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Nice work bro! Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you!

wordpress version available?

Very nice work! :)

Thanks Louiejie!

Awesome work ! User_Account_page example will be really great !


Hoping to release it with the next update!

Great ! Thanx ! Good luck with sales !

This layout is phenomenal, great job!

Thank you :)

Thanks for released it in HTML version to enable a broader application. As I’ve bought it, could you please add another color option likes to give a luxury appearance as you promised? :)

Furthermore, may I know how to add colour by myself in source code? so maybe I could add it by myself. Thanks.

Hello, please drop us a ticket and we’ll assist you with this!

Don’t forget to provide the colour you are after – I’m guessing it is #9f824a or #58583b?

Nise theme but song the vertical iPad the menu has problemas with the z índex

We shall check this out!

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Thank you!


I just purchased the theme. Very nice theme. But I have one doubt : In Category page where all the product images are displayed, all of them have 5-6 diff sizes are they are random in sequence. They are arranged using jQuery isotope plugin.

How I can achieve this using my dynamic product list and how about the image sizes ?

This is the core feature and great feature of theme and I dont want to compromise on this.

Please guide me.

Thank You


The width of the photos is irrelevant as they will be resized to fit the grid. As for the height, you can insert any size – there is no presets.

To achieve this using your dynamic product list, you just need to output your products into the list: class=”product-list isotope”

Hope this helps?

If you need any further assistance, please submit a support ticket.

Yes this helps :) I shall do this. Thank You.

could you add mega menu , i will purchase it :)

Good idea ;)

i will wait for next update :)

MegaMenu has just been added!

I bought it a week ago and I would like to say the support team is amazing.

Glad I bought it !!

Thanks Alex!

waiting for nice mega menu version with a good responsive menu like this one

Update is done ?

Still awaiting for ThemeForest processing… if you are desperate, drop us a ticket and we can give you the final version as temporary measure!

We replied to your ticket ;)

Hi, Your site structure is one of the best I have used. Everything works perfectly! You obviously have a real attention to detail.

Onto the isotope pages.

Is there a way to prevent the page from re-loading once all of the images have loaded.

I was looking on the isotope website and seen something about

var $container = $(’#container’);

$container.imagesLoaded( function(){ $container.isotope({ // options… }); });

Where should I include this?

Hello, could you please submit a ticket for support – thanks!

Great theme, I have implemented an ajax search function to populate the quick search results that show when typing in the search box however the search results only stay on screen for a second or so… how can make the results stay showing whilst focus remains on the search box?

Hello Venturoboy,

Thank you for using La Boutique!

Could you please submit a support ticket with a link to your site so we can better assist you.

Hi, will you create it for Magento?


Hi Peter, we have no plans to apply this template to Magento.

Really beautiful design. thanks for making my life easier!

Thank you!

how do i use this theme in muse?

Hello, La Boutique is not a Muse template and I won’t be able to advise you how to use it in Muse as I have no experience with it – sorry!

Hello Great theme!! congratulations. I have a question: Do you have a fix for IE8? I really like the theme but when I try it on my IE8 it doesn’t look good, some parts are disordered. (or you can help me to fix this issue after the purchase).


Hi Danicito, we have no fix for Zurb Foundation to perform nicely in IE8… we are trying to find a workaround but still no joy!

Hello, the twitter bar doesnt work ? How can we do ? Regards

Hi, this is a static HTML template and Twitter feed is simply for demo purpose.

You’ll need to integrate as required based on the platform you are using for development.

What can I do if I purchased this but wanted to switch over to wordpress version?

Hello, sorry we do not have a WordPress theme of this HTML template.

We do however have a LemonStand theme.