Discussion on Kreativa | Photography Theme for WordPress

Discussion on Kreativa | Photography Theme for WordPress

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Hi, I enbale the Display Titles & Description already but does not show when you using Kenburns Fullscreen Type? We are able to display it with Kenburns Fullscreen Type? https://prnt.sc/E8lVDyInmuns Thanks

Hi, Kenburns works with static title and description.

If you require per image title and description for it then you can use Revolution slider to create a slideshow with kenburns effect and add per image title and description.


Hi, im wondering how to edit or delete this block


Thank you


The viewable browser window is not in a fixed size so the image you display can’t be set to size to fit all the variations of the browser size each user has. Hope you understand what we mean.

Fullscreen slideshow images can be set to fill the screen or fit.

Filling means it will fill the whole screen but in this mode it will also crop. Fit will make sure the image is displayed in whole, but it will leave space around where the image is not filled.

You’ll find the choice in theme options. Check theme options > Fullscreen Media settings in order to fill/fit images to browser window.

Here’s screenshot https://d.pr/i/UxtzfK


Do note that ‘Fit Always’ will have empty space around the image depending on the image and window difference. This would be like fitting an image to a canvas in Photoshop. The canvas space will be seen if the image is not the same dimension as the canvas.

This physical example works the same way technically inside a browser window. Here’s a screenshot of how Cover works https://d.pr/i/hkbsmH

If you Fit the image in browser window then there will be empty space where the image doesn’t cover. Here’s screenshot example of how Fit works https://d.pr/i/vE9wRe


Thanks. I will try.

I’m wondering that there is fit screen solutions for mobile view cause most images are cropped. Or there is an update for this soon?

If we can forced mobile view with https://imaginem.io/kreativa/fullscreen/photowall-lightboxes/ would be awsome.

Hi, There is no method to fit an image to the screen unless the image is identical in size to the screen size. Otherwise the image will crop. You can check the illustrations we have provided as example.


HI, this theme support PHP 8.1? How is SEO optimized? I mean with plugin our created by you? I see many demo page Vertical Menu ( Bright ) etc. all demo can be imported?

Hi, Yes, it is PHP 8.1 supported. SEO can be optimized using an SEO plugin. We recommend Yoast SEO.

Yes, the pages seen in demo can be imported. Vertical menu and horizontal menu can be set from theme options for any demo.


I want to buy a third licence for this theme but I noticed it hasn’t been updated since February. I just want to know if you are still supporting it and will be updating it to work with the most recent versions of Wordpress and php for a while yet?

Hi, It is supported, compatible with PHP 8 and is compatible with latest WordPress as well.

We will be releasing updates for it.



Telstar Purchased

Hi there, just a quick question… Is there any intention on updating the Font Awesome icons in any of the upcoming theme updates? I want to add Discord to my social links – and there is an icon now in Font Awesome. I’ll be able to edit the social widget when the time comes, but really unsure how to deal with the Font Awesome CSS so hoping that an update might be coming some time… Thank you in advance!

Hi, Yes, we’ll work on this for next update. Thanks

Hi, just to verify before I buy this Theme. Is everything that’s included (incl. Plugins) compatible with PHP 8.0? I’m currently using your Darkroom theme and encountered many issues with the upgrade to PHP 8.0. Many thanks in advance!

Hi Sorry, to hear. You can contact us from our profile page to check on the issues with PHP 8 and Darkroom theme. Our support can help.

Kreativa is compatible with PHP 8 and that includes the bundled plugins.

You can contact us via https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


hi there, can you please tell me how to update to last version? I haven’t updated my site since 2019, nothing displays! willmarsandoval.com thanks!


You can update the theme using Envato Market plugin.

Do ensure to update the plugins in notice after updating the theme.

Instructions to update are in Point 3 of following link: https://www.envato.com/blog/install-themeforest-wordpress-theme/

Do update the plugins in notice after theme update. You can find those in wp-admin > Appearance > Install Plugins ( needs to be done after updating the theme )

If there’s any problem then you can contact us via our profile https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Thank you very much! It’s already don!!!

I have one more question, there’s a way to set AUTO PLAY for the Music Files to fullscreen Pages? I want the music to auto play when site opens!!!

Hi, Autoplay of audio and video isn’t allowed by browsers since 2017. You can read about Chrome policy here https://developer.chrome.com/blog/autoplay/


i need left menu and header menu together possible?

Hi, Sorry, currently it doesn’t work that way.


Hello, 1) I registered on your support forum but it is not possible to send messages. Keep sending me back to the registration link. 2) I want to insert icons with social links in the menu footer, or somewhere in the menu, but I can’t find an option to insert social networks. How can this be done?


If you get the registration link then most likely you’re entering the wrong purchase code to register.

Could you contact us through our profile page https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem

Our support will help you with this and help you register as well.


