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is it seo friendly

Hi, I recently bought the topic that I find very good, could you tell me where I can change the color of the template header. thank you.

How wdo I change the Logo size

Hi, could I .. print the coupons? make only printable discount? display a modal and connect to mailchimp list

hi, can i implement this in my OpenCart ecommerce store?

hi. can you also create admin panel for this template ? in php adding products, etc…. do you have email ? will pay extra …

Hello..how are you? I like the theme and i want to know will it has affiliate program once i buy and if it does not have will you late upgrade it or? Also can i create my own payment system and what payment system does it already have?

I would buy this theme if it was using Bootstrap 3.x. Bootstrap is now going to v4, so it would be nice to have things upgraded past v2.

It should be MORE clear that this is NOT a Wordpress theme. Who the hell wants an HTML theme these days anyhow? I just wasted $17. Thanks for nothing.

purchased Koupon missing css.stylsheeets

How do i download the css stylsheets

get back to me i need the css stylsheets….wake up….

Buy this theme and say you do not have the style sheet, I need to solve it as soon as possible.