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How can I make the img logo full width, or at least bigger… I really don’t need the social widget space on the right. Thanks.

Have answered this in your latest post.

Many thanks

I also noticed that the “read more” on the services tabs do not link anywhere…

Hi buddy,

Sure. You need to edit header.php. Remove the icon code (from line 62 to 94).Then on line 52 where the code begins for your header logo make this div full width ie;

<div class="header-logo sixteen columns"> <?php if ($data['text_logo']) { ?> <div id="logo-default"><a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>" title="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a></div> <?php } elseif ($data['custom_logo']) { ?> <div id="logo"><a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>" title="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>"><img src="<?php echo $data['custom_logo']; ?>" alt="Header Logo" /></a></div> <?php } ?> </div><!-- end .header-logo -->

You can see that you just change the div from eight columns to sixteen so it now spans the full width of the page, now the icons are removed.

Good luck, and thanks again

Thank you guuthemes!

Hi buddy,

No problem ;)

Hi, Great theme! Which font (logo and big text) is used in the demo and where can I get the images that are used in the demo as well?


Hi mrkfgs,

Open Sans Extra Bold is used for the headings and logo, it is a Google Web Font, and included with the package.

You can find a link to the images I used at the bottom of the item details page.

Many thanks

Hi Guuthemes,

I sent you a inbox. Please take a look.

Hi buddy,

Have just taken a look. Many thanks for that. Looks great!!

Thank you again for the Great Design and Support. Would and Will Highly recommend Guuthemes.

Really loving this theme!

One concern is I am getting major spam hits from the contact form. Ever since I put the site up yesterday I am getting a ton of spam in the email account I set up for it. I did comment out the contact listings in the footer.php file, I didn’t need that listed but do use the form. Never had this problem with other forms, this almost make it (the form) useless if I have to filter out 30 or more spam emails everyday. Is anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?

Hi DeweyH,

Thanks for the kind words.

Have not heard of the major spam on the contact form before? I’ve had the Kula preview site set with my own email, and had the one or two, but nothing like 30+!! a day.

Let me take another look for your though.

Many thanks

Hi , Once again love your work.

To any potential buyer the theme is a dream to owrk with and you WILL NOT be disappointed!

One question. The “one page sections/pages” controlled from the theme options are so simple to use BUT if we wanted to add another section is that easy to do?

If we add another page it reloads to it breaking the one page slide effect. I guess we could just replicate one of the other sections under a different name in the PHP and add it back into the options panel but was wondering if there was an easier way to do it or are the sections on offer fixed?

Thanks again for a great file

Hi Charlie,

Your kind words truly mean a lot, so many thank for that.

The sections are pre-defined, but you could with some customisation to the theme files include more sections, primarily by examining the files and duplicating, and renaming them, then obviously adding in the options into the Theme Options panel.

Send me a private message, and I will give you some more pointers.

Many thanks

Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but I can’t get any of the background images to display on the front-end. They display fine in the options panel but not on the front side. Thoughts?

Hi jrudy,

Which version of Kula do you have? This was fixed for the small number of users having this issue in version 1.1.

Could you try changing the file permissions on options.css (found in /assets/css/dynamic-css) to 0666.

Many thanks

Hi there, Looks great! Pre-purchase question – are the number of sections and section dividers pre-defined or are these just determined when creating a site? thanks

Hi scampsall,

They are yes. You can arrange them however you want via the Homepage Layout Manager on the back-end though.

You can add multiple pages though also, so you could have as many ‘different’ actual pages as you require.

Many thanks

Thanks for the quick response. I’m not entirely clear on what you mean though!
They are yes. You can arrange them however you want via the Homepage Layout Manager on the back-end though.
What I understand from that is that the layout is predefined – the site will have only the number of sections and dividers as set out in the demo, but the order can be altered in the back-end.
You can add multiple pages though also, so you could have as many ‘different’ actual pages as you require.
The ‘sections’ can contain multiple pages, so there is no real limit on the amount of content in each ‘section’. Is that right? Sorry to be pedantic!

Hi, great theme! Short question, how do I remove the double lines around the various objects (foto’s, services etc)?

