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My client is about a launch a book and I think your theme is going to be perfect but I’ve a couple of pre-purchase questions…

1. Would “All in one SEO” plug-in work just as normal for blog posts, I appreciate the home page is one long page – would SEO plug-in work for that too – Most importantly the meta tags for page title and description.

2. Is it possible to reduce the size of H1 font on just the blog pages. Some of the heading I’ll need to create might be quite long and as much as I love the large letters for small amount of text, the current size is just a bit too big. (I would like to keep H1 it’s present size for the main home page).

Thanks in advance

Hi sizzles,

1 – The plugin should work fine, on single blog pages, and standard pages, yes.

2 – Yes, you should be able to target the H1s on the single post pages by finding this CSS in style.css -

.single-article h1 { border-bottom: none; margin-bottom: 20px; padding-bottom: 0; }

And adding for example – font-size: 60px; line-height: 70px;


Thanks for your help. I’ll purchase your theme a little later today!

Hi sizzles,

No problem.



For some reason, the image background in the comments and sitewide have completely stopped working. Not sure what happened. I upload an image, and nothing happens.

Worked fine before. Any thoughts as to what could be going on ?

Hi Acluytens,

Not without seeing your site buddy ;) Can you open up a ticket and I’ll take a look for you.

Many thanks – not sure where to open a ticket ?

Hi buddy,

You can open a ticket at –

Many thanks

How did you add the blue color for the line on the Home Page ‘Kula really is the hot choice’? Is that called the uber statement?

Is there an easy way to add more than 6 portfolio items to the homepage?

Hi pdensborn,

You can add as many items as you require to the homepage.

Many thanks

Is there an easy way to add more than 6 portfolio items to the homepage?

Hi pdensborn,

You can add as many items as you require to the homepage.

Many thanks

How did you add the blue color for the line on the Home Page ‘Kula really is the hot choice’? Is that called the uber statement?

how do you change the color of the uber statement?

i found the answer.

Ok cool ;)

Using HTML tags within most options of the Theme Options eventually breaks them. For example – font color tags on certain text within the Uber Statement.

Hi Spyrie,

Due to the fact that the theme is HTML5 compliant, and as such by WC3 standards, inline CSS is not compliant. I like to code to WC3 standards, and to have valid code.

You should really target elements via CSS for your styling purposes.

many thanks

Beautiful theme!

I saw reference in another comment to a “read this first” document that was supposed to come in the zipped folder? I haven’t been able to find this, but feel it would be of great help to me. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction? I am very new to the world of web design and could really use some guidance.


Hi tokertesting,

Many thanks for your kind words, it really is appreciated.

If you are looking for the documentation .pdf, you will find this inside the ‘documentation’ folder, found inside your kula package .zip

Many thanks

Thanks! Very helpful!

Perfect theme for us. only one question, we have more than 20 clients so we have to add more logos to client section. i tried a little trick to export 4-6 logos as a one image but its going to be a problem when mobile or small screens.

so how can i add more client logos? :crying:

Hi RectoDesing,

The section divider will only allow a certain amount of logos, so the parallax-type effect works effectively.

Have you maybe though of setting up a ‘Our Clients’ page, where you could add as many logos as you wanted there?

Many thanks

thnx for repply, i prefer your stile with more logos if its posible and i apratiate this if u can help me about that. But its good advise to get a new page if its not posible.

btw, i just misstyped RectoDesiGN but couldnt change it :(

Me again, forget to ask one more question. Social links (facebook e.t.c) are not working at safari. all other browsers are fine.

many thnx.

Hi RectoDesing,

They are working fine in Safari for me, both on Mac and Windows.

Do you have the latest version?

Many thanks

just before buying your theme, one question. Can i (easily) adjust the height of the menu bar?

Hi markgeaurden,

You can yes very easily by adding a height to #header-background-nav found in style.css.

Many thanks

Hello guys,

LOVE LOVE LOVE the theme!

I was wondering how I can have the services link to a page?

I’ve tried the “page links to” plugin without success.


Thanks for the great feedback, really is appreciated ;)

I am releasing an update next week, which will add in buttons to the Services sections, so you can easily link through to a page of your choice.

Many thanks


Also, maybe you could add a instagram in theme options/general

Hi wingazing,

Will add Instagram social icon also, no problem ;)

Many thanks

....very disappointed,

no fedback for our request, 2 times send mail, tickety system doen’t work (password forget funktion) – have buyed tempate 2 times!!

BG dkndkn

Hi dkndkn,

As I have stated before, I only ask that you ask support questions via the Ticksy support forum, as it can be difficult to keep track of email requests. In regards to you forgetting your password to log-in, have you tried contacting Ticksy support, as they are the ones who would assist with a forgotten password.

Many thanks

you can just change the accent blue with html in the css yes?

Hi vcao,

Yes you change the accent color easily via the Theme Options colorpicker.


Hi, Been enjoying using this theme, thanks for the good work.

Am wondering if it was possible to duplicate items in the homepage layout manager or add items to the homepage layout ie a second Services section or include two News segments.? Is there a fairly straightforward way to duplicate in the demo xml and re-import or some other method to help facilitate this.?

How can i highlight the text in frontpage?


Which text exactly?


I found i can highlight the text by adding a tag. Thank you, Francesco

Hi Francesco.

Yes by adding a <span /> tag you can then style via CSS.

Many thanks

Hello guuthemes,

I am trying to build multiple portfolios. I have two questions.

1. How could i incorporate a portfolio in an additional created page? (not the homepage)

2. Is it possible to specify which “project type” or category is displayed?

Thank you!


I’ve looked the link in addition to the wordpress forum. I am still not sure how to create a page template. Custom Page Templates not sure how to add a new file…. any ideas? Once I have a custom page template not sure where to put the project type category in the following code: Also,

  • <?php _e(‘Show all’, ‘kula’); ?>
  • <?php (array( ‘type’ => ‘post’, ‘taxonomy’ => ‘project-type’ )); foreach ($categories as $category) { $group = $category->slug; echo “
  • ” . $category->cat_name. “
  • ”; } ?>

    did you end up releasing an update yet? with the services linking to a page and the instagram social icon

    thank you thank you

Any ideas here?... I really love this theme but I’m afraid I might have to find something else which would be a major bummer.


This is Mel, the support staff for guuthemes, and I would like to invite you over to our brand new dedicated support forum, where it’s not only much more organized and easier for us to keep track of your request, but it will also allow you to post your login details privately and securely in case we need to check out the issue you’re having in your backend.

So if I may lead you towards our new home of the support:

I hope to see you there :)

Cheers, Mel – guuthemes support

Hi Guuthemes, How can I add another section to the main page of this theme (that will also show up in the menu)? I would like to add a section I am calling “How We Do It” to explain the system that we use to conduct work, so I probably need area for text and a few graphics.


hi, is there a way to disable the zoom function of the background behind the uberstatement? on smaller screens the top image changes in size compared to the other images. This re-size does not fit with all images of course. kind regards, M

Hi, I’m having a similar problem as jrudy and dkn. I can save options, but it appears the options.css isn’t getting the changes. I’m on Wordpress 3.5.1 with version 1.3 of the theme. Any thoughts?

Hi socialscratch,

Have you opened a support ticket?

Many thanks