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nice and clean template, Welcome to forest :)

Thanks! ;)

looks good. i tried to look at the template on my iphone – i didnt see any responsive change to it?

We gonna check that! Thanks!

thanks – its possible it was due to the theme forest header bar. i checked again and its fine

Yes it’s true, thank you! ^^

Awesome theme, welcome and good luck!

Thank you!

nice, congratulations, wordpress version?

We are already starting WordPress version! :)

Nice theme. Good luck!

Thank you!

Awesome Template and welcome to forest :)

Thank you! :D

Very clean and well designed

Good work, plan to buy for a project

Hi, thanks for your feedback, i’m glad you liked our work! :)

Wonderful and clean template! Go ahead with WordPress theme. Good luck!

Thanks! We already started WordPress version :)

how do you get rid of the stylebox without breaking the krava.js ? thanks

Well you just need to remove the stylebox.init(); from krava.js line 909 :)

And thanks for buy the template!

Clean and awesome work! :)

Thanks! ;)

Can’t wait for the wordpress version, excellent.

This looks like an awesome theme! I’ll buy the Wordpress version! Good luck, you’re off to a great start!

Hi! Thanks, i’m glad you liked, WordPress version it will be great :)

For some reason my slider wont work, the navegation buttons dont work. What might have happened, this is the html for the slider section:

<section id=”rsslider” class=”slideH”>

  • \\
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\
  • \\

Id appreciate your quick response.

I assume that you are talking about index-slider5.html, did you make any change on the page?

Hi! What do you think the timeline is for the wordpress version? Im considering holding off buying another theme as I like this one a lot. Thanks

Hi! What do you think the timeline is for the wordpress version? Im considering holding off buying another theme as I like this one a lot. Thanks

We are planning to launch the WordPress version on 16th June.

Hi there! I am about to purchase this theme, and had a few questions…

Can a company logo be placed next to the business name in the top left-hand corner?

Also, does this template come with an instruction manual explaining step-by-step how to install the theme and maintain it?



Hi Asher,

1 – You can substitute de logo in the top left-hand for the logo of your company, you just need to change the image “logo.png” and it has to be 130×60 pixels.

2 – The html template comes with a Documentation where you have Installation step-by-step, Page Structure, Layout Settings, Logo Settings, Menu Settings, Sliders, Blog, Portfolio and Extras…

Hope you like! :)

Nice job! Very slick! 8-) I am really considering purchase! About the logo: ”...it has to be 130×60 pixels”. Is customisation really that rigid? Or is a, let’s say 180×60 pixels logo also possible with just some minor tweaks? Thx!

Thanks! It not needs to be that rigid, if you put a bigger logo you just need to update the css (or .Less if you know how) and change the size (width/height) of the class ”.logo”

:) Really nice Layout :)

Thanks! :)

Planning wordpress version ?

Yes, we already started WordPress version! :)

:) Looking forward to it

Very interested in the WordPress version of this template! Can the mobile version be edited separately? Do we have options there or are we limited to the auto conversion?


The Krava is responsive, adapts to the width of the window / device will be given the ability to disable and enable responsive.