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Few changes and new theme done! I like this way! Anyways GLWS!

Hey there, thanks :) This is actually a WP conversion of the awesome Kyte HTML template also available.

Nice theme. Good luck dude!

Hi! I’m interested in buying your awesome theme but I need some more informations. We mainly need video integration (vimeo, not youtube). Is it working ok with your lightbox feature? And what about with vimeo and your showcase portfolio’s page?


Hey there,

Currently your best option for video would be using the Showcase portfolio, don’t worry, it works perfectly with Vimeo & any other embeddable video service :)

As for the lightbox, that’s not currently video enabled but we’ll definitely look into that for the future of the theme!

So to answer your question, yes, Vimeo works perfectly with the Showcase portfolio.


Nice theme again :)

Thanks :) I’ve been busy!

Looks great. Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks a bunch! :)

Can you and elemis slow down please – I am answering a survey for TF soon so will get some credit form that but right now cannot afford to keep up!

Awesome stuff as always. good luck

Cheers mate! :) I’ll do my best to take it a little easier on the wallet, hehe. :D

Such a beautiful template! Great work as always, it’s always such a pleasure to see your templates!

Thanks so much! :)

Hi, I would like to buy this theme, but have some presale questions:

1. Is the theme supporting translation / childtheme? 2. It would be good if one could habe a link back to the blog-section when opening a blog post – can that be implemented? 3. When opening a single blog-post and then click on “blog” in the header-menu, i dont get the blog section (“service”, instead). Can that be fixed?

Thx, regards patrizius

Hey there,

1. Yes it’s translation ready, with a .po included for your translation.

1a. Child theme is fully supported, you may need to tweak the custom post types plugin for your child theme, but you can shoot me a ticket on my support forum if you need help there :)

2. Do you mean like a dedicated ‘back’, ‘prev post’, ‘next post’ set of buttons? This is definitely something I can look into for the next update.

3. Ok, so the issue here is because of our demo which is rammed full of every feature that the theme uses, which pushes the section a little lower. When you’re using this for yourself you’re unlikely to use every single option / portfolio type available so this should work perfectly for you :) Nevertheless, in search of perfection I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to improve this.


thanks a lot for the prompt answers!

The “Home”-link in the main nav doesn’t work. I.e, it doesn’t jump to the top when scrolled down.

Wow! Thanks for noticing that :)

Fixed and theme update on its way. Demo has been updated.


Hello! Great theme! I might buy it soon :) I have some pre-sale questions.

1.Can you confirm that it can be a multi page site easily? 2. Also do you support self-hosted video. If not, are you planing on doing so? Self hosted html5 players look so much nicer. And with such a beautiful flat theme it can only look amazing. 3. Is it WPML supported for multiple languages?

Thank you! Regards.

Hey there,

1. Whoops! v1.0.2 on it’s way now :)

2. Fixed in v1.0.2 also, just a simple bit of CSS, should be approved very quickly, thanks for the bug report :)

3. You can already set the posts per page here in “settings” => “reading”, it just takes your global setting here, so set it to whatever you want!

4. There’s 2 things you can do here;

a) go to “site settings” in the theme options and make sure the child page redirect is turned on, now when you hit the home/blog/ page, you’ll be redirected to that section of your homepage.

b) Or, this thread gives you a function;

and also a plugin recommendation to do the above;


Great thank you. I will look into those options.

One nice feature that would be a great addon in the future would be adding an animated header. ( And probably remove the “sticky” of the menu for small screen (horizontal iPad or mobile) so the header doesn’t occupy so much vertical space.


Hey there,

Thanks for the ideas, putting them in the list for consideration.


Hello! We’re considering this theme for our website and have some pre-sale questions:

I would like to confirm that we can: – replace background photos with our own – add more than one portfolio set – display more than 12 items in the portfolio – add social share buttons to blog post pages – rearrange order of pages/sections on the page – add more pages/sections

Is it possible to add advertising capability to the theme? We would also like to add our Email Newsletter sign-up form.

Thank you!

That would be great – thank you!

Wait, you already did it! FANTASTIC – THANK YOU!

Yep! :D

Remember to rate Kyte if you like the update :)


Awesome work! Good luck :)

Wow, thanks! :)

A note to all you awesome buyers:

Thank you so much for your support so far! In return v1.0.1 of the theme is now on the themeforest servers.

