Discussion on Krobs - Personal Onepage Responsive Template

Discussion on Krobs - Personal Onepage Responsive Template

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Hi! Thanks for the great theme. I need a TikTok Icon which is not included in the shipped FontAwsome Package. How would I go about extending or updating font awesome? Thanks in advance!

I apologize for the delay. I live in Ukraine (Kharkiv) and unfortunately, russia attacked us. Therefore, I respond to support requests when the situation permits.

This template uses version 4+ of FontAwsome, and this icon is not included in the archive.

Dont worry about the icon, I’ll find a solution. I pray for peace in your country and hope you are well.

Thank you!

Dear Krobs’ author,

When the HTML page changes from HTTP to HTTPS, The problems occurred: All the images and the background of the images couldn’t display in HTTPS.

Please advice,

Hello. Do you have online demo?

Hi dear, my name is Antonello Cerbo and I just bought your Theme on Envato Market. Unfortunately when I upload it to Wordpress it tells me that the style.css file is missing so i can’t use it. I need help. Thank you so much .

Thank you! Super! It works perfectly now.

I love your template and have been able to adapt it for my needs except, and it is a huge except, when I add select fields to any form they do not work on mobile phones. That is they do not react at all. Is there any workaround for this please? Thank you in advance.

Thank you. It doesn’t change anything. The select still doesn’t work on mobile phones. The only way I can see the dropdown boxes is if I remove the swiper class which turns it into a one-page vertical template. Is there any way of keeping the horizontal template with the swiper effect and still be able to select in a dropbown box? There seems to be conflict with the swiper and the select box.

In file scripts.js add this code :

$(".reservation-form select").on('mousedown touchstart MSPointerDown', function(e){

It is a few presale questions – http://krobs.kwst.net/site/video.html.

1. after I purchased, would you be able to tell me the video you have it on demo, I like it and would like to demo it on mysite for my student who is in my art class.

2. on the menu (hamburger icon), is there a configuration file that can easily to set it for the horizontal menu items to display them at all the time?

3. is it a known issue that the video doesn’t on an iphone safari?

Regardless, you have done a great job on its design and its price is incredible reasonable.


Hello .
1. You can buy this video here : https://videohive.net/item/designing-at-wood-desk-with-wireframe-and-computer/8799505?ref=gimmegfx
2. Yes It’s possible.
3. Video background can not be played on iphone etc – autoplay function is not supported on mobile devices.

Hi, I’m having the same problem as ferrari5107. I only get the x button to close the ajax holder. Nothing is showing up. Thanks and I really love the template!

Hello . Do you have Online demo ?

Hi, i need your help to protect contact form with google recaptcha. Hope to hear from you!

Hello . Sorry, but this form does not support google recaptcha

Hi. Could you write a custom code for it? I need it because my client is getting spammed. I’m ready to pay for this customization.

Hello, I am trying to use project-ajax files for portfolio section, but nothing is showing up on the webpage except for X button to close the ajax page holder. What do I need to change on index.html to get ajax projects to show on my page? Thanks.

template files must be located on server (local or host)

Yes, i tried both local and host, but Project-Ajax is not showing on portfolio section. Is support@kwst.net a good email good send you screenshots?

Do you have online demo ?


I’ve started working with this web template and I think it will work for me but I have one small question/problem.

I am replacing the background image files (1.jpg, 2.jpg etc) in ~/WebstormProjects/www/images/bg/ as one does BUT when they are rendered in the web page they appear much darker, as if there is a grey overlay!

Any idea of what’s going on and how to fix it would be a great help.

Thanks, Roger DuBois

In file style.css find code :
.overlay {

and change value opacity:0.4; has you like

Great, Fantastic! Fastest and best support I’ve ever had – well done thanks !

hi. i am using joomla version of krobs. but as far as i see joomla version is not available anymore. can i learn why? is there any security issue? please clarify.

Write mail here cththemes@gmail.com

Hi kwst, please tell me how can i make menu always visible (not collapsed) on both desktop and mobile except when screen ist too small for it? Thanks! rainer_rozenich@yahoo.de

Check your mail . Thank you

Hi, i bought your theme in may and you gave me the string code for showing automatically the menu on the desktop.

Now my only problem with it remains the menu: it’s difficoult to use it on mobile.

as asked by “mackiven” 12 months ago : Hi Support, could you please email me ”menu open by default on desktop. Closed by default on mobile. One click to open” solution as well. Thanks

this could be the right solution for me too.

thank you in advance for your kind assistence, i hope to find the solution because i really like this template for his semplicity and elegance.


give me your mail

HI i bought this template. how i can integrate video in background. I bought video too i just need a code and where to put it video on my hosting. Best regards Maksim

PS Purchase codes

Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item. 51754492-4d07-4d54-aea8-d907f4476a2b – 27 Aug 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

Good day . Sorry for delay . Add your video on YouTube and add link on video here : videoURL:’GK-g0TW7Ob8’

Hi, probably im wrong to buy this version (Krobs – Personal Onepage Responsive Template) of your theme; im wp user and i can’t install this version on my host…i’ve see your theme wp version too late. Now, how i can resolve this problem? how i can use this theme or it’s possible to change purchase (with money different)?? I hope there will be no probs. Thanks for your job!

Hallo Author

for this krobs can not install at wordpress?


Just bought your theme. Can I also have the code for menu open as default on desktop please

Good day. Give me your mail

jason [at] customweb.co.za


What is the size of image on About, Resume section?

How do you install this in file manager? Do folders need to stay in the same format? I have it in my public_http, but index.html loads without css, js, etc.

Good day . Open folder site >type of homepage > and copy files in root directory from this folder

Hi, could you please email me the menu open by default on desktop. Closed by default on mobile. One click to open script. Email: foreverjodeci@gmail.com. Thank you!

Thank you sir! Much appreciated! Have a GREAT day!


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