Hello Imaginem,

I bought the Kreativa template and I am having two issues right now. 1. I can’t register in https://imaginemthemes.co/ I use my username, password and purschase code and it does not work. I have no idea why. 2. I can’t write anything when I use the builder editor.

Thanks for your support.


Sorry to hear about the trouble.

Could you send us a mail via our profile with details of the username and password you have tried to register for us to check.

Regarding the issue with pagebuilder. Could you check if your setup has updated WordPress while having an older theme. Or if you have a plugin which is causing conflicts with the pagebuilder.

You can mail us with site url and wp-admin login info for support to check and provide details on how to correct this.

Please send a mail via our profile with details https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Hi, 1.> I was doing some changes in my website and due to some error my mobile logo is become too large. So will you tell me How to reset into original mobile logo size.

2.> This error is coming on my home page, so how to fix it and remove it.

No Fullscreen post selected in theme options.


Could you send us an email for us to check what’s happening. Please include the site url with the email along with a small description of the issue so that support can respond accurately.

You can email via our profile https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


I want to edit the home page of my website as I am finding issue regarding editing. Kindly tell me the process in steps.


Could you send us an email with details on why you aren’t able to edit.


If you see errors then do check if you have updated WordPress. If so the theme too will need to be updated if there are errors related to any mismatches.

You can update using Envato Market plugin ( option 3 ) in the following link.


Do update the plugins in notice after updating the theme. You can do so via wp-admin > Appearance > Install Plugins

If you still see errors after updating or if you’d like us to check the current error then send us an email via our profile for support to help. https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Hi Imaginem Can you let me know if this word press theme”Kreativa” is supported by “Elementor” thanks Adam

Hi Adam, Sorry, not yet, but we are working on this though.


Hi, I’m looking into Kreativa for my website I have to redo since another author provided some incompatible work. Could you please state about compatiblity with very last WP Version as of February 8th 2022 as well for WP as for Plug-ins required and compatibility? Thank you in advance!


The theme is compatible with latest WordPress and we will be keeping it updated for future versions.

Plugins used are popular ones which with large user base. And our own custom plugins for the theme.


There is a bug with events, we can’t change the start and end date in events options… i don’t know since when but it’s very annoying (Wordpress and Kreativa up to date, PHP 7.4 ou PHP8, same problem)


Please contact us via our profile for our support to help check what’s happening.

You can mail us via https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Hello! I want to purchase your theme, but there are some questions regarding design. Could you please answer on them?

1) Can we customize layout of the main header? (ex. put logo in the center of menu) 2) Can we change the layout of the main page? 3) Could you please send me a list of available changes in design by default?

Best regards


1. The header logo placement will be as in design currently. We have provided two different kinds of menus. One is vertical and then horizontal. You can view the design from demo.

2. The main page is a fullscreen slideshow. It uses a fullscreen generated using images. You can change the layouts of other pages using pagebuilder. The fullscreen doesn’t use a pagebuilder and is present for easier generation of slideshows by supplying images.

3. All the features available will be present in theme demo. You can view our help guide from following url https://imaginemthemes.co/help-guides/kreativa-help-guide/


Hi, i bought the theme hours ago, but i dont receive any confirmation email with link or availiable to download in my downloads area. could you verify please?. i dont know what more to say to my client.

Hi, Sorry to hear. You can download the theme directly from themeforest without using the email.

Here’s how to: https://envato.com/blog/install-themeforest-wordpress-theme/

Could you check if the option to download is present in your Themeforest account.


Hi – My images are no longer displaying and the mobile menu no longer works. The images are there as when you hover over it shows the URL to the image but they are not displaying .. please advise. https://jjmdigital.com/fullscreen/bichierri-murano/


Sorry to hear about the trouble.

Yes we do see errors. Your theme is very old theme with recent WordPress.

This is likely related to keeping the theme old while upgrading WordPress without upgrading the theme. WordPress updates come with many changes so the theme upgrade is also required.

Could you upgrade the theme to latest.

After upgrading the theme ensure to upgrade all the plugins in notice. You can find those in wp-admin > Appearance > Install Plugins.

Since you are using a caching plugin, do purge cache as last step.

You can upgrade the theme using Envato Market plugin described in option 3 of following link https://envato.com/blog/install-themeforest-wordpress-theme/

If it still doesn’t work then send a mail us via our for support to check what’s happening. https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


pre sale question , have you managed to add pagination to very large proofing gallerias ?

Hi, Pagination is possible with individual posts. Such as blog lists or portfolio lists. WordPress doesn’t have pagination for images.

For proofing galleries that have just images you’ll need to manage them manually as WordPress cannot generate pagination from them.

One way is to separate the proofing gallery which are very large to different pages with title – Proofing Set 1 of 2, and another 2 of 2 and add sets of images to each one. This will make it more stable for future WordPress versions as they use internal WordPress functions without over-riding existing ones.


Hello, Is there any way i can remove the event start and end date and time on the the event post page.


Could you send us an email for us to help with this. You can email us via https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem



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