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I’ve purchased theme and have a comment about importing content so it looks like the demo to edit. I’ve tried to go to your forums but keep getting a blank page on more than one browser and I’ve tried more than once to access. Please send me a PM with an answer about how to access/import any demo content that may be available.


Please send me a PM via my profile page, and I’ll try to help you out there.

Many thanks

Is it possible to duplicate items like the gallery? I don’t see any easy possibility in the layout manager.


Not currently, no :(

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I wasn’t sure where to post, but I saw week old posts on your support so I figured I would try here…

we did a brand new install of wordpress and used this theme. Every time we tried to upload the logo, it would upload but then went to blank. Eventually I was able to use the url to place the logo, but the logo did not show up. I even tried using text logo and that doesn’t show up.

I was going to try to at least put a class on the home button and try it with css, but it doesn’t put classes on it. is there any thing I can do, the site has no identity.

I had to get the logo in there, so in the header I just duplicated this

Header Logo

past the if statement. and it shows up fine. I don’t think that’s a good solution, so if you have any suggestions, let me know.


I do not know how, maybe it was the update of wordpress (I’m not sure), the services in the home are gone. They should be between “cashmere” and “Passion. The experience.”

Can you help me?


Have you opened a new thread at the support forum?

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Let me take a look for you :)

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Hi, we purchased this theme in 2013. We are using version 1.5. The last update was October 2014. We would like to upgrade the theme. How do we go about getting the upgrade. Could someone send us a link to the upgrade at


You can grab the latest version from your Downloads on TF.

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will I be able to play video directly from site (Embed)? or can I only link to youtube, vimeo…


Currently only embeds from YouTube and Vimeo.

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There appears to be a problem adding widgets in sidebar; buttons and forms don’t show up. How do I leave a comment with support when the forum is closed?


That’s odd? Do you want to post your issue here while I check things out?

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Yes, very odd :(

Take a look here:

Very bottom of right side widget, you have to hover to see the sign up box and button. Weird, right?

It would be nice to update the documentation (or the library version) as the Font Awesome is an old version, so the icons list is at

I am trying to get the icons to show up but when I put in this code it does not work. [icon name=fa-users]

I created the site and expended the team section to show 9 people. I had 9 then I took it down to 8 but the last row of 3 is showing very weird and is on two lines instead of on one. Please see the link.

Sorry was not sure if I should post this to the comments or send you a message. I have two issues with the site.

1. Font awesome icons are not showing up when using this [icon name=fa-users]

2. The team section is showing the last line on two lines instead of one.



tursx Purchased

mobile menu: hello, when displayed on mobile, the menu tabs AND the drop down navigation is visible. I only need one option. How can I remove one of these options?

Also, in the team section, how can I remove the email icon? Thanks, Stacey

Hi there – I’ve tried going to your support forum and posting a question there, but it is not working and it looks like it hasn’t been used for 5 months?!

Can you tell me any reason why I can’t get your theme to work properly with Events Manager plugin. the plugin itself works, but the back end events display filter doesn’t work for viewing past events or all events.. it breaks. If I switch themes .. it works.. it’s got to be KULA – any ideas?

PS – we did purchase – it’s just that the original developer bought it on his account – i’m the latest helper

Do you have an update for this them for the new version of Wordpress 4.5?

Thanks Jen

hi there,

Hi, I just purchased your theme yesterday and it’s great, but the Portfolio filter is not working. When I click on any of the Portfolio Categories, including ‘Show All’, you are sent back up to the top of the website instead of the portfolio items being rearranged to show the associated items. I have been looking around in your forum for more than an hour now but cannot find a solution to the problem. Could you please let me know what’s wrong? Thanks.

Thanks in advance.

Hi…...great theme so thanks just one question…..the social media icons dont seem to display correctly on desktop computers (mac/PC). They are displayed as random characters. Seems to work fine on mobile devices….any cluses why this is? thanks

Hello, purchased the theme and am generally very happy, but for some reason I cannot get the contact form to work. Maybe I haven’t figured out where to plug in my contact email address but I’ve been struggling with this for days. Even tried adding a contact plug-in (tried both Contact Form 7 and WPForm) and did get emails to send and be received, but I ended up with duplicate contact forms at the bottom of my site (so I uninstalled and deleted plug-ins). Tried entering all the contact info in the theme options contact settings section (address, phone, fax, email) and that didn’t help, and I really don’t want that much personal info on my site. Without the info there are just floating, unfunctioning icons though which I’d rather not have. Any suggestions? My url:

Hi, have you got KULA wordpress update in 2016?

I just purchased the KULA (responsive HTML5 one page) word press theme. It did not come with a “” file within the downloaded “themeforest-...” .zip file to enable me to upload it into WP. I tried making my own .zip file and it still wont upload. I get the error message “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Thanks, Matt

Will you be providing any additional updates for this theme?

Is compatible with WordPress 4.6.1?