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Hi, Is there a support page? I want to add links to the ‘Read more’ button for services. Thanks, great theme!


Would this theme support woo commerce?

Hi dynamicpanda,

I have not personally tested, so could not confirm.


Hi Guu,

Question: Is there a way to completely disable the comments plugin for the portfolio? I turned them off but would like the copy ‘comments are currently closed’ to not exist.

Do you suggest deleting this default copy from the editor? Or is there another way that I am missing.



Hi photo_op,

There is an option to disable that message in the Theme Options panel.


Thank you!

No problem.

Thank you for your support.

Is there a way to change the black color in the header somewhere in the theme options or do I need to get into the code?

Love this theme btw!

Hi jkbrownie,

You need to edit in 2 places in style.css (as the header bar is actually made up of 2 divs) -

#header-background { background-color: #333; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, .875); position: relative; z-index: 1000; width: 100%; } #header-background-nav { background-color: #333; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, .875); padding-bottom: 10px; position: relative; z-index: 1000; width: 100%; }

Here you can change the background color.

Many thanks

Hey Photo_op,

With total respect for Guuthemes, he has helped me out tremendously and really appreciated it. I had the same issue You can go into your comments.php and:

Look up:

‘Comments are currently closed.’

And Delete it.

Or you can turn off the message via the News Settings in the Theme Options panel.

Many thanks

No Problem Guuthemes. I sent you a inbox.

Hi, I have big difficulties here.

Just after instalation of the theme, I have this message (clic to see) (same)

I just can’t acces anything, big crash.. How can I go back and have my website ?

Have just answered your latest post. Glad everything is working ok ;)

Ok, I deleted Kula, updated my wordpress version, instal kula and now it works ! Sorry ;)

Hi Julien,

Yes you need to be running at least version 3.5 of WordPress. Enjoy the theme! ;)

Hi. Can the pages have more than one photograph? None of your pages show this as an example. Thanks.

Hi rudy713,

Regular pages or Portfolio items? The pages can have multiple images, the same as the Portfolio items, where you have an image slider.


I bought the theme and spent the weekend completely overhauling my site with it, so I figured this out. Thanks!

Hi Rudy,

Great stuff!!



Thanks for this Theme.

I installed WP, of course, then I installed the your Theme, then I followed your instructions in READ ME FIRST for installing the demo xml. Some elements were added, but WP gave me this error:

Failed to import Media “header_background_placeholder” Failed to import Media “portfolio_placeholder” Failed to import Media “portfolio_large_placeholder” Failed to import Media “team_placeholder” Failed to import Media “news_large_placeholder” Failed to import Media “background_placeholder” Failed to import Media “logo_placeholder”

As such, the Theme doesn’t display exactly like the preview site, I believe.

Also, there was an option I left unchecked: ‘Import Attachments – Download and import file attachments’.

Thanks again

Hi Dilit,

The images are not bundled with the XML file. You need to firstly import the posts, projects etc.. with the XML, then add the placeholder images, that can be found inside the theme’s img folder.

Many thanks

Ah, yes of course, no probs, been able to add my own via the control panel. Cheers. (Easy use to use control panel BTW) – thumbs up.

Cool. And many thanks for your kind words ;)

... in the meantime, I’ve been working through your Theme, it’s very good – cheers.. Really easy to setup and add.

Hi Dilit,

Many thanks. Glad it’s working well for you.



This theme is incredible!

Only problem – I dont understand how to implement the font awesome on the services page? WHats the font file?


Hi cancollaborates,

Many thanks for your kind words.

For the Services section, you add shortcodes as per the documentation. The font is actually called Font Awesome.

Many thanks

I have seen that in the documentation but it doesnt explain it exactly. I.e. if I want to use the icon named “icon-group” how do I use it?

[icon name=icon-group]

Hi guu!!

i have a problem with y “Project Checklist” in “Portfolio detail settings” I fill the description form follow your instructions but nothing appear in the front-end!!

please help me!!!


