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Hello. Really nice theme. I am having two problems:

1. I created a blog page and now I have a page that previews all of my blog posts, but if I click on one of the post it takes me to a page with nothing on it. Why does it do that? I want it to go to the actual blog post page.

2. I also created a blog menu item but when I click on the blog menu it does not scroll at all. How can I fix that?



Oh. Never mind. I made a mistake somewhere, but it’s fixed now.

Hi, sorry for my english! A good template. There is in him a demo data that you can upload to the site? That is, set theme, loaded data, and the site is configured automatically to the specified markup. Rather than build a site from scratch.

Thanks for the answer! But there was still a question. Is it possible to change the standard tools of the fields and their names when creating a portfolio? I do not need the URL and date, but I would of replaced on the “Size”. This can be done through the menu or have to change the code?

Hey there,

You’ll need to change the theme code, check out /loop/portfolio-content.php for where those meta items are loaded on your page.

And check out /ebor_framework/metaboxes.php for how that metabox is made.



Hi, I am thinking about purchasing. Is there a way to move the social media out of the banner quickly and have on top right side on theme? Thanks Kirsty

Hey there,

Social media in the banner is only our design, you can manipulate the slider to whatever you need.

If you’d need social media icons in the top right of the theme, you’d need to either customise the themes code, or find a plugin that adds a sticky social section or similar to the page.


Hi Tommus, I wonder if I could kindly ask your advice? I am trying to add a ‘call me back’ feature to my website, they have provided me with the piece of code which I can add, no problem, however I want to use one of the site’s buttons that Kyte come with

This is the code they’ve given me:

<a href="JavaScript:openPopWin("", 350, 400, "", 20, 20)">Call Me Back</a>

This is the button I want to use:

[button link='#' color='blue']<i class="icon-phone-1" /> Call Me Back[/button]

I presumed I’d simply have to copy: ‘JavaScript:openPopWin(“”, 350, 400, ””, 20, 20)’

Into the button link section, as displayed below, however when clicking the live button, it doesn’t do anything. If I add the code they’ve given me to any other part of the website, it works fine, but I really want to use one of your buttons.

[button link='JavaScript:openPopWin("", 350, 400, "", 20, 20)' color='blue']<i class="icon-phone-1" /> Call Me Back[/button]

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Hey, thanks for the reply. I pasted that in there but it doesn’t work for some reason. :(

Hang on, somethings gone weird with the code above, please try adding your javascript the the href=”” attribute of this;

<a href="" class="btn  btn-blue"><i class="icon-phone1" />Call Me Back</a>


That worked perfectly. Thanks very much Tommus.

Out of interest, is there any way to load the blog posts the same way the portfolio works? So it doesn’t load into a completely new page?

Hey there,

Not currently, but I’ll make a note for a future theme update :)


I want to use both the showcase portfolio (for showcasing casestudies) and the lightbox portfolio.

I created 2 maincategories with a couple of subcategories. I set the showcase portfolio and lightbox portfolio to use the main categories. But now its not showing the subcategories as filter links on top. It only works when I select show all. Is there a way to show filter links with subcategories for the portfolio.

Hey there,

Currently separating out portfolios by categories will not activate child categories in the way you mention.

It’s a good idea though, I’ll add it to the development list for the theme and see if it’s something that can realistically be added.


Thnx! ill see if I can add it myself (and send you the code)

Hello, and how the unit “map” in “kyte page builder”? I added a link to Google maps ( ), and added this template to the page but it does not appear – blank window. The documentation found nothing.

Hey there,

Just use a plain text address in the map black, for instance, I would just write;

York, England

And that’s all that needs to be done :)


Thanks, works, but it shows the city, but not a specific place. You need to specify the set point. This address does not have a map so the fully address will not work. There is a marker to the place and route. Here it,42.125316&spn=0.01705,0.042272 is as it can be specified? I inserted the link to the second line of the block, but the map does not appear, only the zoom.

Hey there,

The map block will also accept coordinates, e.g;



Hi, sorry about my bad english.

First, congrats for the Theme. Wonderful!!

I need some help. Is there any chance that I could change the portfolio category display? Example: I don’t want to show in alphabetic order. I’d like to show some categories together (male next to female…)

I look forward for any light…thanks.

Hey there!

If you install this plugin;

And then go to “portfolios” => “taxonomy order” you can then drag and drop your order, easy :)


Wowww!! Worked perfectly!! Thanks a lot!!

No problem :) don’t forget to rate the theme from the ‘downloads’ page of your themeforest account!

Cheers! :)

Hi Very nice theme!! would it be possible to implement eg. Contactform 7? Need it for booking purpose.

Thanks /Henrik

Hey there,

Thanks! :)

Contact Form 7 is supported, you can replace the default contact form in the theme with contact form 7 :)


How can I slow down the testimonial rotator on the home page? Some of my testimonials are fairly long and it’s scrolling too fast.

Hey there,

If you’re using the put to date version of Kyte, then the testimonials block in the page builder has a speed selector you can use to modify this :)


Would it be difficult to make the navigation bar slightly opaque the minute someone scrolls down from the landing position, or clicks on a page link?

You’d need to detect the scroll and the click with some javascript, but shouldn’t be too hard for anyone with some javascript / jQuery knowledge.

