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Hello there.

Love the theme so far, but are the 1/3 width features page builder elements an option yet? And I’m also getting a strange flicker after the animations end on the RS Slider.

Hi there,

Please contact us via email: support@fusecoders.com and send us more information about your problem.

This is a great theme. Made my portuguese ego very proud. Very intuitive. Kudos.

Thanks for your feedback, we always try to give our best in our products and customer support! :)

The “Featured” block is sadly limited. You should be able to make it a clickable link and work with HTML so that you can format the text. Please add this in an update and it would be so much better

Hi, thanks for your feedback, we will consider your suggestion in a further update ;)

Hi In the Portfolio Single View page like http://krava.fusecoders.com/dark/work/read-my-book/ when the page is viewed on mobile, the image cuts off from both left and bottom, can this be changed so the image gets re-sized in proportion to original image just like single blog page etc? Thanks Team iMedia

Hi there,

The images are being cut only on the height, we will consider your suggestion because it really makes sense ;)

Very nice theme. Please add support for Russian language.

Unfortunately we don’t have anyone who understands Russian, but if you want you can help us and we will put your name in the credits. ;)

Hello, There are some parts you’ve forgotten for the translation, on the archive page, Read more and the “loading more posts”... I don’t want to make any modification on the files, but I guess that’s what I’ll have to do for the moment, no ? Thank you any way for the theme, it looks really great and neat !

btw, once I’m done with french translation, I’ll send it to you !

Sorry I’m spamming, but there is a problem with french month display : http://www.tiwelle.com/capoeira/?page_id=1005 accents are not displaying well.

Hi, thanks for your feedback, we will review all files ;)

Hi there,

Just purchased. Can you tell me which page template you are using in the example? It seems to be a combination of “default without sidebar” and the “full width template” I built a custom page in Page Builder but it won’t allow me to have the full width slider with the “default without sidebar” setting. I really like the layout in the example. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

To put the blocks insite the 960px grid you should put them inside of Rows. Check this out: http://redpen.io/3e1vp9 (I put some comments on the image)

Thanks a bunch!

We are here to help our clients! :)

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Hello, I’ve bought the theme some weeks ago and i like it.

In my Appearance menu, the sub-menu “Sidebars” does not appear. What could be the problem?

Is there any way to show the last Facebook posts on my footer widgets like the last tweets?

Thank you for your time Nick

Hi Nick, I’m glad you liked our Krava WordPress Theme!

The “Sidebar” submenu does not exist, the Option is integrated with the Theme Options, check out here: http://redpen.io/a5znxt

For facebook feed you can find a lot of plugins out there, for example: http://wordpress.org/plugins/fbf-facebook-page-feed-widget/ , we just cannot guarantee that will fit perfectly on the Theme. ;)

Thank you for your suggests.. they are very useful. Another little thing: is there any way to configure captcha control on a contact fuse code form?

Hi, unfortunately we don’t provide that functionality, the only way to put a captcha control is programing and integration in the theme.

Hi, is there a way to get the shortcodes to creates elements such as we see on the page : http://themeforest.net/item/krava-multipurpose-theme/full_screen_preview/5417557" ?


Hi there,

We figure out that the shortcodes that we have don’t are on the documentation and we will send an update ASAP.

Btw, the link that you are showing me just returns the initial page because it’s an iframe.


is there a way of selecting which ‘portfolio category’ a ‘portfolio’ page shows yet? like this:

brilliant, thanks

hi, i think i have sussed how i want the theme to work. i just need to duplicate the portfolio template a few times with a few changes. this is an example of how i can select which ‘portfolio categories’ a page shows:

the only problem i have is it still loads ‘All’ portfolio items when you come onto the page. you have to click ‘actuators’ before it filters them. is there a way round this?

We have that functionality scheduled to the next month, but we dont know the exact day that that will be launched.

Hi I noticed the theme has a sort tab for video, however I cant find any videos. Is this possible or not?


We have the possibility to display a Video on the portfolio single page slider, but you can also put the embebed code on the page builder block that supports code (html, css and javascript) ;)

Prompt how to replace fonts on Google Fonts? I have a site on Cyrillic and your font doesn’t support it.

In what css file it is possible to make changes of style, the size and a choice of fonts? I so understand that dynamic.css is created on the site.

I think it an error:in .single> header h1 { font-size: 18; } without ‘px’. Therefore the font had the different size in different browsers. I correctly think?

We will check that! Thanks

Solved, we will launch an update with that, will be available on themeforest in the next week.

Him great theme, bought it today.

Twitter widget: on my xammp local server when I put my twitter name in the name box for this widget my latest tweets show up OK. When I do this on my live site, the tweets don’t show up. Am I doing something wrong? (I have left the default Twitter Authentication boxes as they came with the theme on both local server and internet server)

Hi! Thanks! Please send us an email with more information to support@fusecoders.com

I’m having trouble getting a post to go the width of the whole row without a sidebar, how do I get a post which looks the same layout as your “Elements” page?

We will reply this information to your email. ;)

Hi, you didn’t answer this part in your email….

Where can I find the codes for the “Elements”

Can you please check your SPAM or Junk email box?

I don’t have a spam or junk email box, I check out the headers of all my emails personally before downloading the genuine ones. Are you able to send it again pls

Done, let me know if you received.

sent an email

Answered :)

Is it possible to get short codes / codes to the elements (grids)? I don’t wanna use Page Builder. Thanks for nice theme! :)

Hi thanks for your feedback, Krava doesn’t use shortcodes for the elements (grids…), the only way to do that is using the Page Builder ;)


I bought the theme Krava. I’m with some dificuldadades to configure.

1 – In the menu’s appearance admin panel, there appears the sub-menu “sidebar”. I need help.

2 – The setting you want is “Blog with left sidebar type 2”. But I can not find where this option.

Please, I need guidance.

Excuse me the errors of the text, but I’m using an online translator.

Thank you! Wonderful theme!

We replied for your email. You also have Portuguese support with us! :)

Hi, I would like exclude a portfolio category in the portfolio page. Is this possible?

Hi! Thanks for buying Krava. Unfortunately the theme don’t have that option, maybe we consider that in the future.

Then, can i exclude only one category of portfolio in ‘portfolio page’?

Hi! Unfortunately the theme don’t have that option, maybe we consider that in the future, now we are giving a bunch of updates and new functionalities.

I created the Blog page. At a choice of any Template of this page – on the screen only “Blog with left sidebar” (http://krava.fusecoders.com/dark/blog-with-left-sidebar-pagination/) :(

What not so?

Please send us an email to support@fusecoders.com with more information, unfortunately we can’t understand your problem.