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Congratulations, you have some great work! Wish you more many sales :)

Thank you very much!

Hi, can customize the colors? especially the red. You can embed photo galleries?

Thank you.

Hello, colours are changeable via css. You can create galleries (like shown on demo) by using gallery post format. Thank you!

OMG, I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed I am in my website. I wish I had found your themes. My art got selected to be shown in a Gallery in April. I have been thru 4 themes. Off to look at more and wishing I had seen of yours.

Thank you Teddy, for your kind words! It is never late to switch the theme:)))

And my kind congratulations with being selected to be shown in museum, your art double deserves it.

Thanks so much I would change in a second—-if I thought I could have it up and running by April 1st. I assure you I will be changing themes and going with one of yours. I love how artist they all seem to be.

The site looks great but, since there is no regular sidebar, I’m worried a lot of the plugins I want to use won’t work. I need to change it into a book review site, so I need to add a lot of features…

Hello, thank you! Two regular sidebars which allow insert as many widgets as needed are located on single pages and one regular sidebar (in sliding panel and it has place for maximum 1-2 widgets) is located on index.php (blogroll) + separate sidebar for placing search widget.

is this still supported the demo is no longer online

Demo is online, if you do not see it, maybe something wrong temporarily with TF or your browser, anyway try directly: http://demo.virtuti.info/demonstrations/wordpress/

also is it responsive

Yes, responsive–view description and screenshots. Also you may enter it directly from mobile.

I have an error installing your plugins

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/magared/new/wp-content/plugins/about/about.php:2) in /home/magared/new/wp-includes/option.php on line 568

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/magared/new/wp-content/plugins/about/about.php:2) in /home/magared/new/wp-includes/option.php on line 569

Hello, should not be. Do you have other (not mine) widgets installed/activated? If yes, first, try to deactivate them and see what is going on.

If you have no other plugins and wish me to view what is going on from the backend, I may check your WP (you will need to grant me an access (username, password and setting role to admin temporarily–later you may change the password).

Anyway, I am going to make big update to theme code in the nearest time, cause since WP version 3.5 9stated in theme description) I did not test it on later versions. It will take me several days. You will be able to redownload updated version as soon as you’ll get ThemeForest notification. Thanks!

Hello, I recently purchased your theme and when I try and activate the Blockquote, Contact, Embed Video plugins that come with the theme, its causes an error—blank screen shows up. I tried deactivating all other plugins. I have the latest wordpress update. The site is: http://c3install.lauramtate.com/

Hello, thank you! Yes, this is a problem–latest WP version. Widgets written for version before 4.3 do not work properly due to changes in php. As seen in item description, this very theme currently supports WP version 3.5. However, I am updating all my themes one by one, this one in line as well. Please be patient, wait until you get Envato notification about update. Thanks again.

Is the new update to replace the child or the parent them?

Hello, thank you! It is major update, please take a look here for details: (scroll down to Important Note!): http://demo.virtuti.info/demonstrations/vt31/index.php/about-theme/

I also added child theme (if I remember correctly I did not include it into first release), now it is available.

Please decide whether you need this update or you prefer to keep the theme as it was. Thank you!

I adore this theme!

Oh, and I had to deactivate the audio widget as it caused me to get locked out of my admin access page – just a white screen – had to get the hosting company to disable the plugin from their end.

Hello, thank you! Do you mind to explain again and ask your question? At this point I am afraid I understand nothing.

Hi Virtuti,

I have a question regarding the La Sorciere theme front page.

I’m using your theme on a site without posts, only pages. On all pages other than front page all is perfect; only displaying content and header.

How does one achieve this effect on the front page; without the image/button on the right, dated post entry and the ‘read more’ link?

Many thanks, Giles

Hello, Giles, thank you! You may simply set any static page, like, say, sample page: http://demo.virtuti.info/demonstrations/vt31/index.php/sample-page/ as front page. To do this go to Settings->Reading and set any page (say create page “start” or “home” or whatever you want as static page and another page, say “blog” that displays blog posts (Latest Posts). Tick “static page”, save. If you have no blog, simply do not add “blog” to your menu.

Thank you,

The sample page link you sent is exactly how I wish my front page to look.

I’ve followed your instructions however can’t get it to work. The button with the devil image always shows up.

If I set it as a static page it displays the date the page was created with a ‘read more’ link back to the front page.

If set to display latest posts the same as above but without content.

What am I getting wrong?

Ah, you are right, I forgot for a moment that it is front.page.php (not page-home.php). It works differently than regular page template. Simply delete front-page.php from your server and set up static page instead latest posts.