If you need any help with that, feel free to contact our customisation partners with this form;


Cheers dude, have contacted them.

Hi Tommus, I am trying to establish authorship with Google + and my website which uses your theme, it wants me to add the rel=”publisher” to a link on my site. I figure the best way to ensure it is site-wide is by adding it to the header of footer.

Since we have social links in the footer, is there any way we can add the rel=”publisher” to the Google+ one so that I don’t have to double up and have an additional separate link to the Google+ website please?

Hey there,

As mentioned above, excerpt length is controlled in number of words, if you read the amount of words in each of your excerpts, you’ll see that they’re all 20, but some words are longer than others. This is a core WordPress function, so nothing is ‘causing’ it, other than the fact that words are a variable length :)

If it may help, you could try setting a min-height for those posts like this;

.grid-blog .post { min-height: 450px; }

And adjust as you need :)


Ah that makes so much more sense now. For some reason Tommus, I read the “20 words” as “20 characters” – I should look a bit closer in future. I will make the change that you suggested and that will hopefully fix it.

Absolutely no problem :)

Hello again :)
I have a problems with contact form, so I don’t receive messages. Latest WP and theme onboard, ContactForm7 plugin is activated :( Am I miss something?

Hey there :)

OK, you installed contact form 7, have you disabled the build in contact form, and swapped it for your contact form 7 form? You do this by changing your contact section template from ‘contact’ to ‘parallax’ and then adding in the contact form short code for contact form 7.


Do you offer a list of files that have been updated with each update? I ask because I have made a hell of a lot of changes to Kyte, and without a child theme, I have to remember all the changes I’ve made and go back in and re-change them in the new update

Almost every PHP file was modified in the last update, though that was only really for a bit of a cleanup, not 100% required.

Important files from the last update;

  • NEW – 404.php
  • NEW – search.php
  • UPDATED – text-block.php in page builder
  • UPDATED – portfolio-block.php in page builder
  • UPDATED – archive-portfolio.php
  • UPDATED – taxonomy.php

I think that covers it :)

You are seriously awesome Tommus. Your level of after-sales support is outstanding compared to dozens of other theme authors i have purchased from. They dont even come close.

I’m just trying to work out how to get the blog and the portfolio to paginate. Your docs says go to the “Kyte Theme Options” but I cannot find that anywhere in the admin, and ‘Kyte Theme Options’ is only referenced once in the documentation – under the new portfolio pagination section.

I thought this might be in ‘Customise Kyte’, so wen’t in there and found the Posts Per Page for portfolio, entered 6 and clicked save, however more than 6 are showing. I’m having almost the same problem with blog posts, I do not see an option under blog for pagination.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the two options panels so you can see what I’m seeing.

Hey there,

“kite theme options” means appearance > customise, I should definitely make this more obvious, sorry.

Thanks for the screenshot, I’ll need a little more to work with to help you out here though.

Could you leave a ticket with your URL and admin login at our support site please; Cheers!

Thanks, just left a private support topic with login details.

For some reason when I click a menu item the page scrolls but it covers half of the page heading. Any idea how to fix this?

Click here for screen grab

I’m sure I’ve just messed something up. Please help.

Hey there,

Nothing wrong here, it’s just that your logo is a little large than my demo logo, I’ll be updating the theme to include a simple control for you to modify this.

Or: are you logged in whilst testing this, try logging out and testing (as your viewers will be seeing the site) as the admin bar at the top of WordPress when logged in knocks the scroll off a little :)


I was logged in. Works like a charm when I am not. Thanks. On a side note, I would like to put a retina version of my logo in there but I don’t see a spec size. What should it be for retina support?

Hey there,

Retina logo should simply be double the dimensions of your regular logo :)


Hi! Just purchased the theme and i am having some problems to get the same result as the live demo. I must admit i’m a newbie in wordpress.

1. I cannot get an image or a Rev Slider in the homepage to be fullwidth. I looked through the guide step by step and i noticed that when you configure the home page you choose as template “blank page”. I do not have that option, i have “default template, contact, parent, homepage, parallax, parallax with header…” but not “blank page”

2. There is a big gap from the menu bar on top containing the logo and the image. It doesn’t look niece at all. There is also a light grey separation bar there.

Hope you can help me to solve it, im stuck here!

Solved, thanks for this great support!

Hello there again,

In the testimonials of the demo version there is a cool image as background of the section. I’d love to include one image too but i couldn’t find an option to do it.

Can you help me out with it please?


Hey there,

Change your page template to ‘parallax’ and then use ‘the featured image’ input to set a background image.


Hi !

I have Problems When I actived theme kyte

the site appears in white

Hey there,

That’s odd, certainly not a problem with the theme unless the install went wrong.

Do you have any installed plugins? Disable them all now.

If it’s still not working, feel free to leave a WP Login at our support site and we’ll try to help further;


Hi! How can i edit font colors? I cant find the settings in the “customize kyte” function?

thx for answer! Want to edit the fontcolor in the menu (to #FFFFF) and font and backround color for the teambox.

Is it also possible to get blogpost in same height in each row. Some titles are longer than others, it means that the box height is different. (looks messy) Can I put a fixed number of lines in the pre / read more text?

Hey there,

Please post those questions and your URL at my support site so I can take a look at your blog heights, I’m sure I can help;