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Hi, Laborator… :grin: What is the difference between ‘open new tab’ and ‘eye’ icons on portfolios thumbnails (in home-page)? I mean icon on ‘top-left’ and icon on ‘bottom-right’ ? Do those icons have the same function? .Thanks

Congratulations, nice item, cool design! Wish you more many sales :)

Just nice, very useful work:)

Hi! I love this theme, but I have some questions.

1. How can I add comments form on pages? 2. How can I change the date in Romanian language? 3. How can I add in that Page Head a menu with categories? I would love to add the categories there and appear on every page of the blog. :-)

Thank you!

Hi, I have one more problem. When i am in Posts menu in Dashboard and I try to search a posts, when I press ”Search Posts” it returns to me: Invalid Post Type. What is the problem? :(

Homepage Sections Ordering error:

im using with WP 3.5

1. Page: Homepage: visibility of the sections are not working Sections Ordering : Change the visibility of the sections are not working,

Featured Tabs Portfolio Blog and Sidebar Content Block

I’ve tried to set not Visible in “Blog and Sidebar” and nothing happen…

2. Blogs page: TWO columns not working Default Blog Template > TWO columns is set Blog Page set Template Blog (2 Columns) still not working

please help many thanks in advance

Hi tero1520,

We feel sorry for this long delay but we were unable to give support for a period of time.

These days we are relasing new update so you can get it, just check again in 2 days.



Before buying this theme I would really like to know if the issues with the gallery have been fixed? Can it show more than 5 items in a gallery?


Hi akonomarketing,

We feel sorry for this long delay but we were unable to give support for a period of time.

These days we are relasing new update and this issue has been fixed.


What is the font used in the header, and logo? Thanks. Also, it appears as though there’s some issues with the twitter widget among other things in Safari. If another update comes out fixing some bugs as people have reported above, I will definitely buy!

Hey, the font logo is called Dosis, you can download it for free anywhere. For the moment we’re working on other themes and for now there will not be any update available. Thanks, Art.

Laborator ? Had you forgot me ?

My problem is : When adding galleries, it doesnt work, as you can see here: http://entretrilhos.com.br/blog/galeria

Waiting for you help.


Hi akonomarketing,

We feel sorry for this long delay but we were unable to give support for a period of time.

Have you uploaded images on these albums?

P.S. These days we are relasing new update and a lot of issues have been fixed.


The sidebar is gone from my site chooseyourdays.com. How can I get it back. I did not do anything to take it away!


Ive got a strange issue with het slider on the homepage. I want to add a pagelink but i can’t select all of the pages that i made.

Please reply

hi. how change album date from en to persian calendar or arabic calendar?

I’m having the same issue with the Wide Slider as Pawis. When I upload the image files all I see is the text. I have downgraded from 3.5 to 3.4.2 and tried whatever I could do to solve the issue. However, it remains persistent and I have no idea what the problem is. Apparently Pawis is not the only one with this issue.

See: http://themeforest.net/item/kolor-responsive-business-and-portfolio-theme/discussion/3239657?page=4#comment_2939122

Hi Laborator, I have a problem with the standards monthly archives I usually access via the URL (/2012/12) – they are not working. I always get the latest post. What do I have to change to make these links work again?

Thanks, Nadja

How do I resize the thumbnail size in Portfolio page? in fact I can just resize thumbnail with css, but Cropped size is not change. How do i change cropped size?

Hi, I wrote to your email but you did not answer. I retry here. when I updater anything in the home page, the structure breaks. I can’s see Featured Tab, Portfolio and Blog….I see only the slide. www.webat.it To reconstruct the right page structure, I must selected another page model from the list, updaded and re-select home page structure. But the problem return when I refresh the page. Where is the problem? Tnks

Had you forgot your clients ? What’s happening ?

Waiting for your help.


Hi Pawis,

Sorry for the delay, we are working to get the new version out for release and we are fixing all reported bugs

Accept our apologies

ok Laborator, we have paid for something that does not work, you can kindly tell us when you publish the update? we can not leave unanswered

We are sorry to hear this. We will start to make changes tomorrow and publish the new update this week.

Currently we are busy working in the latest release of our new theme so until we finish it we couldn’t do any update for Kolor.


I have some messages in kolor – contact form. How can i answer to it?

Hi felter,

Unfortunately there is no way to respond to these messages because this contact form only collects the messages, and doesn’t support composing new messages, so you should reply via email, or another alternative if you have.


some news about latest release?

Hi Sandro,

The new update is ready. Sorry for the delay


Oh, sorry, I meant for Silicon theme, for Kolor will be available very soon as we are working to fix it