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Hi there! Can you explain me what do I need to do with the template builder so I can have a moving showcase portfolio like on your website? And how do u do the hover effect as well when you hover on some of the images from the showcase portfolio, cheers.

Hey there,

We run all support through our ticket system here;

Please be sure to validate your themeforest purchase with our ticket system, else we are unable to provide support.


I need a customization for my website theme.

In the dashboard, inside the Portfolio galleries administration panel there is a field “CLIENT”.

Is possible delete the field “CLIENT” and add three new fields? (in front end and in back end) One field CERIMONIA, one field RICEVIMENTO, and one field WEDDING PLANNER?


Hey there,

If you need customisations please use the contact form here:


Hi there again,

Loving the theme mate – such a great job!

A few more questions – how do i get rid of the gap at the top of some of my pages? not sure what i’m doing wrong? see here >

also – is possible to have a btn in the revolution slider that can link to an anchor on the homepage ie – “see more” that will use the animated scrolling you have on the rest of the site?

thanks again :)

Hey there,

1. Change your page to the “parent” page template rather than “home”.

2. Yeah, here you go:

<div class="scroll"><a href="#showcase" class="btn btn-large">See Portfolio</a></div>

Where #showcase is the slug of your section, so a child page called ‘About Us’ would be #about-us


btn code worked a treat! thanks!

the parent page thing…they’re already set to parent rather home…?

Ahh ok, so this is because the page is expecting some content in the main content area. Drop me a ticket on my support site and I’ll give you an updated page template to remove this for you :)


Hello ! The theme bugs on iPhone 5 and iPad Air on vertical view… How can I fix this bug ?

Please leave a ticket at our support site with your URL and details of the “bug”, we need to know what you’re experiencing to be able to help.


Hi! amazing work, thanks a lot! :) I have just one question: I’ve added my first work in Portfolio Item, with featured image, description, client, date and other content but when I click on the thumbnail don’t work. Can you help me? Thanks.

Please change your permalinks to “post-name” in “settings” => “permalinks”, this is outlined in the documentation :)


(Also the .php in your URL may not be helping)

Great man! :) the last one: How can I create the gallery in the single project like this?

Take a read of the “using post formats” section of your documentation, specifically the instructions for using the gallery post format.


Hey Tom,

I’ve noticed a problem with the category archives – not sure whether its down to the theme or our mods. The description doesn’t appear on categories, but it does on the blog page.

See the two examples at the following URLs:

Blog Page (normal): Category (missing desc):

Cheers mate. Hope you’re well. :-)

Ah, the same is happening on Firefox and Safari on a Mac, but it works on Chrome.

Disregard this email – it looks like the caching plugin was preventing it from working. Damn plugins!!!

We’ve been working to integrate the gallery into our site following the instructions in the documentation file, however when we add the gallery to the page and upload them; all we see are blank boxes, clicking them will load the lightbox and show the image but they’re not visible on the main page. Any suggestions?

For reference:

Hey there,

Your images are 900×600px this does not match or exceed the 1000px requirement for landscape images that is written on the gallery block and in the message above.


Hi, sorry for the delay but we got the galleries working correctly, however now the site won’t load on an iPhone or an iPad, it loads fine on an Android or proper computer however. Could it be a possible image size issue? I’ve disabled and re-enabled the theme and checked the installed plugins and still the same issue.

Hey there,

Now the images are loading you have an extremely large page size, something along the lines of 36mb +

You may want to use the galleries on that page as “teasers” showing a few great images each, you could then have a link to a few other pages with larger, separate galleries so that you don’t get this issue.

This will also improve your site load time.


Hi! I’d like to move the social icons from the footer to the top of portfolio page. In this site the page i mean is “Works”.

Can you give me a hand?

Hey there,

The social icons PHP is included in footer.php in the theme files, you can copy and paste this anywhere in your theme files that you need.

If you need any specific help in doing this, you can contact my customisation partners here:


A really great theme and top notch support! Can’t find where to rate this but it’s a 5 from me…

Lara Kroeker

:) Thanks! Rate using the stars next to Kyte on the “downloads” page of your account.


Hi there! I am trying to make my site multi-lingual. I have read your instructions on .po/.mo modification but I need to populate the whole site with a second language, not just the basic items contained in the default .po. I have reached out to customization firm Elto (linked from your site I believe) for help implementing this functionality but heard back from them today that its not possible. Is this true? Can you recommend a provider that would be capable of adding this type of functionality to my site. I really love the template and don’t want to change it on account of this. Please help!

Hey there,

You don’t need theme modification for this, you can just use a multilingual plugin:

However, Kyte is not rated for multilingual plugins, but I’ve seen people use qTranslate with it, you might just need to do a few tweaks here and there to have it perfect.

Cheers :)

OK. I have installed that plugin and seems to be working in a pretty straight forward manner. Taking a little extra effort on my part, but working like a charm. Thanks so much for the help, great template!

Hi kindly check my setup the gallery images are not showing

also, where to put the google analytics code

From where I can change those images

I already added the Analytic script to the header file

Image changes would be in the page builder.


Alright got it… I didn’t saw that before :) cheers

This is undeniably the best theme I have worked with…

Requests for the next update would be to add newsletter options AND ability to have address and social icons in the header (I have sent an email for this customization).

Noted, cheers :)

Hi, two questions:

1. in the lightbox state the next/previous work is presented as random, is there anyway to make it in the order of the category (logo for example) ?

2. is there anyway to add a link there (for example if the category is webdesign i want link to the url)?


Hey there,

1. It’s in the order that your posts are ordered in the portfolio.

2. No, sorry.



Just wanted to let anyone who is thinking of buying this that it is very well supported. All my enquiries were answered quickly and with solid solutions.

The theme took a little getting used to but once you’ve cracked it, its great!

Thanks! :) Glad you love the theme!

Hi! Congratulations on the theme, it’s beautiful. I was wondering if it would be possible to work with more than 3 columns. We have a lot of people we wanted to add in Team but it would be nice to have smaller pictures and columns, so we could fit 4 per row. Thanks!

Hey there,

Yep, the team section can be set to 4 columns :)


Hi, i only have a little question. How can i remove the caption (image title) when i have a image open in lightbox (portfolio) ? Thank you for this great theme !

You’d need to edit /loop/loop-portfoliolightbox.php and delete this on line 6:

title="<?php the_title(); ?>"


Thank you. unfortunately, i don’t think that is the good answer for me. I need to modify the something when the lightbox portfolio is open. I saw on firebug that is the file where i can find the “caption” term. I don’t know if it’s help you to locate the file. I apologize for my insistence. I really thank you…

The above snippet is what controls the title when the lightbox is open (lightbox caption).

Hi. How do i remove the menu header completely (as in demo) for Kyte?

NAILED IT. Thank you so much.

No problem at all :)

Be sure to rate the theme from the downloads section of your themeforest account (if you havn’t already) if you’re happy with the theme, and with my support :)


Of course I will. Thank you!

Is there a way to make the background image in the custom home page restrictive for mobile?

Hey there,

The background images (parallax) might need a little tweak for mobile. I’ll be updating the theme very soon so I’ll run some testing on background images on mobile.


How do you create an icon box? I copied the script from the tutorial and the icons do not show up. Sorry for all the questions at once.

Hey there,

The icon column boxes are made using the “service columns” box (full width) and then using the “add new” button within to add the extra columns.