This update allows you to use unlimited portfolios each filtered to a specific portfolio category of your choice! :)

I’ve also updated the documentation and fixed a couple of little bugs.


Firstly I think this is an excellent theme and I will shortly be purchasing it for myself. Especially the way the portfolio loads, Beem looking for a suitable template for A while now! Will you be extending the functionality at all? One theme I like for its extensive functionality is flatco. Another nice touch would be the ability to create/customise page animation/slide in on site scroll, similar to many newly released themes. Thank you. Soon to be Kyte customer.

Hi Tom, I fully understand, the slider is already a little choppy on ipad 4. If you could heavily consider and think about the animation effects it would be very good for this theme, with that i think it would be perfect.

Not to mention it seems 90% of all recent wordpress themes seem to feature the content/text animation (reveal) in one form or another

Hey there,

1. Revolution slider can definitely be a bit intensive, our demo is showcasing everything the theme has to offer in one page though, I wouldn’t expect all users to be using everything the theme has to offer in one like the demo, but I guess you never know! :)

2. Yeah, I’ve noticed that too, which puts be off the effect a little to be honest, but I guess there’s potential to offer this as an option for the future. I’ll be focusing on functionality features and improvements first though :)


Hi TommusRhodus,

First of all, I’m quiet impressed by your themes. Congrats. I’m very interested in buying but I have few questions.

1. is it possible to include qtranslate plugin to be able to display the site in 2 different languages?

2. with WPSEO plugin are we able to customize focus word, description and others keywords for each section of the website?

Looking forward. Thanks and good luck for your sales

Hey there,

Thanks so much :) That’s great!

1. Yeah you can use qTranslate, you’ll need to make use of the qTranslate quick tags to translate content in the page builder though;

2. Each section of the website is defined by a child page, so you can apply SEO techniques to each section :) The child pages themselves redirect upwards to the homepage, but you can turn that redirection off in the theme options if you also want people to be able to hit single sections also. You can also use Kyte as a multi-page theme if you’d like :)

Thanks again!


any reason why Ebor CPT is not generating custom post types such as clients when i try to submit?

Hey there,

Are you using a child theme? Please leave a ticket at my support site and I’ll help you with that :)


I am interested in this theme (as it is quite beautiful) however I noticed two issues I would like to address before proceeding with a purchase:

1. Slow loading on mobile / slow to respond on iPad – not sure if this is due to demo content or the theme itself

2. On Tablet: If on internal page (Features) and you click on “Services” (on the home page) it takes you to the top of the homepage not the services section on the homepage (via mobile menu), seems to work correctly if you are on the homepage and navigating to a homepage section

Hey there,

1. My server is under some pretty severe themeforest stress at the moment, and also my demo showcases everything the theme has to offer, it’s unlikely you’d use every single function in your final site, so take both of these into account :) That being said, if I can find any speed boosts to the theme, I’ll update it to include these :)

2. This may be due to iPad removing hashes from URLs, but I’ll look into this.


hi @TommusRhodus I figured out what ebor CPT actually does, it changes the directory name of existing custom post types but does not generate new ones.

I manually created a new post type so I am all good there.

My second question was if there was any support for a classic blog layout. I want to be able to have the blog on an external page. Sidebar on the right and stacked blog entries and hopefully featured images, image sliders, and video can be displayed instead of just a featured image.

Let me know if this is something that you are able to incorporate to a future update. If not I will develop it now, thanks.

Hey there,

This is something that I’ll look at for the themes future, but I’m afraid I cannot offer a predicted date for implementation.


no worries, i just developed a solution to make this happen, thank you.

Hey, super theme. Help me out with these queries before buying the theme.

1. How many works can be added in showcase block under works. 2. Will it support unlimited work listings.. 3. Can I add a tabbed content description for individual works.


Hey there,

1. As many as you want :)

2. Yes.

3. Not currently, this is something I will have to look in to for the future of the theme :)


Potential buyer with one question. I was checking over the validations for the site and found some issues related to Micro data. I’m curious if you have done any work with this or if you plan to support thing for the theme going forward?


Hey there,

There’s plugins which add this functionality to any WordPress theme, such as;

Or even the old faithful;

Since we support Yoast SEO in Kyte, then anyone can easily implement this in the plugin settings :)

I hope this helps answer your question, I guess the answer is yes, you can add this to Kyte :)