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Page Builder not working All of a sudden, the page builder is not working. Can’t edit text. I even started new page in the builder and it still won’t let me add text into the text field. Won’t even let the cursor there.

FYI: Recently downloaded newest version.

Please Advise

Okay, it’s official. My issue is due to the new KRAVA version and the wordpress version. Or maybe it’s in how they react to one another. Nevertheless, HERE’S WHAT I FOUND. . .

I downloaded everything from scratch on a new url. And the old KRAVA page builder worked UNTIL, ...

The second I uploaded the new KRAVA version, the page builder stopped working and won’t allow any edits or new text in any box fields (like it is frozen). THEN…

I deleted the new KRAVA version and uploaded the old version again, and the page builder started working again.

So although the new version fixed my text wrapping around images in the post, it stopped my page builder from working. And my page builder is MOST important to this template.

I did this on a test site, Now I’m going to go back to my designed website that uses KRAVA and see if reloading the old KRAVA version makes the page builder work again there too.

Hi there,

We have all our Demos and some websites running Krava Theme and the last WordPress version and we don’t detect any problems with the page builder.

Maybe something went wrong with your WordPress.

Thanks for the support. I downloaded the old KRAVA and my designed websites page builder is working again. I’m too nervous to load the new again. I’ll try it again for a test on another day when I have more time. I hope that’s the case. Thanks for the feedback.


I want to buy your wonderful theme and tried/viewed it on my iPhone – but there is a problem! The menu doesn´t work right. It shows the navigation for a millicecond correct but then it disappears and there is chaos… And sometimes the browser crashes… It is on IOS7 (iPhone 4S). Is there a solution?

Regards, Markus

Hi Markus,

In maximum a week the update will be Online!

Oh – that sounds fantastic! Thank you for your message! Regards, Markus

Hi Markus, the update has been launched!

Best, Tiago Martins, Co-Founder & Developer

Hi Do you provide dummy/sample data with this theme?


Hi there,

Yes we have a xml file that you can import.

Best, Tiago Martins, Co-Founder & Developer


I bought this theme and have had it installed for awhile (since Feb). I had the same issue as mr_markus with the menu not displaying properly on the iPhone. I noticed that the issue has been fixed with the latest July 16th update. May I know which file were updated to fix this issue? I’ve already made a lot of changes to the theme and do not want to overwrite those changes, but I need this bug fixed. Thank you.

Hi Idaminan,

The files that we make changes were:

- css/responsive.css - css/style.php - header.php - scripts/krava.js - style.css - style.less

Best, Tiago Martins, Co-Founder & Developer

I want demo data XML file for this theme.Anyone have that? Because as per themeforest theme publisher is not available for support. Please comment below if you can help us on this issue. Thanks.

Hi dapson,

You have the xml on the following link: http://krava.fusecoders.com/xml/kravaxmlV1.4.xml

Best, Tiago Martins, Co-Founder & Developer


I cant get the contact form the work, and cant find any information on it.

I can type a message and it confirms as sent, but I don’t receive it. What am I missing?


Hi there,

Please send us an email through our profile with more informations.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, Co-founder & Developer

Hi there,

i am using both landscape and portrait images but the theme is cropping the landscape images to the constraints of w716 x h472. is there anyway of changing this so I can have a portrait image with a w of 716 x h 1024?

This issue is purely for the inner portfolio pages.

thanks in advance – i can email you links to the site if required


Hi Lan,

Thanks for purchasing Krava Theme, the Portfolio images size is 716×472 pixels and when you click, you will see the image in original size.

The only way to change this dimensions is change the PHP code and CSS styles.

If you want to make changes in the core of Krava Theme we recommend you Envato Studio, here you will find low cost prices for Theme customization.


Let us know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Hi, would you be able to provide support regarding menus please? Would be a great help! I’m trying to customise wp_nav_menu but think that there may be something specific to Krava stopping it from working. Many thanks in advance!

Hi Carwyn,

The normal “Header Menu” appear always because you are calling him on the code:

‘theme_location’ => ‘header-menu’

I think this is your problem.

Hope it helps.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Hi Tiago,

Thanks for your reply.

I did think this might be the case, so I played around with it but with no success.

Do I change that to the name of the custom menu I’m trying to call? If so, how can I be sure that the standard menu still appears on pages where I don’t intend for the custom menu to appear?

Best regards, Carwyn

Hi Carwyn,

You need to pass the value of the menu to the function, if you still no success with this development, we highly recommend Envato Studio.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder


Hi guys are you making this 4.0 ready?


Yes it is.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins

Hi, I’m having this error when I try to use the Twitter widget.

Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /clientdata/apache-www/z/a/something.com/www/wp-content/themes/krava/functions/widgets/twitter/really_simple_twitter_widget.php on line 364

I would appreciate it if you can advice me.


Hi there,

Go to our profile and send us an email with the login to that WordPress website.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Hi there, I have emailed you with the login to the WordPress site approximately 8 days ago. Any updates?

Oh sorry, let me check, maybe went to the SPAM folder.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Hello, how can I remove the blog “About The Author” tab? Please Help! Thank you

Hi there,

Thanks for your contact and we also appreciate that you’re using Krava Theme.

To remove the author box you need to edit the post and change the value of the “Show the author box in this post?” to Hide: http://goo.gl/ff17rQ

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Hello, I would like to Full Width Slider install in Page Builder, but it only shows what mac standard … hey I wrong?

Hi There,

Can you show us your problem? You can send us an email by our profile with more informations.

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

I have just installed and spent all day trying to get the page builder working but IT DOES NOT WORK. I have requested a refund

Hi jpadvertising1,

We can help you, are you getting any kind of error?

Best Regards, Tiago Martins, FuseCoders Co-founder

Purchase and install the theme but I can not see the option slidevars Can I get help?

Hi ansisweb,

We already replied your email with the solution.

Cheers mate!

HI there,

I have a question regarding the order of the blog. I’m using the ‘Archive full two columns’ layout but my blog entries are not ordered by date. I tried adding the code ‘orderby’ => ‘date’ to the $args but it still didn’t work. Any advice?


I am currently running WP Version 4.4.2 and Krava V2.2

For some reason the Full width slider is not showing on the pagebuilder. I need the full width slider to show on the home screen.

Below is a list of all the available blocks:- Row Featured Tabs Toggles Logo Slider RS Slide Text Box Information Call to Action Testemonial FC Slide Ad 300×250 Ads 125×125 Custom Code Tags Cloud Category List Search Form Flickr Sitemap Box Article Tabs

Hi there, we’ll check and run a fix asap. Thanks for your report.

pre purchase question , can Compatible for 4.5version?