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I love this theme, but it isn’t working for me :( I’ve installed it, and it works when I preview it (though the formatting looks a little weird), but when I try to activate it I get a 500 Internal Error.

I’m running WP 3 .4.1 and haven’t had this problem with any other themes.

Can you help?

Yes, where shall I email it?

Use the email form here on this page:


Sent :) Thank you

I’m adapting the theme to my website, and I have some questions:

1- How i change the size of the photo to show in singleportfolio?

2- How i apply the animation coming out in “other projects”(singleportfolio), as I can apply in homepageportfolio?


Please, someone can help me? as I make the picture appear portfolio as in this example


Hi Heaxen,

I will send you the code to achieve this, just please wait for a while since that I am busy with some other work.



Hi Laborator, I like your theme ! very successful ! :) but the comments are displayed after the sidebar on iphone :| question : is it possible to set the number of views and hearts on blog posts ? Thanks

Hi youyou78,

This feature is not implemented, but if you would like to add then purchase it and we will customize it to work for you.


thank you for your answer 8-)


I like this theme very much and am considering buying it, but want to know if a specific customization can be done, if you or one of your team can do it and what the cost would be?

I love the rounded circles. Can they be made into a “speech bubble” where there is a little tail coming off the end of it to indicate that someone is saying what is inside of the bubble?

Here is an example:

Please let me know if this can be done, if you can do this and how much the charge would be, please!

Thank you very, very much! Megan

Hi mebebrown,

We are going to do it free of charge for you. If you purchase the theme, then contact me and I will send you the resized icons and customized code.

Thank you for your interesting :)

Hello again,

Here is the link for the image as an example of what I’m looking for.


OK, we will convert it for you.

That is awesome! Thank you very much! I’ll be purchasing the theme shortly and will be in touch soon after that. Do you want me to provide you with the exact bubble I want or do you make your own?

Hi mebebrown,

Thank you for purchasing the theme. Please send your icon which you want to convert to this email info@laborator.co and we will send you the modified files.

- Arlind

Hi there, great job, I absolutely love this theme!

Two questions:

1. Since I am not a web designer, please let me know if after purchasing it, you guys can customize it for me and how much it would cost me. I will provide all content and images, and have no qualms in paying a little extra for this.

2. Can the 4 round icons at the bottom of the hompage slider, be reduced to three and even out nicely on the page?

3. Can more prominent social media icons, plug-ins and widgets (including the “like us on Facebook” widget) be added to the site’s homepage? I find the current social media icons at the bottom almost invisible.

4. Can one take out the entire blog section from the homepage, such that its just the top slider, the 4 Services icons, (in my case 3) The portfolio, Our clients and finally the footer?

Do let me know the above otherwise I really appreciate, great job again!

Hi minkatha,

1. Yes of course we are ready to help you after purchase.

2. Yes they can be reduced to three and here is a sample screenshot I made just for you: http://cl.ly/KThB They will look a little larger and require more content to fill, if you are Okay with this.

3. Yes we can create custom widget for you to display social media at certain template place

4. Yes, you can do that in very easy steps, just set status to Not visible for Blog section, here is a sample screenshot: http://cl.ly/KPer

If there is any other question we are glad to response you.

Thank you

- Arlind

I want to give you a 5 star rating, but I don’t know how… How do you vote or rate a product?

To anyone else here who is considering buying, LABORATOR is amazing with great customer service!

Thanks, Megan

Hi Megan

We are very happy to hear these words from you. Its a courage to keep up with thw good work and support. You are welcome anytime to ask anything you want about this theme.

If you want to rate our theme, go to Downloads area and there you have the option to download the theme, then in right there are 5 stars and you choose how many to rate this theme. We really are thanksful for this


Hey guys,

I’m just checking in to see when I can purchase the version that works with WPML and retina. Do you think you’ll be able to push it out this week or might it take a bit longer?

Thank you!

Hi buddy,

I tried once again but it failed. To make sure see this screenshot: http://cl.ly/Kw7O

I dont know where is the problem that I couldn’t send this email!

Man, so weird. I just sent myself an email to that address from another (google apps) server and it worked right away!

Can you give me an email address to send an email to you?

Yes of course, send here: info@laborator.co

Dear Arlind,

I’m having a hard time with the theme. The menu that shows the pages has text from all of the pages, not just the page title.

I cannot find anything that gives the option for how to set up the front page slider.

The bubbles you kindly made are for the featured section, and I wanted it for the slider.

I don’t see options to change background and text colors.

You advertise this theme as being highly customizable but I’m not finding it to be so. Do you have documentation or instructions?

I need help with this, otherwise I may have to kindly request a refund.

Thank you, Megan

Hello Megan, if you have difficulties setting up the theme (the slider and the menu) , please take a look at the documentation, there is almost everything described.

I have misunderstood the bubbles idea, I am working to fix this for you.



I just purchased this theme and currently setting it up. I was wondering if it is possible to customize the caption’s font size and colour in the wide slider? I wish to place quotes in the caption area, but some quotes are way too long to fit nicely there.

Loving the theme so far! Thanks, Jason

Hi uzero,

Yes of course it is possible, if you are not able to edit by yourself we will help you, just give us your WP admin details.

Also, the new version 1.5 which has plenty of new features and bug fixes is now available, so you can update to this new version.

Thanks for purchase buddy


I need this template :) Great Work!

Thank you FoxterPL for your compliment.

ok, is very good, but i have a few sugestions: - menu under the logo + gradient (dark and light) - and of course more fonts, but no +100 ;) - add the font size in panel wp

it’s all… :D great work

btw. what it’s the best width for images in blog?

The preferred size for blog post article is:

700 pixels by width and larger than 175 pixels.

Sorry, but where i can edit the months on this red img.? in the file *.po do not see it: (

thx Laborator, in Poland we dont have nevember :)

Can you give me your email, so I can forward you the modified files.

Now the translations will come from WordPress default locale.

Hahaha, you have no november? Thats interesting!

lol, ok, i sent my email to you

Hi ! I purchased the theme and sent you an email with some doubts to info@laborator.co

Hoping to receive some feedback ASAP !


Hi hermeskikkin ,

We got your email and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for purchasing the theme.


I like this theme but before buying, do you have a list of the icons that you shown on the display page like “photography”,”favourties” etc? Also do you have more than 5 web fonts?


Hi Alistar

Theme currently comes with those 4 defined icons, but if you have your suggestions we’ll convert them to HTML and apply to the theme.

The same is with fonts, just tell us which fonts do you need and we’ll implement for you.

The next update will include more fonts and icons.


There is a bug in the [Previous Project] and [Next Project] buttons. I checked the code, the css classes seem to be misplaced (next being prev, prev being next). Fixing this makes it look corrent on mobiles but it is still incorrect in the desktop. The next project button should be on the right.

Couple of question; is it possible to embed the video instead of having it open with lightbox? Is it possible to have comments on portfolio entries?

Really nice looking theme, kudos mate :)

@Laborator – when u create this file *.po? :)

Hi FoxterPL,

As I mentioned, you don’t need the new .po file for date (month) translations because they are parset from wp-includes/locale.php see line 131 – 142.

All you have to do is translating the WP default language .po files.

If you can’t manage to solve this, I will code a special version for you.