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How easy would it be to add ScrollSpy do you think? Cheers.

Hi Dilit,

I do not have any experience of using ScrollSpy, sorry


Good Day,

Great theme. I’ve got a quick question about your accordion short code. I’m trying to make them all collapse when you first open the page.

Tried looking for help online on this found a recommendation to add [accordions active=100 collapsible=true] but doesn’t seem to work.

Also if i were to add a shopping page into this, would you recommend any plugins to enable some sort of shopping cart page.

Please advise.

Thanks in Advance. Kae Woei

Hi kaewoei,

Many thanks for the kind words.

Have you tried using the Toggle shortcode instead, these are all collapsed by default.

I have not personally tested any Cart plugins with the theme, there are many out there, and maybe worth while having a chat with them first.

Many thanks

Please Help: can save the design options, but there an error message. Can’ t change the pics, f.e. background image. Upload directory is writeable 777

Best regards dkn

Hi dkn,

Can you please open a ticket at the support forum -

and I can take a look for you.


hey guu,

id like to purchase, but got some questins in advance:

is it possible to easy change the background image as well as color scheme, e.g. font color, link color, header color etc.

couldn`t find this answer yet.

thank you very much!

Hi fedemann,

Yes you can easily add your own background images, change the color schemes etc.. via the Theme Options panel.

Many thanks


Great Work Around. Looks Great.

I just bought your theme today – but it doesn’t appear to have any documentation/instruction file that I can find int he unzipped directory. I also don’t see any XML demo in the unzipped file – just want to make sure I’m not missing that I should get those somewhere else?


Hi movielvis,

You should have a Kula package .zip that included the theme, docs, xml, and licensing folders. Maybe the download was somehow corrupted? Have you tried downloading again? If you are still having problems, please speak to Envato support who will assist you.

many thanks

Hi, the toggle feature doesn’t seem to allow html. How do I make this work? Thanks

Hi Helen,

That’s odd? Can you open a ticket at – and I can take a better look for you.

Many thanks

Hello, It’s a very good work, theme is very simple to use and so easy to adapt to suit just what we want. I have some problem and came here to see if i could find solution, then i just saw updates since i bought it, so, as i have already have done a lot of configurations in my website, my question is how to just update the theme without having to restart every thing ? I have change a things in stlyses and pages… ? Thank you by advance for your answer. Regards.

Hi Thy21,

Thanks for the great comments.

Which files have you edited in the theme exactly? I can then advise on just certain files that you could update, so as not to touch your customisations.

Many thanks

Does your theme support Child Themes?

Hi 509tyler,

It does indeed.

Many thanks

Hi Guuthemes,

I sent you a inbox, please check it when you get a chance. Thank you for everything and continued success with KULA.

Hi Imagebarron,

Can you please re-send, cannot find it buddy? And will take a look today.

thanks as always for your kind words.

Hi Guuthemes,

Just bought this earlier, and actually finding it really hard to put stuff together, despite everyone’s comments to the former! I’m sure I’m missing something but could we exchange a couple of emails to make sense of things. I’d post something specific but I have quite a few questions. Thanks, Sam

Hi Sam,

Have you followed the documentation included with the theme? This explains in great detail how to set things up correctly.

Please feel free to drop me an email also.

Many thanks

Hello, I have a question before I purchase.

I use the plugin SEO by Yoast, is it possible to optimise pages even though the site is a one page site? (hope this makes sense)

Hi brunzig,

I have not personally tested with Yoast, and yes the page is primarily one-page, but there is the option to add additional pages if your require, which you could then apply the SEO to I suppose.


Beautiful Theme. I’m going to purchase either your KULA or NASH – could you offer any help in having a simple email ‘subscribe’ space front and center (that matches the beauty of the theme)?

Hi realvolve,

Thanks for the kind words.

There are many free WordPress plugins available that you could possibly use. Have a look at the WP repository here -

Many thanks

Is there room/capability to put a sign up widget on the main page (header graphic next to headline). Goal is to have an nice looking subscribe form front and center like this:

Possible? Hard? Need a pro?


Not that hard I’m sure? Like I mentioned, take a look at the available plugins, then you would need to look at editing header.php and dropping in the required code, and adjusting the ‘Uber Statement’ via CSS so it does not take up as much room, leaving space for your subscribe field/button.

Many thanks

Thank you!

Thank you too!! ;)

contact form does not work, as I can fix it


The contact form does work I can assure you, it has been tested fully. Have you inputted your email into the contact section in the Theme Options?

Many thanks

I have incrito the mail, but I think it’s my server, is there any way to configure the gmail SMTP to work thank you very much

indeed was the server, but install a plugin called SMTP ( and send me messages and contact but does not work I can do

Thank you very much apologize for any inconvenience

Hi, love the theme, easy to use! Can’t seem to get the slideshow function in portfolio’s to work… put the image settings to ‘slideshow’ and uploaded a bunch of images…

Yep, running the latest wordpress, and saved as featured gallery. Dont i need to add a little shortcode into the text editor? Or does it automatically take the attached images? I made a screenshot, but cant upload it here… I built the site for a group of photographers, you can see it in development here:

hmm checked the theme-functions php, and it seems like it should be taking the images without me adding shortcode… Saw that you put in a special section for 3.5 and newer. I am running 3.5.1, maybe this could be it? Did you test the flexslider with the sorting system on 3.5.1? Is there a way to check if this is the problem? I am willing to add/change some code if you send it to me..


It has been thoroughly tested with version 3.5.1 and works fine on my numerous test builds.

Can you open a ticket at – and I will take a look.

many thanks

I’ve installed the theme and it’s beautiful, I like it a lot. I’ve 2 questions: 1. The social buttons on the top are not the facebook/twitter etc buttons shown here on the demo site, they’re completely different, not sure why. 2. Can I put a picture as the standard background for the posts? Thanks a million. PS: Here’s the site so that you can see the buttons I was telling about:

Hi andreahu,

I have just viewed in Chrome, and with Developer Tools is showing that a few of your font files are actually missing from the /fonts folder.

Do you want to double-check that they all downloaded correctly?

Many thanks

Thank you for getting back to me. I downloaded it again but I still have just the same fonts as previously.


This is a strange issue which I have never seen before? Can you open a ticket at so I can investigate further?

many thanks

Is there a way to remove the fax icon in the contact section?

Hi rknader,

You need to edit footer.php in your Kula theme folder, and remove the following line -

<li><i class="icon-print" /> <?php echo $data['text_contact_fax']; ?></li>

many thanks

For the service, you mention [icon name=icon-file]. Where do I put the icon file? Do I need to specify the full path after the = ?

Hi samchoo,

If say you wanted to use the pencil icon you would enter the shortcode – [icon name=icon-pencil]



I’m wondering what the image sizes are for the background images on the home page? I’d like to get a good idea of a suggested image size before considering my purchase.

Hi joeyang,

The divider background images on the Kula preview site are 2000px x 872px, the header background image is 2000×1333px, but they could be larger if you wanted to cater for very wide monitors.

Many thanks