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Great typography, loved it much. Congrats :)

Cheers buddy ;) Im a typography nut!!

Happy to be first buyer – code looks clean as – thank you!

Thank you kindly! It looks stunning on Retina devices as well ;)

Nice work. GLWS!

Hey designnova,

Cheers dude ;)

An other EXCELLENT creation! Bravissimo.

Cheers buddy ;)

Great Design , Good luck with Sales Bro :)

Cheers dude ;)

Nice work! I want to buy this theme I just have a few quick questions.

1.) I would like to change some things in the header like take the social icons out and center the logo and navigation menu links… Is this possible?

2.) Can the logo to stay visible at all times

3.) When scrolling down into other sections can the nav link be ‘on’ / highlighted? When you click a link it takes you to that section and the link is highlighted, but when you scroll it does not.

Gracias, Unda

Hi Unda,

1 – You could with a few tweaks to the index.php file.

2 – Again with the a few tweaks, yes.

3 – I will look at adding this to a future update.

Many thanks

Great clean theme! Are you going to make it a WP theme?

Hi there,

No plans at the present time, but I’ll keep you posted ;)


Hi Guuthemes,

First, Love and Appreciate KULA. Very Solid Design with ease of use. Highly Recommend it.

Also I agree with RoundedHexagon, this as a WP version would make sales go threw the roof. I sent you a inbox please check.

Hi Imagebarron,

Thank you for such kind words.

A WP version may be coming soon ;)

Thank you and Looking Forward as I will be the First Buyer.

+1 for WP – its stunning but would be great in Wordpress. Thanks for the great designs

Hi Paddy,

Working on the WP version as we speak ;) Should be ready in around 1 week.

Many thanks for your kind words.

Great thanks I second Charlie4282’s pre-order!

Awesome news! Had fun with the HTML version but was about to buy the Nash WP file and set about modifying it to match this one but if you are releasing this as WP – I place the first pre-order today! Can’t wait. Thanks

Hi Charlie,

Keep your eyes peeled!!

Many thanks

Hi, A few questions, I didn’t see a custom colour setting, are the colours changeable?

also can a blog page be added, or is it strictly one page?

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Hi, A few questions, I didn’t see a custom colour setting, are the colours changeable? also can a blog page be added, or is it strictly one page?

Hi sussanna,

You can change the colors via style.css

You can add your own pages to the theme if needed.

Many thanks

Love this but I cannot wait for the WP version. Keep me informed.

Hi Imagebarron,

Submitting the WP version later today.

Many thanks

Thank you and will keep looking

Hi guuthemes, First of all..great work. The page looks amazing! I know how to use Dreamweaver, know the CSS coding… Just wondering if your files are easy to work around for a – quite as not advanced – web designer? Also, what’s the difference between this version and the Wordrepp version you just posted? Thanks.

Hi mistycat,

If you are quite savvy, and have built sites before then I would recommend the HTML version, if you do not have as much knowledge of code, but know a little WordPress, then I would suggest that one, as it is really easy to get setup.


Is there a way to get more icon such as the icons that come with this templet? I need like a tee shirt and a calendar.

Hi buddy,

The icons used in the Service section are the ‘FontAwesome’ collection –

Take a look here maybe.

Many thanks

Thank you!

No problemo sir!! ;)


I just by your beautiful template

I want to center the logo and put out the social icons in the header.

For the social icon it’s ok

But i can’t center the logo (or KULA TEXTE if you want) in the top of header

Could you mind help me please ?

Think a lot

Hi frfal1,

Many thanks for your kind words, glad you like the theme.

To center the logo, in header.php, where you have header-logo eight columns, change this to header-logo sixteen columns.

And then in style.css find -

#logo-default { text-transform: uppercase; margin-top: 40px; }

And to this code, add text-align: center;

Many thanks

Hi guuthemes,

It’s working ;) Many thanks

Hi frfal1,

Awesome, glad you’re rocking!!

Thanks again for your purchase, and support.

Hi folks,

Some good, no great news from GuuThemes, is that we are bringing on a dedicated, and absolutely awesome support team member from the 1st of June (they also provide support for many of ThemeForest’s top authors), so I can concentrate solely on new themes, bug fixes, and updates.

We hope this will enable us to bring you not only great looking, easy to use themes, but also AAA support.

Again, many thanks for your purchase, and support!!



Hello, I bought the theme but I don’t have any .php files and can’t install it. Can you help me with this?

I see now that I have the html version , is it possible to get the Wp version ?

Hi nxtlvl-vr,

You would need to speak with Envato support. They could possibly look at refunding the HTML version, then you could look at purchasing the WP version.

Many thanks


Hi folks,

I am pleased to announce a new support team member to the GuuThemes family – Mel (you can see her awesome profile here. Mel has worked with many of ThemeForest’s top authors, and as you can see from her testimonials provides the very best in support services.

We understand that support in the past, on a few occasions had been lacking, so we wanted to fix this, hence bringing on board a dedicated support member like Mel.

We also have a fantastic new support forum at – where Mel will be able to answer your support requests daily, and where you can easily search previous support messages, and where we aim to build up an invaluable knowledgebase over time.

Many thanks for your time, and support