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Hi there, is there a way to control the slider timing please? It seems to be set to 7 seconds and I want to reduce this to 5 seconds. Many thanks

Hi there, for now the only way to do that it’s changing tha javascript file, but we will consider this for a further update.


Wow, what a nice theme! 2 pre-purchase questions:

  1. is it possible to place a contact form + text formatting in the very top area opened by the ”+” icon?
  2. is there any lighbox tincorporated to open WP Gallery images or single images in post/page text? If so – may I see any examples, please?
  3. Does it work with WP 3.8 yet?

Hi there, our email is: support@fusecoders.com

Ok I dropped an email to you.

Btw, is it possible to activate “sticky menu” so that it stays at the top of the page when scrolling down?

Hi there,

Unfortunately no. We received your email and we will reply as soon as possible.


Great theme! So by saying you don’t have 100% support for WooCommerce, are you saying it’s not compatible with this theme?

Thanks, Vic


Basically if you want to use WooCommerce with Krava you will need to create the PHP Files and the CSS styles so it works correctly on the theme.


In post, the image alignment is not correct.

Example: http://www.windsurf-kite-martinique.com/2013/11/19/397/

Despite a left alignment in the post admin, the text is not displayed correctly.

thank you

Hi there, thanks for your bug report, we will correct this issue as soon as possible.

Hi oliv972, please update Krava for the 1.9 version, now you should be able to do that.

Is it possible to add an Adsense Banner (728×90) in any of the header options with your theme?

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible to add Adsense on the Header.

Is it possible to change the @website on the contact form to capture their phone number?

Hi there, to do that using the default contact page template it’s possible only changing the code.

Hello, I want to purchase the theme. Perhaps I am overlooking something, but is there an option to have a RIGHT sidebar and a single column for the content? Specifically, under your Blog Menu item I am interested in the first two options but with the sidebar on the right (not left). Please confirm that there is a right sidebar option with a single column for blog posts and I will likely purchase the theme this week.

Hi! Thanks for your contact, the answer for your questions:

For the right sitebar on blog archive we have this template: http://goo.gl/bJOZHY

For blog posts the sidebar it’s allways on right: http://goo.gl/xYi4nB

Hi Fuse Coders, I bought your cool theme and installed it at http://lascargo.co/ I’m using the dark version of theme. I’m trying to change the background colors and some other stuff with no luck. Tried to edit the dynamic.css and only screwed up the site. How can this be done. which lines should i change and where in order to change teh color of bg and fonts? thanks again and congrats on a great theme

Hi Aeroermo,

Thanks for purchasing Krava WordPress Theme, for custom CSS don’t edit the dynamic CSS file, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Advanced Settings and paste there the Custom CSS.

Best, FuseCoders Support


great theme thank you!! I have just a little problem, I don’t know why but I can’t see “related projects” in my portfolio posts….the option is on “show” but nothing is showing…. thanks in advance

Hi, Thanks for your feedback! Do you have items on the same category? The related portfolio item’s only shows items that are on the same categories.


We’re having issues with the portfolio page not displaying each category http://tinypic.com/r/2h6gkcp/8 http://tinypic.com/r/2iaadzr/8 http://speedimaging.ca/portfolio/

Thanks I’ve email you the login to your Themeforest account.

I’ve emailed*


Hello, Thank you for a great theme!

I am experiencing some problems with the “Theme options” functionality. some options works while some do not. I have created a child theme, could this be the reason?

Yes #2 is exactly what I have been trying to do but as I mentioned in my first reply I can’t figure out the search path for my css. I’ve put my css in the krava/css folder, same as dynamic.css.

I have tried @import url(‘css/custom-styles.css’); in the Custom CSS in Theme Options but its not working.

I figured it out, by adding @import in Theme Options it got added last in the dynamic.css but it has to be on the first row to work.

Thanks for your time and thanks again for a great theme!


I noticed for your page titles you have two liners displayed. For example, you’re got a larger “HOME”, and then a smaller “A lot of features” at the bottom for your live preview.

Can you tell me how I can do the same? I can’t seem to find where to add the smaller second line.

Wonderful theme. Thanks!!


Can you explain us better with more details? (print screen) You can send us an email through our profile.

