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Very nice work! Good luck :)

Thank you!

Other than a banner nothing loads http://themes.templatestock.net/wordpress/kumaon/

Doesnt bode well

Got a little problem with menu in administration. It’s working now.

Screenshots look interesting but demo not working

Got a little problem with menu in administration. It’s working now.

Very nice theme. Good Luck :)

Thank you!

Love the clean design! Good luck! :)

Thank you!

can the logo section be longer and wider?

Hello Pravinrh2,

it can be yes, it can also be changed from text to image.

Best, Gregor

Hello, I like he look of this theme and considering purchasing it but have a few questions please: 1) Is it possible to easily remove the sub-header on the blog page on the demo? 2) Is it possible to add an image in the sub-header and customize them for each page? 3) Is this theme retina and high resolution ready? 4) Can the logo take up more room on the left and the navigation move to the right? 5) Can you add the individual social media links you see on the main blog page to the individual blog posts?

Thank you!

Hello skyviewprojects,

yes, the subheader can be easily removed from the wordpress template. It’s fully retina ready with icons included. It has been fully tested on real iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy pad devices to respond like it should. We can also help you with the modification you require regarding logo, sub header images and social media link over our website forum or e-mail.

Have a great day,

Best, Gregor

Notice that the images are not showing up when used in columns shortcode. The image shows up if you use the “div class” but not when using the shortcode for columns…

Hello reciopts,

thank you for mentioning that. Update is coming right up.

Best, Gregor

Hello, have a problem in item management “Kumaon settings”.

Hello rramires,

it must have gone something wrong with your upload. Theme settings can be accessed via WordPress once the theme is activated. You can send me your authentication data for wordpress and ftp account data over e-mail and I’ll help you out.

Best, Gregor

I thought the template would come with the menu and images as shown in the preview

Hello rramires,

this is just a wordpress template. Menus and pages must be build after the theme is installed. As for the photos, they are not allowed to be included by the themeforest market as stated in the item description, but you can freely download them from our preview website if you wish to use the exact images.


Can multiple images be added for a portfolio post? Didn’t see this feature in your demo. Let me know!

In the portfolio page, when i click on the category of each pictures takes me to the blog page instead of staying at the same page and filtering the images results ? How can i fix the link to the right path ???


Could you tell me where it is possible to embed an image in the slider at the top of page?

thank you

Has no downloadable demo? And the slider documentation?

Hi taylsonmartinez, only online demo is available, slider documentation is managed by a 3rd party developer, we have a reference to it in our pdf documentation.

Just purchased this.

I have no shortcodes button in my visual editor and im running WP 4.0 and running the install locally.

I have also set this up via a Child Theme. Had issues with the ‘admin’ folder not linking to the parent theme. Rectified by simply copying the admin folder to the child theme directory. Not to much of an issue just thought there might be an issue in regards to the child theme not linking somewhere else in your theme causing the shortcodes button in the visual editor to disappear. So i tried activating the parent theme and still nothing showing. No blue button.

Any Ideas? Quite urgent on this.

Probably we won’t. Reasons for that are that life cycle of the design and theme is coming to an end. We focus on building unique products not the all around usable themes. We update the themes as long as the sales allow it, by that I mean smaller updates and bug fixes. Let’s be honest, the wordpress has been the same editor for years now, but the internal core is changing to rapidly.


I have just written a large paragraph about how disappointed I am in your company – however I am not going to waste my time here and take my issues up directly with Envato.

*Note to everyone else. Be careful of authors who only care about making the sale and have no intention of actually providing you with a decent and usable product.

No problem. The working version of this theme for WP is stated in the right upper corner of the screen. If it’s an honest mistake, please take it to Envato, I would be happy to return your money, but I can’t. Thanks for the purchase anyway.


I just Purchase it also.

Im running WP 4.0 and I’m having the same problems as esthetikconcepts

What can i do?

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Hi guys, it’s working! Although there is only the option for full width Page, and no Single page, for the Custom pages. But the rest I think is working just fine. Thanks!

Single Page is the default page ;-)

Hi Guys, I can’t find the way to use the icon from Font Awesome

Dear Support-Team, I bought the theme but I can´t install it. I always get the error message from wordpress, that the style.css is missing. Do you have any idea what I could do? Thank you!

Now, work it with last update from Wordpress? WP 4 ?