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I’m disappointed with this theme.

It looks like good, but there are many bugs and you don’t upgrade anymore.

I can’t use it normlly.

I don’t know if I can refund my money…

Hi cjxdddd,

We are working to release the update, please be patient the patch will be ready for 3-4 days

Hi Laborator!

I really like your theme but it still hasn’t received the promised update, and I need a good WP theme as soon as possible.

Could you give any schedule as to when you’re going to update the theme? Can the theme be updated without a complete re-install of the theme?

Hi onodrim, We’re sorry for the long delay but we have a lot support to give to our customers and also at the same time to work on the new updates and releases for all the themes, the good news is that we’ve started working on the new update and in the upcoming days the update for Kolor will be available for download.

After we’ve released the update you’ll have to download it again because the last release is about 5 months old.

Thank you, Art.

p.s. When did you purchase the theme I can’t see your name in the buyers list?

Ok, thanks for the answer.

That’s the thing – I haven’t bought this theme yet but would be interested in buying it as long as the bugs have been fixed. I would need the theme by Friday so I hope you can get it fixed by then. Otherwise I might have to pick another theme.

There are many people dissatisfied with your fault. We paid a theme that does not work and you continue to promise an update that never comes. I now recommending this thing to Envato.

Hi Sandro, I wrote you an email about this issue but I’ll write here too, Kolor is not the only theme and plugin here in Envato so we are having many support issues to solve, I know you have been waiting for a long time but we’re checking all the bugs to fix and make a bigger update not an update – a fix an update. We have started working on it I cannot give you an exact date when we’re going to launch it but in the really near future it will be available, so pleas be patient while we’re doing the update.

Many thanks, Art.

Standard Twitter widget doesn’t work. What to do ?

Have you downloaded the v1.7.1? It has fixed

Hi i purchased this theme and i get several errors in the dashboard. please tell me how to fix it. thanks

Hi djkrimp

Sorry for the long delay as we were busy these days!

Please remove the session_start() (line 28) from functions.php and it will work fine without generating any error.

Once again I am sorry for the delay


WopGenius PURCHASED 3 months ago Flag Hey guys, great theme, really enjoying it so far. Simple question. How do I get more than 5 photos to show in a gallery? For example, I have 7 in this one but only 5 show up: http://subu.alexdivecchio.com/gallery/facebook-photos . Is it limited to 5? Thanks. -Alex

Laborator AUTHOR 3 months ago Flag Hi WopGenius, we’ve not noticed this issue before, thanks for reporting this, we’ll work to fix it and send you the working files as soon as possible, Thanks, Art.

WopGenius PURCHASED 2 months ago Flag Did you get this fixed? Thanks!

Do you fixed this problem? How?

Hi snkarius,

Yes that has been fixed in 1.7.1

How do I get more than 5 photos to show in a gallery? Any issue?

OK, great, i’ll do upgrade. Thank You!

I Am on Kolor 1.7

Kolor 1.7.1 is available, please download it

Hi ! I’d like to buy this theme, but I saw the others comments, and I’m a bit disapointing. Are the bug fix or not ?

Hi FrOOmiX, we’ve updated the theme on 7 March 13, the comments are before this date, so all bugs required in the comments were fixed in this update.

Thank you, Art.

Okay, thank for your quick answer !


I some questions please.

I have a questions regarding featured images on posts

How do you make the featured image display bigger when it is clicked on the post. When the image is clicked, it works as a pop up light box, but the image that opens is smaller than the one on the post. How do you make it display bigger? Here is a new blog page, if you click on the top image, it opens a smaller image, I want this image to display bigger.


Also is it possible to get the contact system to forward email to a new address. I don’t really want to login each time to see if there is new mail.

Also how soon for the next update, there are some bugs here and there I must work around.

But all said, Im very happy with most things so far, thank you.

Thanking you for your help, Adrian

ahhh…. update…. I will update now, sorry this may fix my above questions. Thank you.