Thanks for the help! Much appreciated =)

Hi, love your Krava. I purchased the HTML version. What fonts have you used in the PSD’s? thank you

Hi rick_bc thank you for purchased our HTML theme, the fonts we used on PSD is calibri and arial

Don’t forget raking our theme ;)

Can this menu bar and this box color be changed?

Hi, I’m considering buying this theme again. However, I need to know if I can change the color of this bar and box ? ...and how? (see image) http://socalfit.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/help-wordpress.jpg

Hi, to change that gray colors you’ll need to make custom CSS on Theme Options > Advanced Options.

How is that bar and the tab area to be referenced in the code. Any idea what that custom css code would look like?

Can the Title Attributes (menu) color be changed?

It seems to be a set standard in the Theme Options.

HI, I’m considering buying this theme again but my client is looking for a pink background. Which would cause an issue for me with your theme color of the Title Attributes . Can it be changed?

Hi, to change that gray colors you’ll need to make custom CSS on Theme Options > Advanced Options.

Is it called submenu text? Any idea what that custom CSS code would look like?

Hi karolsnewday,

You’ll need to target the specific tags and classes, if you don’t have experience in this I advise you to get a professional on Envato Studio, you can do this for less than 50$.


Hello again,

Have a few questions I’m hoping the theme is capable of doing!

1) Is it possible to have a feature images (so that it shows up in a blog format like it does), but have it taken out when you click into the blog post? Right now only a partial of feature image is shown within a blog post and it’s not linkable anywhere either. I’m hoping to add the same image within the blog post so that it can be shown full size and linkable elsewhere!

2) How can I change the font size/colour of the text/content in my blog post?

3) Is it possible to bold the categories heading? I was able to stylize it in “Custom CSS” but i can’t seem to JUST hold the category heading. Right now i can only do it for both categories + its sub categories…

4) On BlackBerry mobile view, the pull-down menu is very glitchy. Is it something you can fix?

Thanks again!

Hi danchukal,

Sorry for th late response, here it goes:

1) Can you please show-me a printscreen or something to understand better what you need?

2) You’ll need to use custom css on the Theme Options, but maybe we will update all the font sizes on the theme, because they are small and the trends are changing.

3) Can you please show-me a printscreen or something to understand better what you need?

4) Unfortunately we don’t have a BlackBerry, we are giving support for Android and IOS, can you please tell us your phone version?

The hr tag isn’t working on the page. How can get the hr tag to work?

I’m trying to use the tag to separate the areas on this page: http://socalfit.com/sample-page/ I copied this from another website I have into the Krava template and the hr tags will not show up: example of how it’s suppose to look with the hr tag: http://sample.sbwebsupport.net/services/

Hi karolsnewday,

Unfortunately we don’t have styles to support that, but we will launch this on a new version asap.

So far, it has started working with this code inside the Advanced Settings/Custom CSS. Hope this helps someone out there.

hr { border:0; border-top: 1px solid #3c3a3a; height: 0; background: #3c3a3a; }


- I’ve seen the portfolio 3 columns : have you got the same with a simple gallery ? A gallery 2 columns ? - I’ve seen there is a way to add some words under each menu (HOME – a lot of features) : a – Is HOME in H1 and a lot of features in H2 ? b – What’s the name of this menu with two lines ?

Thank you in advance for your quick answer :)

Hi there,

- With that style it only works for portfolio listings.

- No it’s not, that’s a menu, it’s not semantic, we make use of the correct HTML5 tags.

Hi there,

is there any way to adjust the speed for the testemonials slider? It’s to fast and I can’t find a way to easily edit it.

Which file (JS) do I have to edit for the speed?

Thanks guys

Hi there, you’ll need to change the file plugins.js function krvFaderSlider.

Hi, QUESTION: Blog Image set to the left but text not wrapping beside it.

Is there something different with wordpress or this theme?

NOTE: In the Visual editor of the post dashboard the picture changes the alignment. But when you View the post, it doesn’t move at all whether its left, center, right, or none. No change.

FYI: this post is in draft mode and not published yet. http://hypnosistherapyforyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Screen-shot-2014-06-28-at-1.43.44-AM.png

Hi there,

Can you please send a detailed email through our profile with this problems?

Sure. Let me find where that’s at… hmmmm lol

You can find it here: http://themeforest.net/user/FuseCoders (on the right)