Hi marcoyaweb,

Could you please open a ticket at -

And I can take a look for you.

Many thanks

Hi, great theme! Just starting to play with it and had a question. Is there a way to do a multiple layer parallax, where it looks like one image is shifting over the other?


Hi kellyrnh,

You could look at modifying the code to do this. There are quite a few great tutorials available online.

Many thanks

Love the theme.

Few quick questions:

Regarding the portfolio on the main page. How can I remove the “Show All” tab so it only shows the category tabs? How can I arrange the order of the category tabs that show here?

Also, is there any way I can reduce the size of portfolio items (featured image) blocks so that it displays 4 in a row instead of 3?

When I add customized text (html color tags) to the Uber Statement, it adds it but after I change almost anything in theme settings that text dissapears and I have to re-enter it in the theme options.

Finally, I have 2 quote blocks on the site (one top and one bottom). How can I set which quotes should appear in which block instead of them all displaying in both? Is this possible?


Hi. I completely redid my site with this theme and I love it!!! It looks gorgeous. I want to change the behaviour of the banner, though. When the index page is at the very top, the complete banner is visible, but when the page travels to a name anchor, the banner shifts up and my branding disappears – not good. I want a user to see the my branding regardless of where they are. How can i change this behaviour? I assume that it is a margin-top style change but I can’t track it down. Cheers. Rudy My new Kula themed website

Hi Rudy,

Your site’s looking great. Nice work!!

You would need to look at modifying the code in header.php, and also custom.js to change the way the fixed header works. You could then keep the logo in view at all times.


Actually, I got it. It involved a couple of tweaks in custom.js, and a few tweaks in style.css. I have a couple of other unrelated questions but I see from the below post that there is a forum. I will check there first. Thanks. Rudy

Hi Rudy,

Yes they are quite simple tweaks to make. Glad all is good!

Many thanks


Very nice-looking theme you have here!

Before I buy, I would like to second barakdavidov’s question above: is there a support forum for this theme, or do you only offer answers and advice on this Themeforest page?


Hi eplpw,

Many thanks for your kind words.

There is a dedicated support forum yes. This can be found at -

Thanks for the fast reply!

Does contact form work with Gravity forms or have some type of spam protection?

Hi famousartguy,

Have not personally tested with Gravity Forms. Yes ‘out of the box’ it does have protection.

Many thanks


I purchased your theme and it works great! I only have one question about the menu. Is it possible to align the menu right next to the brand logo, instead of the socialmedia icons?


Hi TRNcreative,

Many thanks for your purchase, and support.

You would need to edit both index.php, and style.css to achieve the layout that you have mentioned.

Many thanks

Hi, Great theme!! Works almost like a dream except some start page issue in Explorer 8. The “background” image will not place itself like in Safari and Firefox. And it won’t resize the same way either. Any quick solution for the everlasting problems with Explorer…?

Hi runert,

IE8 does not currently support background-size, which is used on the background images. They do display, but more zoomed in than in more modern browsers. The overall effect, in my opinion is still acceptable in IE8. There are workarounds available online, that you could take a look at.

Many thanks

Thanks for your fast reply:) the more I work with your theme the happier I get. It looks fantastic too! Just one more, is it possible to hide the contact info page completely?

Hi runert,

You would need to look at removing the contact section code in footer.php.

Many thanks


Great theme – very easy to use. Set up today, no issues, looks great. Pretty quick too, tested few times.

Two quick questions:

- Can I change the font size for headers/post titles (make it smaller) ? - How can I get a “standard looking” blog page (i.e. chronologic overview of all posts) ? - How can I get rid of the mention “posts tagged with” ?

Thanks, Ago


Thanks for posting that up, if other folks are interested.

Many thanks

Sure – BTW, seems like there is a minor bug. Whenever I change theme settings, the uberstatement text deletes itself. Nothing huge, but annoying nonetheless.

Hmm, have not heard of, or experienced this bug before? Do you want to open a ticket at the support forum so I can take a look -