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Thanks for a great theme! I’m having an issue changing the logo and the accent color scheme. I made the changes in the theme but they will not change. Any ideas of what I’m possibly doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

I do see the logo. I loaded it on the header and the footer area. It doesn’t appear in either area.

Please send us more information (access and print screens) to our email: support@fusecoders.com

Info sent. Thanks in advance for your help.


Love the theme! Everything is going great with the build but I am having one issue…The Google Map on the “Contact Page” is not showing up no matter what I try?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi, thanks for your feedback, send us an email with more information for: support@fusecoders.com

Great theme!

We are having trouble getting a 3rd level childmenu to appear in the menu drop down.


Hi, thanks! For now we don’t support the 3rd level childmenu (you can see that information on the product page). We have that functionality scheduled to the next month, but we don’t know the exact day that that will be launched.

Nice theme! Really clean design and like all the choices with the pagebilder, but I have a few problems with it.

The boxes in the pagebuilder dont line up like they do in the live preview. I have chosen responsive and full width like in the demo but my boxes float to the right side and are locked. I want them to be centered under the slider but this is something I cant control. They dont line up with the box settings either so there is something wrong in the code. Please help.

Ok, now I found this: http://redpen.io/3e1vp9 And that explained a lot.. I did not put my boxes in a row :) That problem solved.

Now I just have to figure out how to control the oversized h2 title of the boxes. Can you give me a css line that give me title more like the size of the menu? Have tried to edit both the style.css and the dynamic.css but cant se any difference. I want to edit font size (16), line hight (maybe 18) and color (light grey like in the the menu)

Hi! Please don’t make changes to the core files, you can add your custom CSS on the Theme Options > Advanced Settings :)

Not sure if I missed something but I don’t have the sidebar link in appearance.

Another question. Is it possible to have a banner in the header if we pick a blog format?

To add new sidebars only have to go to Theme Options> Advanced Settings> Extra Sidebars.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to add that using a Blog Template format.

Hi there, do you have any feedback on Click4Pardeep’s comment and your response 27 days ago? You said that you will consider the suggestion as it really makes sense. In the meantime, my portfolio items are not displaying correctly on mobile so really eager to get this fixed.

We still giving updates on Krava, can you please send us by email the Portfolio problems? support@fusecoders.com

Uau! Sensacional! O bom é que podemos ter suporte em português! Parabéns!

Obrigado! Estamos cá para tornar a vida dos nossos clientes mais fácil, já adquiriu o Krava WordPress Theme? :)

I have written a .po-file for my language but there is one word the .po-file dont translate: “Read More” on the blog page: archive.

Could you pleas tell me where to edit this? I know I am not supposed to edit the core files but this time I may not have a choise..? Or?

Hi there, we will send an update with that correction ;)

Is it possible to embed the last posts(infinite scroll function) into a template built with page builder?

Hi, thanks for purchasing Krava WordPress Theme! For now its not possible, but we will consider your suggestion for further updates.

Hi, Great theme, thanks.

Is there anyway you can have 2 different portfolio pages on the site. Please help!

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

Yes you can add more than one portfolio page, check this tutorial: https://redpen.io/j426gs (pass the mouse on the image to see the comments)

Thanks, but is it possible to have different Portfolio Categories under another page, not just the same portfolio under different pages.

Hi, unfortunately we don’t have that options for now.

Hi nice theme. I’d like to use a Google font (Oswald) – how do I pull them into the theme? Thanks, Wez

Hi, unfortunately we don’t have that option for now, but we will consider that for future updates.

Can I to use Woo Commerce and WP Job Manager on this theme?


Thanks for your interest.

Unfortunately we don’t have 100% support to that plugins, its only a question of css styles and main files (for woocommerce).

Is it possible to add links into the text in the ‘Featured’ element? I.e. I want to use Featured to introduce a part of the site, and so I need to link to it with [ more … ] from the text in the Featured area.

Also please enable change of the font in these sections. It’s possible to change the font in other page builder sections, e.g. the Text box, but it doesn’t work in Featured.

Hi, for now we don’t have an option to change the font.

Hello, when I add an image into the editor and select ‘align left’ from the Edit Image page, the alignment is not being saved, the text does not wrap around the image. I looked at the code around the image and I don’t think it’s up-to-date. Please confirm.

Hi, we will check that. Thanks.

We found the problem and we will solve it, we will send an update in the next days.

Hello, in the Portfolio section, your albums have two titles, a large one (which is the name of the Portfolio) and a smaller title – where do I edit this smaller title? For example in the live example, the Portfolio ‘Read My Book’ has a sub-title of ‘Animation Illustration Production Video Wordpres. Where do I edit this please? Thanks, Tony

Hi, that are the categories from the project, you just need to add them.

Oh yes. Thanks.

Hello, congratulations for the theme! I need help to implement the slideshow images: the button “choose an image” in the panel “Project Slideshows” does not work, if I click on the button does not open the window and I can not load the image. How can I do?

Thank you very much!

Please send us an email to: support@fusecoders.com with the access to your WordPress site.

Ok, Thank you very much.


I have this theme.I have bought the regular license with the product.I want to turn it into a dating site.Basically i will use the theme as my landing site but when the customer subscribe then here will be taken to a third party white label dating site so in effect he is using they servers and software.So is this okay for me to use the regular licence ?

Hi mark3079,

You can use one licence per site, but if you have any questions about licenses I advise you to contact Themeforest Support Team.


Thanks for the theme. Is there a way I can create more header space for my logo? I like the center style header, but in order to fit it in the header my logo will have to be tiny. Right now it comes too close to the menu items.. Here is my page:


Thank you!

Hi SarahKates,

Thanks for buying Krava WordPress Theme, I think I already responded to your email. You will have to reduce your header image, because Krava don’t support that size of image.

Hope it helps.

Hi guys, when using this template, I try to attempt to add Contact Form 7, I cannot see the text fields (because there is no border – only the white box). I’m guessing this is a setting in the Krava CSS because if I switch themes, I do not have this problem.

Any idea on how to get a border to show up on these fields?

Hi there, for now we don’t have custom CSS for contact form 7. Do you know that we have a contact page template on the theme?

Yup – I saw that, but I am trying to add custom fields instead of the 4 basic ones displayed – Where would you go to change those?

If you know how to program PHP and if you understand the WordPress framework, you can change the krava.js, contacts.php and forms.php otherwise I don’t advise you to change the core of the theme.


1. Where do I set the email address for the Contact form?

2. How can I add a captcha for the forms? It will hammered with spam otherwise.


Hi there, the Contact Form email it’s the email that you put on the WordPress installation, for a captcha you will need to integrate that manually.

Since the submit button it’s not a button, it’s a div with a javascript function, I don’t believe that you will get spammed.