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How can I active the Parallax effect?

Yes, you need to make each ‘section’ as a child page of your homepage, so ‘Superior’ should be ‘Home’ and page template should be ‘Parallax’ so that it’s working in the one page version.

If you need further help please use our support ticket service;


It doesn’t work my menu links doesn’t follow the pages could you tell me what is the problem??


I can’t tell you without seeing your site, please submit a ticket and URL at my support site as mentioned;


I am using the toggles. But is uncollapsing the first one. How can I collapse them all (on page load)?

Hey there,

The theme does this by default, it’s in my development list to add a setting to control this though, so you will be able to do this in the next theme update :)


Will the contact form work in Azure?

Hey there,

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand, what is Azure in this context? :)


Is there any way to make a page title sections sticky? IT will be really helpful for pages with large texts etc. :grin:

Hey there,

That would take quite a considerable amount of javascript work to accomplish, I’ll note it down in my development notes, but not a definite on when this would be implemented I’m afraid!

Okay, I understand. But thank you anyways, it will be a cool option! :)

Hello, Before buying your theme, I would like to know if I can add 3 portfolios, with differents filtres inside?

Thank you and congratulation for this beautiful theme

Hey there,

Yes you can do this by using Parent / Child portfolio categories in the theme :)


It meens there will be one portfolio with categories and subcategories? Or is it possible to creat 3 reel portfolio?

Thank you very much

Hey there,

It’s possible to create 3 portfolio sections, each set to a parent category.

Each section will then show posts / filters for the parent category and child categories.


Hallo, I’ve purchased this template, it’s great! But I have two problems: 1. If you look my website: you see that menu links don’t follow the pages. If you are in “arredamento moderno”, in the menu is evidenciated “gallery”. Why??

2. why my galleries dont’t fit the page width? why it stay whit padding?

Sorry for my english and I hope you can help me!

thank you for your help! Is the update notified in some way?

You can subscribe for email notification from theme forest on the ‘downloads’ page of your account.


thank you!


Nice theme!!! In my case, I have a wide logo with lots of menu ithems. In other devices navigation it’s difficult because menu goes down. So how to change the width in which responsive menu button appears? I was checking in media queries in style.css and bootstrap.css but the menu appears open and it doesn’t show properly. Could you help me?

Thanks a lot!!

Thanks a lot!! It doesn’t work for me. I undestand that it’s an example and I must readapt css after reseting with this first media query… I’m trying to look for other ways (trying to put main menu below log and not floating or something like that, because if not navigation is a mess)

But thanks a lot !!!!

No problem :) I’ll do some research when I get a minute and see if I can put together something more useful.


Not only is this a great theme and very, very well built, as well as very elegant, but the author has been most helpful and extremely professional.

I cannot say enough about my experience. If you’re thinking of buying a parallax theme, make it this one—I bot a different them first and regretted it.

Awesome :) thanks so much!


I upload the new update of the theme but when I enter the administrable panel does not update anything, is left with the same version, Could you help me?

It would seem that the version number was not changed on the last update, not to worry, the updated files will still have been applied, and v1.1.5 will be along shortly :)


Hello again :)
Is it possible to place the logo @ center of the menu?

Hey there,

Not currently but were considering this for an update :)


The next update I hope? :) Thank you!

I’ll do my best :)

This is a fantastic theme and the author has been super, super helpful with all my questions. The documentation is also excellent. Well done!

hey trying to figure out which to get for my portfolio – Kyte or Marble I did a google to check it out when I came across this site with your Kyte theme are they legit? Just letting you know in case they are not ;D wish me luck with my purchase (which ever one I go for)

Hey there,

Just hiding that URL :)

That’s nothing to do with me, they’re certainly not legit, thanks for letting me know about those cowboys!

Both are great, Marble is a bit more fully featured though so if you think you’ll need a shop or similar in the future, go for Marble :)


great, get them suckers… went with Marble… wish me luck ;D

On the ipad my menu jumps when changing section.

