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Hello again! Like michelenicolette a few post before I’m trying to setup Contact Form 7. When I set my contact page with Parallax Template I can have the background image. But then I loose the header sections (color header with little down arrow). I then change to “Default Template” and I have the nice header but without bkg image.

Any way around this? I’m using the latest 1.1.0 version. Thanks!

Hey there,

The parallax page template has no header section, but I can see why you’d want this as an option.

I’ll look into this for the next theme update :)


Thanks! great support. :)


Firstly i think it is a great theme, good job!

i have a few questions about the Lightbox Gallery:

1.On mouse over and in the lightbox screen it has the text “Media Icons”. how can i make it display the work’s title ? 2. On mouse over i would like to have the title and a short description is that possible ? 3. i would like to have the title and description in the lightbox screen as well f possible..

thanx in advance


Hey there,

1. You’ll need to modify the portfolio block in /ebor_framework/page-builder/blocks/ the code to remove is;

<li><a class="active" href="#" data-filter="*"><?php _e('All','kyte'); ?></a></li>

Also worth noting, if you don’t want all items to load immediately, you’ll need to modify the isotope load section in /style/js/scripts.js

2. Added to my development list for the next update :)

Many thanks!

i’m trying to figure this out for days…any way you can help please ?

Hey there,

If you need further help with theme customisation, please use the form here;


Hi there,

How hard would it be to add an actual button to the menu please? Take a look at this screenshot of another site I found. I would love to be able to add a button in exactly the same way as they have. I don’t mind going in and adding the code myself, but was hoping you could advise me on what / where to add, please?

Thank you, Kindly.

Awesome. I’m really keen to have the AJAX pagination In the portfolio , don’t mind paying you extra to implement it sooner. It’s a feature I’d like to have ideally.

Oh don’t worry, it’s not a money or time issue, it’s just a feasibility issue, combining the isotope layout, ajax loading and the ability to paginate / load more items is proving a little bit of a headache, but I’ll make it happen :)

But thanks! :)

Great. Thank you.

A great theme – easy to implement and the support is the best I’ve come across. Thanks!

Wow, thanks! :)

Hello! I’m having some trouble finding where to generate gallery to insert afterward in the portfolio. When I create a new portfolio item, and set up its format to “Gallery” it then asks for a gallery shortcode like [gallery ids=”74,73,75”] What are those ids related to? Thanks for the help! :)

Great thanks for clarifying. :) I will try to keep the Youtube embed option if I can solve why for my videos it embeds at 4/3. Cheers.

Ok, after looking around it seems that since September Youtube is not sending constant data about video size to oEmbed. I read an interesting article and installed the Fluid Video Embed that they recommend and everything now works just fine.

Here is the link to the article, it might help people that upload new videos to Youtube:

Oh fantastic :) thanks for following up! What a strange and annoying issue from Youtube!

Thanks again.


Hi, love your theme. But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do a half-width gallery like you have in this demo example: I tried embedding a revolution slider but the slider is showing up empty (just a grey box). Thanks!

Hey there,

To use a gallery like my demo, first create a gallery using images in the WP media box;

Just add images to it, don’t worry about the other settings, now insert that into your post, you’ll get a big placeholder image in the WP Editor, switch to ‘text’ mode, and you’ll see the gallery shortcode, cut it from the WP Editor, and paste into the gallery shortcode box instead :)


Cheers :)

thanks for the fast response! I tried that but by default it creates a full width gallery, I’m looking to create a smaller gallery like this one –

I tried using the shortcode attribute [size=”medium”] but it didn’t change anything. Thanks

Hey there,

When editing your portfolio post, in the ‘additional portfolio item settings’ box underneath the WP Editor, you’ll see a checkbox for ‘disable full width on this post’.

Check it, update your post and you’re done :)


Without a doubt, best theme I’ve ever bought. And I’ve bought around 40 so far. Anyone thinking about buying this… just do it. Highly recommended.

Awesome! :) Thanks so much!