Thanks a lot

Hi Boulanger,

Wherever you see the following CSS in style.css -

border: medium double #ddd;

Just remove these lines.

Many thanks

Hi again, I’m having the same issue as jrudy with the background images. They just won’t display on the front-end. Changing the file permissions didn’t do the job. Many thanks


Can you please open a support ticket at -

And I can try and help you out there.

Many thanks

I am using the same display options for homepage text-logo (Open Sans Extra Bold etc), but it is not looking the same as yours…

Hi ts743,

Did you grab the latest copy?


Yes I did thanks – All looking good. One bug though… In IE the ‘Quotes’ Section does not display too well – The text is not the correct colour and the background image does not fill the space –


Duly noted. It seems to be a slight bug with IE8. Both IE9 & 10 are ok.

For me the background image fills the area fine, albeit a little more zoomed in.

Many thanks

This theme is VERY well done. I’m interested, but have XX questions:

1) How will it look if I have just one person in the Meet the Team section? Will it run full width?

2) Can I adjust the height of the Home page section, at the top? So, the image, text, etc., all take up less vertical space in total?

3) Does the Latest News section pull from ALL blog updates, or can I have it only display posts from a specific category?

Thank you in advance, and thank you for the terrific work…

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the interest.

1 – You would need to make some minor edits to the code to achieve this.

2 – Again minor edits in style.css would allow this.

3 – It does pull from all categories, but you could easily change the code to something like -

$args = array('post_type' => 'post', 'category_name' => General News, 'posts_per_page' => $data['select_news']);

to have it pull from a specific category.

Many thanks

Love the theme but my uber statement isn’t working. I checked the documentation and header.php. It seems to be fine. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi photo_op,

As mentioned in the docs, could you make sure you have Front page displays – Your Latest Posts, in the WordPress admin.

Many thanks

Works! Thank you for being so prompt!

No problem, enjoy the theme.

*Edit, I see that the page is displaying correctly in explorer, but not correctly in Firefox or Safari. Is there a way to correct this?

Hi readyacademics,

What are you seeing? Could you message me a screenshot. As I have tested in the lastest version of Safari & Firefox on both Mac and PC, and the site seems fine to me.

Many thanks

Do your “one page” designs work with event calendars like ?

Obviously for a musicians site.


Hi gaillen,

I have not personally tested with, so could not say for sure.

Many thanks

This theme looks PERFECT for me. Presale question.. Is it possible to change the colors/fonts? I do not see any mention of that area of customization on the theme page. This seriously look fantastic!

Hi flacnvinyl,

Yes you can easily change the colors/fonts from the Theme Options panel. You can fine grain the color options also, so you could say have one color for your text, a different one for your icons, a different color for your headings etc.. And you can easily choose from a large selection of handpicked (for quality, not quantity) Google Web Fonts.

Many thanks

Hi guuthemes,

I also love this theme. But I am also experiencing the same issue that my images are not displayed in safari. The images are ok in explorer but nothing is there in safari (I do not have firefox to test).

url is

Looking forward to your help!

Hi Chris,

Have noticed all is working ok now.

Many thanks

Hi guuthemes

ALL FIXED! After uploading the new version I just refreshed the links to my images in Theme Options and now all is working.

Again, awesome theme!

Hi Chris,

Yes, sometimes after you have updated to the latest version, you just need to do a quick re-save of your Theme Options, so your (new) dynamic stylesheet gets populated with your existing settings.

Thanks for the kind words, and have fun!! ;)

Would love to be able to add some text effects to the google fonts (and perhaps add more fonts if possible). Thoughts on how to accomplish this?

Hi jrudy,

There are many text effects you could add. I would do a Google search for CSS styles that you can apply to text.

To add more fonts you need to edit class.options_machine.php found in admin/classes, and add new fonts to the list on around line 285.

Many thanks

Hello. I really like this layout. I was hired to set it up for a contract business, and everything seems to be going great.

I have two small problems so far. I can’t get my front navigation menu to show up at the top of my site. Also the log image is left justified. How can I fix these things.

Your great! Danielle Hairston

Hi Danielle,

Have you read the documentation that comes with the theme? This explains fully how to set the menu up.