there,

Can I Know your ticket number and your nickname for support email?

We are not found “maliyetis” in every support ticket. Your account also not verified.

Cheers :)

Hi Themeawsome.

Can I use your theme for a “normal” website with pages also? Can I have fixed navigation menu going across the site instead of the hidden menu? can I use slideshows in the left side? can I use visual composer?

Overall, can I achieve something similar to this;

Header with main navigation Leftside = image/slideshow + rightside=content (perhaps build with composer)

Hai there,

Well that’s seems impossible to do with this theme really sorry. You need a hard customization as far as a new theme development if you want this theme to be like that.

Cheers :)