I’ve seen your ticket, my support team will be responding asap.



Really liking your theme, thanks! Just one issue which I believe has been mentioned regarding the navigation.

If you click the nav it scrolls to the section perfectly but the active link appears as the section before the one you are on.

Any ideas when this could be resolved? I may end up taking a look myself :)

Hey there,

Looking into this, I’ve got Elemis (the html developers of Kyte) involved as well so hoping to find an answer really soon :)


Hi, thank you for this theme ! It’s very nice. I wanted to open portfolio showcase in his self page and not inside the one page (so an url without but directly but i can’t find the way to do that. If you can help me… I really thank you.

Hey there,

Go to “appearance” => “customise” => “portfolio settings” and use the “INDEX & ARCHIVES – Disable AJAX Single Posts?” control.

Cheers :)

That’s perfect, thank you for your quick answer !

Hallo, when will you fix the fact that menu don’t correspond yo the page shown? Thanks

Ok, I try to update my online site with child theme, and than, if I see the problem in the menu persist, I open a ticket. Must I follow standard instruction for the creation of child themes? Or are there some particular for Kyte?

Child theme creation in Kyte is the same as any other theme, here’s a decent guide:

Cheers :)

Thank you very much :)

Hi!! I’m trying to work out how to get the portfolio to paginate, i want to show 9 portfolio post per page.

How can i do this?


Oh, it looks like it got left out of the newest documentation. Sorry about that:

Portfolio Pagination Portfolio pagination has been a greatly requested feature of Kyte for a while now, due to some of Kyte’s unique functions, this is a rather difficult function to produce, but we’ve done it. There are limitations and usage instructions to be aware of.

In “Portfolio” in the Kyte Theme Options, there are now 3 new items, portfolio posts per page, “layout for portfolio Archives”, and “disable AJAX single posts”.

If you don’t want any portfolio pagination, set “portfolio posts per page” to a number greater than the amount of portfolio posts you have, the load more buttons will never be triggered. If you want to use AJAX post loading, the pagination will not be triggered, this is due to javascript complexities. If you disable AJAX post loading then you’ll be given access to portfolio pagination again, though your items will load on a separate page. The lightbox portfolio will trigger a load more button every time, as long as the portfolio number is greater than the portfolio posts per page numnber. However, the lightbox portfolio load more button will not work if your portfolio archive display type is set to “showcase” and you have AJAX post loading enabled.


Hi! great, i will try to do that. I have one more question, i want to show the description but in the lightbox portfolio, it is possible?

I’m afraid it’s not, in the lightbox the post title is shown, but no more.

I’ll investigate the ability to extend that for a future update.


Hey Tom,

How hard would it be to loose the sidebar on blog posts please? So I have full-width posts?

Ah awesome. So is the update live on Themeforest now, if I redownload the theme?

Brilliant. I just added the file and it fixed my problem, cheers.

Hi, I coming back to you about the anchor bug when we jump from one page to another. Any news ? Thanks.

No development news yet, we’re still looking into this. The last update was fixing other bugs, we’ll be investigating deep into this for the next update.


Thanks for the quick answer. We expect the resolution of this bug as soon as possible because our client site is live and the users encounter navigation problems. Once again the perfection is one bug away. May the javascript be with you!

Hi, if you look at the site, I’d like all of the top links to be the green color on hover, however half of them are still the default blue. I’ve changed the css, and put inputted the custom css so that all the link hovers are green and not blue, what am I doing wrong?

Hey there,

If you’re using Custom CSS to do this, you’ll want something like this:

#header.navbar .nav > .active > a,
#header.navbar .nav > .active > a:hover,
#header.navbar .nav > .active > a:focus,
#header.navbar .nav > li > a:hover,
#header.navbar .nav > .dropdown-toggle,
#header.navbar .nav > .dropdown-toggle,
#header.navbar .nav > .dropdown-toggle {
    color: #555555 !important;