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Hi, On contact page v.2. How can I add the opening hours of store under where we are. I have tried using the editor, but it just puts the information under contact us.

hi, you cant add it there because its actually a template. if you want to add it from the backend you can edit the template-contactver2.php

Hi Dahz! Thanks for the reply on the thumbs question. The lightbox did the trick. However, updating thumb size did not alter the layout of the thumbs. They are are still vertical and I would like them to be horizontal. It looks like their layout is driven via

  • for each thumb. How do you suggest updating the product page layout so thumbs are horizontal?

    Also, the breadcrumb isn’t picking up the parent product. If I select shop/tshirts, the breadcrumb is just displaying home/products/tshirts. Any suggestion on how I can have the product category/name display in the breadcrumb?

    Thanks! Andrew

Funny, so the bullet is the HTML for list code.

sorry, what is your site again? about breadcrumb I dont think you can add category there in Labomba


Love the theme but am a little restricted to using WPML – does the theme support it fully?


Yes you can use WPML with Labomba.

One more question. How can have the SKU display for a variable product in the cart? Right now it only appears on the PayPal login/checkout page.

Thanks! Andrew

unfortunately there’s no option for this. you need to add it manually from woocommerce cart files


you done a awsome job on this theme. I have a 2 pre-purchase question:

1) Where can I finde the Documentation for your nice Theme ?

2) Would this Plugin work with your Theme ( I need it because of the law in germany) ? :




1. after you extracted the download package, navigate to assets folder -> theme documentation -> index.html

2. frankly I don’t know, as we don’t have any experience with this plugin.

also this is the older version of the documentation http://labomba.dahztheme.com/documentation/

How to setting the Blog template to be 8 or 12 post per page? Thank

you can go to setting -> reading and change the number of number of post shown there to 8 or 12

Hi just wondering, can we use a different slider plugin other than revolution slider with this theme or will it just break the theme?

hi, yes you need to alter some options to make other plugin to work in labomba, because we design it with only rev slider in mind

I’m looking to buy this theme but I just had a few questions 1. is it possible to put a call to action button upon the sticky menu

2. is rev slider the only slider that works with the theme?

Hi, for your questions 1. no its not possible, 2. yes.

Hi! I’m not using any e-commerce options so I want the top menu space narrower and without the grey line. How can I do that? Thanks a lot! Ruth

you can add this to your custom css

#nav-container {
border-bottom: none;

Hi Dahz, We have implemented the Lamboba theme in one of our websites. We see the following issue 1) After logging into the ‘My Account’ link, the page redirects to Lamboba website when I click on any one of the options a) PasswordsLost b) AddressEdit c) AddressView d)OrderView e) OrderEdit f)AccountEdit

Please let me know how this can be fixed

go to appearance -> menu , find your my account menu, and change the links there

Thank you, we found it and we will fix it and let you know in case we see any further issues

Hi Dazh The theme doesn’t come out well on a mobile device (especially the home page). IPad looks fine. We see that there are separate jpeg files for the mobile however the rendering has some issues. Please let us know if we are doing something wrong. Browser used in Google Chrome on a mobile device

Hi Raj, in edit row functions we have this visibility options that allow you to choose what to display in desktop, tablet and mobile. you can adjust them accordingly to make it good across the devices

We don’t see the visibility options in the Edit Row. I have the screen shots but not sure where to upload. Kindly advise so that we can resolve this

you need to turn on row style first.. you can post the image in our support forum www.dahztheme.com/forums

Hey there,

Is it possible to have multiple testimonials that slide, right now I can only see the ability to add one at a time?

unfortunately no, we dont have slide testimonial in labomba.


I am trying to remove the description tab from the product page by adding the following code to the functions.php. This code works for other tabs just not the description tab. Otherwise do you know how I can rename it?

add_filter( ‘woocommerce_product_tabs’, ‘woo_remove_product_tabs’, 98 );

function woo_remove_product_tabs( $tabs ) {

unset( $tabs[‘description’] ); // Remove the description tab

return $tabs;


Presale question, please…can the woocommerce integration be turned off and just used as a regular site? Or at minimal degraded to a catalog only? Client does not want to sell on line but the lookbook would work great for her collection, as long as it doesn’t have to say “Add to Cart” ... I know woocommerce degrades somewhat, but not sure how that would work with this theme. Thanks in advance for your reply.

you need woocommerce to use the lookbook function, but yes we have catalog mode only (without add to cart button)


Please check my blog. I’ve 42 post but when I click on “read more” It only shows the first 7 post repeatedly


please send me your admin panel via dahzinfo[at]gmail.com

Hi somehow, the slider_trans.zip / slider_trans6.zip and slider2.zip is not getting extracted. When extracting, they are making another zip file with an extension .CPGZ . Kindly help!


hi, you don’t need to extract it, you can import it directly in revolution slider tab. if you cant import it try to re-download the zip files from here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxvrosxIUzETaFQ2SXBmVEJaM0E&usp=sharing

Hi dahz, How can i change the auto mail display which goes to customers when they place an order?

its in woocommerce -> settings -> email


Is there a way to rename the description tab on a product page?


Hi, you can rename it from wc-custom-tab.php

Hi there, Love the Theme, just one problem. Images on firefox are not resizing themselves like the do on chrome or safari. It appears to only happen on Single Posts pages. Any ideas as to whats going on? Cheers

hi, can you please send me some screenshots about this to dahzinfo[at]gmail.com because i dont find this issue. please also send me your site url. thanks

OK cool thanks, Done!

Hi, just wondering how to make home page of latest blog posts full width like the link below:


Thanks, Olivia

hi, I’m not sure which one because the link redirects to the home page. but for this one http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/labomba/blog-large/ you can create the page first using blog full width template as your page attribute. then go to setting -> reading and choose that page as your static front page.

Thanks for that! I did that and now it’s coming up with this message….

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /clientdata/apache-www/l/u/luluyacoub.com/www/wp-content/themes/labomba/content-postFull.php on line 74

please send me your admin panel to dahzinfo[at]gmail.com i’ll look into it