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Hi i got the portfolio working and most of it working.. except the whole contact form.. can you guys provided a more detailed instructable in how to get it working.. whole reason i got this template was so i don’t spend hours researching how to get part of the website made

Hi, as you can see on the product page we don’t provide PHP files for the forms, that will be only available on the WordPress version. ;)

Also clicks to images from portofolio redirects to http://fusecoders.com/krava/html/dark/work-image.html instead to zoom the images.

On the demo if you click on the portfolio image it opens a modal with the image, did you make changes to the code?

I got the archive and is like in demo. if u click any image from HTML\dark\portfolio-1.html instead zoom to the image , it redirects to HTML\dark\work.html

Yes, that’s correct, portfolio-1.html it’s the portfolio items list, and when you click you go to de detail page of the item ;)

if u check index.html from dark or white version here http://validator.w3.org/ you will see an error about duplicate atribiute class.

btw this is one of the best graphic web templates i’ve seen . The only thing i can complain is a missing php script for contact page :P

Thanks! We will correct that error and send an update! ;)


I need your help with the contact form… how does it work?

Thank you

Hi, PHP files for the forms will be only available on the WordPress version.

Thank for Answer questions. But am not impressed.

Sorry but in the product page we don’t say that we include PHP files, you gonna find a lot of examples that are easy to integrate with Krava Template ;)

Hi, Muy bueno el template. Lo he comprado lo estoy terminando de editar, pero lo que pasa es que en explorer pide abrir complemento y además el panel (popup con colores me aparece siempre) y lo he editado del html. Lo raro es que en chrome no aparece y funciona todo perfecto. Gracias por ayudar

Saludos Ezequiel

Hi, thanks for buying our Krava Template, I’m glad you liked! You have the color pannel showing up? Open the krava.js and delete this: stylebox.init(); ;)

Hola, gracias por la ayuda, la plantilla se ve perfecto en todos los navegadores. Podría hacerte una consulta en email privado? es sobre licencia. saludos Ezequiel

Hi, you can give us more information about what you need for this email: support@fusecoders.com

Do you know when the WP of this template will be ready?

We got good news, we are finishing the widgets and the theme options and we gonna launch soon as we finish

Hello , my friends bought this theme from you and we are both working on it. There’s a couple of things that really are bothering me , first, I can see that the contact form is not working, and all the sliders either. I bought a lot of theme on the site and this is the first time that someone said that we needed to know some jquery !!!! I really need to make this work !Can you give the functions because we are not programmer, just designers , and it is kind of urgent and a big problem !

Hi, the sliders are working fine, did you make any changes? Form the contact form you need to create a PHP file for the post, we only include PHP files on the WordPress version that we are about to launch.

Hi everything seems to working perfectly except the portfolio. i have assigned portfolio items to categories, but they only seem to show when you select ‘all’. try link below if that was unclear:

for example i have items assigned to ‘actuators-linear’ but when you select that nothing seems to show..? your help would be most appreciated. great theme otherwise

thank you, please let me know when this bug is fixed.

also another query i wonder if it is possible..

when you click a link at the top of the page, for example ‘actuators – single chain’ which is set to ‘portfolio’ template, it shows all portfiolio categories. Is there a way to select which portfolio categories this link will show? your help would be most appreciated.

Hi there, that option doesn’t exist for now, but we will consider that after we launch the updates that we have planned. ;)

Love the template, but just one question. Where would I change the Newsletter form so that it sends me the email details of that form? Thanks

Hi there, to make the newsletter form work you need to integrate with a service (Aweber, MailChimp, we-going…).

We don’t include PHP files on the HTML version.

Hi, I bought this and everything works fine except the work-video.html I can not include the youtube <IFRAME>, I replacement the <IFRAME> that brings vimeo but still can not.

Could help me?

Hi Dolpher, are you talking about the Portfolio items? https://redpen.io/skz7nt

hi do you have the boxed version?

Yes we do! :)

Hi again. I’m looking to download version 2.0. Where can I get this? I can only download v1.4 from my account admin panel. Thank you

Hi, what fonts did you use in PSD’s? thank you

Hi #3, I forget to say, I have the HTML version. thank you

really nice work:-);

Thank you! :)