Hello again! A quick question. I’ve translated everything perfectly apart from one sentence: “Leave a Reply” in the posts section. Is it something from Wordpress or something missing form the po file? Thanks! :)

Arg! It’s just something missing from Kyte, fixed now, if you edit comments.php in your theme files, change;

'label_submit' => __( 'Submit' , 'kyte' )


'label_submit' => __( 'Submit' , 'kyte' ),
'title_reply' => __( 'Leave a Reply' , 'kyte' )

And then modify that to your needs.


Great, thanks for the quick answer!

You don’t forget the backgound in Default template (or thick header in paralax template)? Because I think we are kind of forced to use the Contact Form 7 instead of you form (for the huge amount of spam coming in) but then we loose the background posibility. You can see what I mean on my site: theotherx

Thank for the great support. I add to what said swiftmed before: amazing template with an amazing support! Highly recommended.

Actually you can still use a background image :) Make sure your new contact section is set to the ‘parallax’ page template, and then add a ‘featured image’ to that page. You’ll get the background image.


I am having problems with the menu. Some of my menu items are not scrolling the home page to the sections. I’ve read your documentation and Im positive I’ve done everything correctly.

Pages not working:

Home page doesn’t scroll back to the top when clicked, About page doesn’t work, Contact page doesn’t work

Reviews and Work pages are functioning correctly. I’ve even deleted the menu and re-added the pages from the menus area on the left of the page, still without luck. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

Thanks. What about the home page in the menu? Is there any way to make the site scroll to the top if somebody clicks the home link? Currently it does nothing if Im in the contact section, for example.

Oh, one other question. In my blue box in the header of my home page, you will see I have added two buttons which link to the about and contact page. Is there any way to make those buttons use the smooth scrolling effect like the links in the main menu do? Right now, when clicked the buttons jump right to the relevant section. Is there someway to make it a smooth scroll?

Hey there,

1. Make sure to add the ‘home’ css class to your home link, this is covered in the documentation.

2. You’d have to tie those buttons into the smooth scroll javascript which is called in /style/js/scripts.js


Hi, great template! I setted the contact page and the admin address email. I tried to send a message by submit but nothing arrived. Is there a solution to make the form ok?

thank you marco

Uh thanks, cool advices. But what i meant is that the message sent by the form do not arrive. How can i fix this problem?


Oh, sorry :)

OK, if contact form 7 isn’t working then your server will be having a PHP mail() issue, contact form 7 is usually considered bulletproof.

Your best (quickest) method of solving this is to quickly send a message to your web host support team, mention contact form 7 isn’t sending, and they will likely be able to help you out very quickly. Usually this just relates to a server setting or requirement.

cheers! :)

perfect! now it works! i’ve installed a wp-mail-smtp and set smtp mail instead of php mail() function. I setted the smtp that gave me my host and voilà!

:) thanks

Great work! 5 stars :)

Hey there :)

I’m not 100% sure I understand the question? If you want to try out the styles used in our demo slider then there’s an import file in your download in the Demo XML Data folder called ‘home.txt.html’ this is the demo slider and can be imported directly into revolution slider using the import settings in the plugin.


Let me explain what I’m talking about. This great theme have the ‘RSlider’ plugin onboard. I can set up many slides for ‘home’ section (homepage). For each slide I can set up many layers with text, image, video etc. The point is that I need only one text layer for all slides. Live demo: – same text on different slides. How can I do that? :)

Oh ok, I’m afraid that’s no possible in revolution slider :(

Each slide must be independent from each other, but you could just set the same text, for each slide, in the same area, and have it appear instantly with no animation, this might get around the problem for you :)

Ok so I figured out the age builder but when I go to publish everything there is not title in a green bar. Like I want “A Little About Us” in the green title thing and then all the page stuff below it?

Are you adding page titles when adding your child pages? Ensure that you add a page title for every page, this is what generates the title in the green bar.

If you’re just starting with the theme on a blank install you may want to import our demo data.

