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Hey Settysantu,

how many block regions are included in the theme?

Header, Right, content, footer, and one extra above footer region.

Perfect! Good Luck!


I see you make quite a few Drupal themes… very nice I might add. I am wondering, will there be Drupal 7 versions of these themes? And also, how well do these work with the Ubercart add-on (or are there certain themes better suited for it?)

Thanks much

Hi, Drupal 7 is still in alpha and i think its not correct time now, but in future yes i will make these template compatible with drupal 7 version too, coming to ubercart module you can install it like other modules but there is no special css written for it.


Very nice theme, I’m considering buying it but I need a “full” drupal solution. Is it possible to add the search field? What about the results?


Search is a module, you can enable and assign to block, it should work

  • And also the taxonomy?


have a few pre-sales questions:

1) Is the horizontal image menu configurable over the admin or is it hardcoded in the php files? 2) Is it difficult to add a breadcrumb above the main content? 3) Is it difficult to change the header image on individual pages?

many thanks,


Hi Steven, 1. Horizontal image menu?? you mean primary navigation?? if its primary navigation then yes as u add items to primary navigation you can see it

2. Just need to add a single line code in php, it is easy if you have a basic drupal knowledge

3. Header image sliders are from blocks, you can easly add images from admin.

Hope this helps

I want to buy this template but I need also a drop down for the main menu and in the demo I don’t see it. Can you add a submenu so I can see if is what I need?

Dropdown will be added in next update, if u r in hurry email me from my profle page.

Hmmm… something is not right… I have purchased this theme, then when downloaded, I unpack it, then I see this is not structured the same as a typical Drupal theme… Is this download the HTML version in the drupal area? Sorry, but I see no structure as Drupal… Please advise

Strange, what files are there in download?? try to re-download if it happens same email me will send u files.

regele… If you want a drop down menu, simply install a module called nice menus, it will do everything you want, place it in the menu block region..


I’m probably missing the obvious on this, so I apologize. I’m trying to edit the page that contains the information for the embedded font that you’re using. I’d like to change this to my custom font that I have. Could you tell me what page needs to be edited in order for this to happen?

I had an idea initially – upon furthering myself into the pages, I can’t seem to find what page it is.

Thanks, Michael

You haven’t brought the theme, so how you got theme then??

Sorry – a co-worker of mine bought the theme on his account, which was then passed over to me so I could start development on it. If you want, I can get his user name for you so you can verify.


Sorry support only for buyers. Sent email from my profile page( u need to login from the account u brought).

Are dropdown menus included for multiple child menu items for primary links? I thought i found the parent/child dropdown from the admin side but can’t get it to work.

Dropdown not included with the theme, need to add extra css for it to display.

What about this type of module? Do you foresee any problems?

ya u can try, but u need to modify css to match layout style.

Theme seems deprecated for beginner use. This theme should be updated to be more compatible. I tried installing it using Drupal 6.22 and the latest stable version 7.(?)—>(my mistake as it is for 6.X as the author clarified). Didn’t work in either situation. Author seemed unwilling to offer much support. I thought it was me. However, when I was able to install several other themes with Drupal no problem.

I personally would like my money back,a credit or at least updated Start-up files and Documentation.

hey when you asked me support?? you it self said it is version 6 theme now ur saying its not working in 7, what do u mean by ur words??

Nice design, I like it!