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Hi, I’m a bit lost using WPML plug and a different language of WP than english. The months aren’t translated in the bolg post (the red square) but I’have the language files (wp-content > language > the right mo+po files)... Did I miss something ?

I have one more questions. The theme is great, functions are great, I have no words to describe all my feelings. But, how can I answer to questions in Contact From trough admin panel, but not with copying email adress to Outlook?

Hi dankidd, thank you for your compliments about Kolor, I am sorry but we do not have an option to reply from the admin panel, there is just the read-only form of the email, for responsing you have to do with a mail client.

Thanks, Art.

Our implementation is going along pretty well. The major hang-up we have right now is with the limitations of the contact form.

Essentially, I need to add the features found on this form within the contact page: https://mackrill.wufoo.com/forms/contact-cherry-hills-event-center/

Is this possible?


Hello MackrillMedia, the form on that link is too much “complicated” for Kolor because we did not mention to add so much multiple fields as you did, so it would be better if you just integrate it from Wufoo via an iframe or an HTML code Wufoo provides you. I’m really sorry if this is not the expected answer but it will take us too much time to do that and you’re not the only one buyer that’s asking for support so we could not respond all the requests on time

Sincerely, Art.

Hi again :D

how I can move the menu under the logo

Why did you remove the PSD theme? I paid for it, now I can’t download it anymore.

Hi wildmind-ch

We are sorry, if this happened it was a mistake. We didn’t decided to stop distributing the PSD files.

I will re-upload the theme with PSD files.

If you have downloaded the version which already has PSD files, then use those PSD because they have not changed.


P.S. It seems you didn’t purchased the theme yet. If so you would have the Purchased badge.

Sorry but I write to you on your support forum and after 3 day no answer?

Hello Caiser, first let me apologize for waiting for an anser, also I want to remind you that I’m currently working on this, you’ll have the fixes as soon as possible.


Thanks for your answer. Waiting for your solutions.

Hey guys, great theme, really enjoying it so far.

Simple question. How do I get more than 5 photos to show in a gallery? For example, I have 7 in this one but only 5 show up: http://subu.alexdivecchio.com/gallery/facebook-photos . Is it limited to 5? Thanks.


Hi WopGenius, we’ve not noticed this issue before, thanks for reporting this, we’ll work to fix it and send you the working files as soon as possible, Thanks, Art.

Did you get this fixed? Thanks!

bought it :)

Hello. I recently purchase the Kolor template (which I love by the way), but I cannot seem to get my blog template to change to the two column view. I have selected it from the blog page options but it will not change. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi jjwoullard, I’ve made a check on my own laptop where I installed a fresh new WordPress with Kolor theme, I tested the 2 Column Blog template and it works fine. Are you sure you clicked the Blog (2 Columns) Template ?

I apologize for making two posts, but I am also getting an error message from my portfolio posts on the homepage.

(Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/50/10082050/html/wp-content/themes/kolor/tpls/blocks-homepageportfolio.php on line 66)

What can I do to correct this?

hi is there any XML file for demo contents ?

Hey hannooi, here is the demo content XML file for you: http://cl.ly/code/2D040L0L2d2A

My apologies. I made the mistake of looking at the contents on the home page versus creating a blog page. Please forgive me as I am new to working with WP. I have also been able to correct my second question. Thank you for the reply, you guys do an outstanding job!

thank you sooo much…

How do I update my version from 1.0 to 1.7? Will I lose changes I’ve made to the CSS?

Hi RawCreative, if you update the version all the changes made on your CSS and other files will be lost, because the files will be replaced with the new ones. Copy the changes you’ve made and save them to use them after you’ve updated the Kolor version, hope this helps!


Hi! I just bought your theme, love it! I’d like to create a blog with it. A blog with full length posts right on the home page, where all text and photos in each post are displayed right on the homepage! With a full width slider on top.

Could you assist with that?

Hi Jasper02, write us an email and we’ll modify it for you.


Hi, I’ve bought this theme but I’m having some troubles. I added four images in Wide Slideshow but when i create a portfolio, the image does not appear, just its title as you can see here: click.

Another problem is that im not able to create workfull portfolios and gallery, when i create it the images are not showed. See here: Gallery : click Portfolio:

And for making it faster, how can I create the featured circles in home page ? And why the blog appear everywhere ? I clicked for putting it just in blog page, but didnt work. The same happen for portfolio page, it is showed as a blog page. With the same function that in home page. See here: <a href=” http:=””>click

Really thank you. Sorry for my english and for so many troubles.

PS: Can i update WordPress for 3.5 ?

Hi Pawis, first let me thank you for buying our theme, so could you please send me by e-mail your personal informations for logging in into your site so we could check it because this problem has never occurred before.

And about the 3.5 updating issue, we have not tested and made Kolor work on 3.5. Art.

Ok, i’ll send you now an email.

I forgot to say, the theme is one of the most beautiful one i have ever seen. Congratulations for the work.

Thanks for replying.

Hello guys. Is there a way to disable the responsive feature? Primarily for the wide slider option.

Is it possible to change the color on elements such as the red date thing? :)

Hi jasper02, If you know a little bit of CSS, yes, it is possible to change it. Art.

I am very seriously considering a purchase of the Kolor theme for my blog. My only concern is the way in which the blog posts display on the home page.

Is it possible to set it to display the most recent post in its entirety? The rest of the posts can display just the first few lines.

Thanks for your help as I make this decision.

Hi Ryanstigile, I’m really sorry but that is not supported by the theme, maybe in the near future that will be added as a feature in Kolor.


Hi ?

I sent you an email 2 weeks ago and did not have any answer.

Waiting for.