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awesome design, glws laborator

Thank you very much csspress, we hope so!

Very nice work, congrats!

Thank you so much matteclipse :)

Stunning work, wow. I want to buy this, but I need WPML support, does this theme work with WPML ?

Yes, Kolor supports language files, so WPML would use these files in order to translate?

Everything inside the front-end theme is translatable by gettext so I guess WMPL would do the same

Here is sample screenshot of .po file http://cl.ly/KGm3

Also, will you make it retina ready?

This theme is pure CSS3 , and it looks perfectly clear in retina displays, except few icons (social and widgets) that are in the original size of defined width (retina needs 2x of the size). So, in the next update I’ll make them compatible for retina display.

The next update comes next by the end of the next week

Shum e mir man, suksese!

Faleminderit shume

i must say : This is Perfect :)

Good job guys.

Faton, faleminderit shume vlla :)

It’s a great theme with lots of possibilities and above all great support! :)

Thank you very much :) we’ll keep bringing good web elements time by time

Does it includes social network plug-ins? Thanks.

You mean adding share buttons on blog (or portolio)?

Currently no, but that is possible using WP Plugins

Ciao, great looking theme..

Any chance to see the documentation? Need to know if there are endless possibilities to set up, for intstance; the homepage, shortcodes for posts/pages etc…


Hi Fredrik, Kolor has endless options to set up for every page and yes it has shortcodes, options for every page and much more, you can take a look at the theme documentation here: http://documentation.laborator.co/kolor/

Thanks, will check it!

Hello. Is it possible to modifiy the size of the picture in the “wide slider” ? (the height) And make it clickable ?


Images are stretched automatically in the slider. If you want specific version of wideslider, we will make it for you and also make slides clickable.


Thank you man :)

how i use roundabout slider? i can’t find it.

good job.

Hey Heaxen, using roundabout slider is the same as the other sliders, here is the documentation: http://documentation.laborator.co/kolor/. First you have to set the template to Home then after saving, another box appears with Slider Type where you have to select the Roundabout Slider.

ok i find it.

but I can add links to photos, to be able to link to other post?

This option is not available yet in this version but you can do it manually so: CAPTION HERE

Change THE LINK to the link you want. Change CAPTION HERE to the caption you want to use.

Hope this helps.

Sorry we forgot to put this feature. Tomorrow I will send you the modified code so you can do that.

Im sorry for this

Congrats to you guys, i think this theme is awesome! Looks Beautiful it’s well organised and very useful for any kind of needs. :)

Good luck on sales.

Thank you very much, Gjenqi :)

Awesome theme, but I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate BuddyPress with this theme?

Look forward to hearing from you, thanks

Hi dctalks, I am glad you like Kolor. The theme is designed to be used for blogging and business and we didn’t mention it for BuddyPress use. Right now we’re not planning to integrate it for BuddyPress.

Thank you buddy :).

Hello, I love this template and want to use it. I just dropped a few questions on the support forum :)

Thank you kalimaya, I am glad you liked the theme. I just answered your questions on our support forum about Kolor, check the support forum again to fix your problems.


Nice theme. One client choose this theme. Its showing home page portfolio gallery and latest post pages but i want to change home page corporate content and image details in home page. Is possible to change this page? like 1 row 4 columns title and content with images.

You are talking about the portfolio items in homepage? Yes you can change the number of rows to 1,2,3 or 4 rows. If you wan’t to display the titles, we’ll modify it for you.


I am so ready to buy this theme once it goes retina! I just wonder if you would consider getting this certified or checked over by the guys at WPML ? I’m sure you’d sell tons more to international people who require this.

A ask because I’ve done a few sites that didn’t have this and although they had everything wrapped in gettext and the .po, certain pages wouldn’t translate and there were many little bugs. It’s a lot of time to invest to take the risk. Would you mind to do this?

Yes buddy, we will add these significant features to this theme, We hope during the next week this will be ready.

We’ll definitely take the risk.

Thanks, Arlind

Thank you very much! I’ll check back next week for these updates! :)

Great job on this theme guys, it’s gorgeous and looks to work very well.

looks great, is there a way to remove the colors under the menu bar?

Hi 21technology

Yes of course you can do that, here is an example:

.site_logo_menu {
  background-image: none;
  border-bottom: 3px solid #ed145b;