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Hello Support,

The full responsibility on a Iphone 6 is not working can you please check it ?

Hello bastianbarajanan,

Thank you for purchasing LA-BAND Theme,

Unfortunately this isn’t responsive ready due to it’s full width structure. Thanks for understanding.

Cheers, Holobest Team

Hello !! I have purchased this theme but i’m not able to add media in the event section. Furthermore it seems that laband/admin/css/post-formats.css is missing.

Hello BartDeLange,

at this point LA-BAND theme is waiting approval for the new update. Please send an email to johnny.holobest@gmail.com and we’ll send you the last version.


nice theme the fact it’s not responsive makes it worthless. shame as it looked good :-(

Unfortunately, the theme works only on large devices and Desktops, indeed.

Pre-purchase question… I see comments saying the theme isn’t responsive but the demo you have linked here shows a theme that is indeed responsive. What did you mean when you commented “Unfortunately, the theme works only on large devices and Desktops, indeed.”?

Thanks in advance!

Hello kingpo,

I wanted to say that the theme doesn’t work on phones. Only on desktops and tablets.

If you have more questions, let me know.


I just looked at it on my phone and the site displays with a responsive behavior. What do you mean by “it doesn’t work on phones?”. Only the music portion of it? Thanks again!

Yes kingpo, the website is not consistently responsive, thus falling under the ‘unresponsive’ category.

Have a nice day.


kybit Purchased

Hi. I can’t add media and can’t add the slider. ¿Can you help me?


kybit Purchased




kybit Purchased

I’m waiting for the template.

Hello Luis,

Sorry for the delay. I sent you the latest version of the theme.


Hi, please help. How to change page title: h2 – > h1 ??

Hello jacekskorpion,

that depends on the template. Could you let me know what page are you talking about? Please right in the comment the URL of your page.


I’ve been waiting for almost A MONTH for support to help me activate the slider on the homepage – I cannot figure this out.

Can someone please help me??

Thanks in advance!!

I see “broderpixel” below has the same issue as me!

Don’t waste your time waiting for support. Holobest responded to my support ticket right away, I gave him admin access to my website, he said he would fix & I never heard from him – this was a MONTH ago! I had to hire someone to fix it for me…

Hello, I have a problem with the LA-BAND template, I can not activate the slider, it does not show me the options that are in the manual.

I need your help please

Heads up that, after the latest WP update, the custom image for the album cover doesn’t save inside Audio posts.


labtres Purchased

We’ve recently purchased this template but the player doesn’t work either with mp3 files or souncloud links. We’ve also seen that the player plugin has not been updated since 2013. Can you please help us fixing this? are we doing something wrong? Thx

We are extremely disappointed in the customer support provided by this theme author. We have attempted to get in contact with the theme’s author on over 4 different occasions in the last 6 weeks and have not heard anything back.

We have been attempting to build a website using this theme; however, we are continually running into flaws in the code. Examples include the built-in homepage slider not working, images not populating in the background of interior pages, the audio player does not work in select browsers, and the theme breaks when creating a child theme.

I’ve problem with slideshow too