Hi. Is it possible to have a blogpage that is showing posts within specific categories? When I check off “Category A” and “Category B” the page show all posts that are marked either A og B. I want it to only show posts that are marked A and B. Thank you i advance.


Hi rasmusmoeller,

Yes this is possible but unfortunately only with one category


This option is available when you select Blog / Blog with Sidebar template.



My site is in Hebrew. Is it possibe (and how easy will it be) to customize this theme to Hebrew (everything RTL, Labels, etc.) Thanks, Yoav

Hi blumyo,

Yes theme supports RTL and you can change this via wp locale on wp-config.php WPLANG constant.

Use this plugin to translate the theme strings http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/codestyling-localization/


Hi Laborator.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Regarding the RTL issue – I meant to ask whether the visualization also change sides. For example – in the header, the logo is in the left and the option are from left to right (in the demo it is – home, pages, profolio, etc.) I need that in my site things will automatically be RTL – the logo will be in the right, and the menu option will also be RTL: in our example “home” will be most right, “pages” left to it, etc.

and another question – will I need to purchase WPML myself or is it included in the theme and in the price of the theme?

Thanks, Yoav

Hi Yoav,

Well, in RTL mode, not everything is adapted well to their positions, so there may be some things to customize and change their position via CSS.

WPML is commercial plugin and since it has that status we couldn’t include in the theme because such thing is not allowed, and the answer is: you must pay to get it. I am sorry.

If you have more questions feel free to ask,


Hi Laborator! I’m thinking about purchasing this beautiful theme, but I have a preliminary question: Can I change grey slider background in a wide image? Thanks, Luca

Hello, I get this message when Installing the theme in wordpress 3.3.1

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/schoolra/public_html/wp-content/themes/kolor/inc/acera-options/includes/theme_info.php on line 2

Pleas help me out.

thanks. Raquel.

Hello !

I’d like to know if a translation in french exist for this theme ?


Hello, there is not translation of the theme by default but you translate the theme on yourself as it supports multi lingual content (using a plugin such as WPML or CodeStyling Localisation).

But in the languages folder, I found a « fr_FR.po » file. Must I still translate the default.po file ?

EDIT : It’s still english in the fr file, sorry for the disturbance.

Hi there!

I’ve bought the theme and am pretty pleased using it (even though I sometimes have to tweak it to make things to work, it’s all good).

There’s still this one thing I can’t figure out : How can I increase the number of pics in the wide slider? It’s stuck to 5, and I know it should be fixed in v1.7.1, but i can’t re-install the theme, and can’t see where to find the fix in the code. I’m using V1.7, would you please tell me what exactly needs to be fixed (files + code)? I would really appreciate it. Thank you guys,



I posted a question in the support forum but no response for 9 days… Please let me know how can I change my single blog post’s sidebar color. It has been dark color but I set default color as light at theme option. All page have become light color sidebar but NOT at single blog post.


Hi there,

Just updated to WP3.6. Seems that the standaard image-gallery function doesn’t work right. No lightbox when you click image? Wil there be an update for this theme?


Hi Jazzy007,

We are so sorry for no response as we were very busy. Can you tell me the website, I should check whats wrong and apply possible solution for you, because in our demo, we have wp 3.6 and everything seems to work fine.


Private email is sent.

Hi, I have purchased, but want to know is the theme wordpress 3.8.1 compatible?

There have been no details on updates?


Hi adrianlegg, the theme was not updated a long time ago, we need to do a update to all our themes by the end of the month (including Kolor).



My current theme version is 1.71 but not compatible to iOS7. Top page slideshow doesn’t work properly. When can I have updated new version theme file?


Hello, did you update and fix this problem?

On iOS7, that toppage sildeshow doesn’t load automatic. It seems like to be static without viewer’s tapping.

Hi, we have not planned to release a update for Kolor yet, when we release an update this issue will be fixed.