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Hi, is the template tested in Outlook?


hi mark!, it works fine in outlook 2007-2010, the only issue is that outlook changes the color of the titles to the color of the paragraph.

I´m working in that.

ok the problem is solved, now it works 100% in outlook :)

Regarding the news version of the template, is there a plain ribbon? I don’t see one in the template and I definitely don’t want to offer “50% off today”! It looks like the entire envelope is one image- I need to customize the ribbon.

thanks for purchase! and sorry for the late response, the ribbon and the other objects are inside the “free” folder, is a psd called “orange_elements.psd” depending on color. there all the elements are in smart objects, all are fully editable, (texts, layers, layer effects) the only one not included was the envelope because i use it only as an example of the preview image, however I will include it in a new version.

In the psd i didn’t include all the images in layers because they were examples.

If that envelope image for the ‘news’ version can be customized and is located somewhere other than the ‘blue’ folder, I didn’t see it. i created a new gradient layer and text layer to go on top of the 50%. Please add this option for users.

the images are not editable because they are examples, but as I said the items are included in the “free” folder.

To tell you the truth I didn’t think that anyone would use the same image that is why it is not editable but in the next update I’ll put it editable.

Thanks again for purchasing

What in the world is this? I am overly disappointed! 16$ is a lot for this template and when I go to edit the PSDs I find that all the images have been merged. This template is useless unless a person can actually edit the ribbons, picture, modules…etc. In your description you say:

16 full layered PSD files.

How are we to know what that is?

Then in your documentation you say you can buy the badges from me on Graphic Driver. I want to hear from you first before I rate this.

In my mind I thought I was getting all the badges and ribbons etc. Of course I need to edit this I wasn’t just buying a template that can’t be edited.

How are you going to make this right?

hi!, thanks for purchase, the images are flattened because they are examples, however the items I use are in the “free” folder, there’s a psd file with all elements in smart objects with all layers, layer efects, texts and everything else I use to create them.

In the documentation not say that I sell in graphicrives the badgets because they are already included, it says is that the 4 icons I used (which are also included) are a part of a collection of 70 icons that i sell on GraphicRiver.

Hi, I’m considering the purchase… How do I use this in Apple Mail? Do I upload the HTML files on the server, open in Safari and then Command+I to e-mail the contents of the page? Thanks.


hi, yes you can copy/paste from safari to apple email, but first you have to edit the html to customize the template


I’ve purchased this template to discover the header image is not editable! Is this correct? That is to say, the header is provided in a gif image format that has no layers… If this is the case, what good is an email template that cannot change the title? If this is not the case, please provide details on where the layered pdf files reside for /images/header.gif.


hi, of course is editable.

In all the colors, in all the layouts comes their respective layered psd’s file. for example the header of the blue version comes in:

blue/all modules/all_blue.psd




for the others colors just change the “blue”.

Very Nice Work !;