You’ll find the best way to work, is to skip to the bottom of the documentation (install demo data section) and then install the demo data. With that installed you’ll still have a few steps to make, follow the documentation from top to bottom, you’ll find the demo data did a lot of the work for you. In doing this you’ll also get a much better understanding of the theme.

Take your time with it :)


Ok so where can I find how to install the demo data?

OH!! Just found it haha n00b status. Thanks for the help!

Hey any (easy) way to change image size in the portfolio from 400X300px to 600X400 px (proportionaly the thumbnails will become 285X190px)) ? cheers avihay

Hey there,

Yeah, open /ebor_framework/theme_support.php in your theme files, you’ll see some declared add_image_size functions, modify the pixel dimensions as you wish.

After modifying and saving your changes, you’ll need to refresh your thumbnails for the size change to take place, use this plugin;


works like a charm…cheers!!

I love this template. now, can I add separate pages as supposed to just a “one page” layout? if yes, how? thank you

Hey there,

Totally :) Just make separate pages and a standard menu and you’re good to go, just like a normal WordPress theme.

Our demo data uses 1 main page, and then the sections are created using child pages, so you could even take our demo data, unhook the child pages from the parent page and you’ve already put together a multipage site :)

I hope this helps.


Hi. I am putting your theme together and I would like to limit the number of portfolio items that show up in the showcase the same way I can limit the number of blog posts per page in the settings. It will add pagination at the bottom for additional blog posts and I would like this same functionality with the showcase portfolio grid. Is this possible?

Hey there,

Not currently possible, but this is in our development list for the next update :)

Currently scheduled for next week, adding pagination to the showcase is turning out to be a little trickier than first hoped.


Thanks for your quick reply. I was actually able to get it to work when viewing the portfolio page by itself by changing the posts_per_page setting in aq-portfolio-block.php and adding the kriesi_pagination function to archive-portfolio.php but I wasn’t able to get the showcase on the homepage to work the same.

I’ll wait to see what you come up with, good luck!

Hi, sorry for my English! I can turn off to disable the content on the home page? If I do not want to appear Forums Team, Service, Blog, etc. I can remove them in the settings, so they are not displayed on the main page?

Hey there,

the homepage is entirely up to you :) Whatever you see in the demo can be used, but you can remove whatever you want as well.


Hey Tommus,

Could you tell me whether the portfolio item gallery could be made into a full width slider? I’ve checked with firebug but can’t find the slider contained within a full width div. How difficult would this be to do? Basically I’d like to set a full-width background behind the slider, and the contents of the slider would show up infront of the background.

Hey there,

You’d need to modify single-portfolio.php and also the gallery post format post in /postformats/ depending on how you’re doing this.

You may also be interested in the portfolio page builder block in /ebor_framework/page-buider/blocks/

We’re not able to help with customisations I’m afraid, so if you do need further help, feel free to contact our customisation partners via this form;


Thank you.

Very Clean I really like this onepager. is it easy to add additional menu slots ?

Thanks :)

Yeah you can add as many sections & menu items as you’d like, or as few as you’d like, there’s a lot of creative freedom with Kyte :)


What governs the size of the slider that is used if you use the gallery portfolio item? I’d like to increase the height from 395px. I checked Firebug and it says the height is inline… did a find search using Dreamweaver of all files and was unable to find that 395px to change it.

Hey there,

The inline styles are added directly to the slider, depending on the modifications you want to make, check out /style/js/scripts.js and you’ll see the revolution slider calls with a height reference of 600, you’ll also want to check out the rules for .portfolio-bannercontainer for the same height rules.


You’re a legend. Thanks dude!

You’re a legend. Thanks dude!

Hey i finally got my site up and running but the menu doesn’t function for some reason. what did i miss ?

thanx for everything!


Hey there,

Looks like for whatever reason your menu links are not being rewritten properly, no problem, I’m sure I can help :)

Leave a ticket at my support site with a temporary admin login to your site and I’ll take a quick look.