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Hi Dahz.

In the single pages or posts the sidebar is only 225px wide. Where can I find the code to make that 300 px?

Thanks, Michel

hi, unfortunately there’s no option to change the single post setting. you need to edit it from layout.css. for page you can use widgetized sidebar element instead

Hi ,

we want to create the page similar like http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/labomba/product-category/women/. How could it possible to put product count on each category under women parent category.

Hi, sorry for the delay. goo.gl/E7a7oZ this is our link. Here we have Back packs category .Under this we have campus and corporate back packs. Initially we have uploaded the corporate back packs. Here we need to show the two subcategories images each one if we click back packs like in http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/labomba/product-category/women/.Please help to fix it.

hi please assign a product to ‘campus’ subcategories first.

Hi, I don’t want the file name of the featured image to display in the lightbox, how can I archive that? Thanks!

do you mean featured image in shop?

yes, the featured image for products in woocommerce. I don’t want the file name to display in the lightbox, you can refer to the below image for what I am saying, thanks!


sorry i cant find this in the demo, can i see your site first?


Great theme! How do I add a box so people can choose the size they want? I figured out it should be done with attributes, but I just can’t get it to work.

Btw: my client bought the theme with his account, that’s why I don’t have the ‘purcashed’ icon.

you need to create variable products for that, please follow this link to see a great doc from the woocommerce team about this http://docs.woothemes.com/document/product-variations/

For me, one of the best themes ever. If possible embed videos in the background of the home would be incredible!

thanks for your suggestion, I’ll bring this up in the next team meeting :)

Hi, I have a problem with displaying product images on single product page, there are no images. What is the latest compatibility version of the theme (woocommerce 2.1.12?, wordpress 3.9.1?). How could I fix the thumbails displaying?

Txs for answer, Tanja

I’m under construction…I will send access data to your email…

is it dahzinfo@gmail.com????...I sent on this e-address

sorry can you resend the email to dahzinfo@gmail.com? I’m not sure which email do you use ..

Hi dahz, Can i change the letters on my product page capital to small ?

please add this to your custom css

.woocommerce h1.product_title {
text-transform: lowercase!important;

Thanks Dahz that worked but not the way i wanted. I ment this products page too; https://www.movomstore.com/urun-kategori/elbise/ The firsrt products name is: BLACK MAMBA | KARIN DEKOLTEL? ELB?SE i would like to write it like: Black Mamba | Kar?n Dekolteli Elbise – With both capitals and lower case letters. Thanks Again :)

try this

ul.products li.product h3 {
text-transform: capitalize !important;

On a category page of mens, womens etc, I can use the filter by size and colour etc, but if i click on a shirts subcategory or trousers etc, I want another filter to appear specific to that product like, shirts > long sleeve or short sleeve, Trousers, short, regular or long etc.

How is this done?


you can create new category (long sleeve) and then choose shirts as parent category.


My cart isn’t showing in the top-menu, intact the whole top-menu isn’t working. Even though I have assigned it.

Could you help me out?

1. please go to theme option -> header -> show top bar
2. go to theme option -> woocommerce -> enable header cart link

I just purchased Labomba theme and there is a huge gap between the header and the body. How can I get rid of it? Please help me :)

hi can i see your site first?

sure here’s the link www.5standardluxuryclothing.com

please try adding this to custom css

#navigation {
margin-bottom: 0!important;

Hello! Please help…I am trying to disable the hidden arrows on the product slider and have them visible at all times – how can I fix this? Been searching for hours.


… I don’t want to have to hover over the slider for the arrows to appear. Any help would be so appreciated.

hi, unfortunately we dont have the option to turn the arrow on/off

Hi Dahz,

I am trying to add the text in the header (free shipping etc) this didn’t come in with the dummy text. I can see where to add it but I can’t get the spacing correct.


Many thanks, Clare

Hi Clare, here’s the code

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_column_text][googlefont font="Open Sans" float="none" line_height="1" size="14px" margin="10px 0 0px 0" color="#666" align="center"]HOTLINE +88 123 456[/googlefont][googlefont font="Playfair Display" float="none" line_height="1" size="13px" margin="5px 0 14px 0" color="#999" align="center"]<em>Toll-free in the entire state</em>[/googlefont][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_column_text][googlefont font="Open Sans" float="none" line_height="1" size="14px" margin="10px 0 0px 0" color="#666" align="center"]FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE[/googlefont][googlefont font="Playfair Display" float="none" line_height="1" size="13px" margin="5px 0 14px 0" color="#999" align="center"]<em>Free Shipping for New Signups</em>[/googlefont][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/3"][vc_column_text][googlefont font="Open Sans" float="none" line_height="1" size="14px" margin="10px 0 0px 0" color="#666" align="center"]NEW LOOKBOOK[/googlefont][googlefont font="Playfair Display" float="none" line_height="1" size="13px" margin="5px 0 14px 0" color="#999" align="center"]<em>Shop the Lookbook</em>[/googlefont][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][border color="#f4f4f4" style="solid" size="1px" margin="0"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Many thanks.

Hi , could you send me the new stylesheet for Labomba please because it is stuck on version 1.3 and won’t update to 1.8 :(

hi you can download it from here http://themeforest.net/downloads please make sure all files are overwritten when you update the theme


url: http://youngday.com/zasso/

I have some questions?

1. I have imported all the pages, but many pictures are not displayed? 2. http://youngday.com/zasso/?page_id=7623 all products of shop page can not be displayed? 3. Support wordpress3.9.1 ?


My wp account has been sent to your email dahzinfo@gmail.com, please help me check, thank you


hi ,

we need to create another two fields in labomba contact form version1. how to achieve this?

you need to add it manually in template-contact.php

Hi, this template is awesome! I am a photographer and I sell both printed fine art photos and download products. Could this very nice piece work that is your template be used to sell downloadable products? Thanks in advance,


hi Leo,

yes you can sell downloadable products with woocommerce, please read this for some instructions http://docs.woothemes.com/document/digitaldownloadable-product-handling/


Visited this link we need the review toggle and description toggle always should be opened without any other click action. How can we achieve this?

do you mean in product page? unfortunately we dont have the options to change it, its a predefined style.

We need to show the categories like on initial page. i.s.,


Backpack ,Slings, Travel gear like men ,women, 50% off sale showed in demo site refer the demo link here.


first of all you need to create each categories. after that assign products to those categories and then go to woocommerce -> setting -> product and choose ‘show subcategories’ for Shop Page Display & Default Category Display options

thank you we got.

Hi Dahz, On my product page small pictures doesn’t seem to load. You can see it here; https://www.movomstore.com/magaza/dar-elbiseler/casablanca/ What do you think might be he problem?

seems like the 1.5 version doesn’t support woocommerce 2.1.12. please update your theme to 1.8 to fix it.

Hi again, We have updated the theme to 1.8 but the problem still exists https://www.movomstore.com/magaza/dar-elbiseler/black-mamba/ plus after the updete on the main page, everything under the slider went a bit left so they are not aligned with the slider as you can see https://www.movomstore.com/ How can i fix it?


hi please check your email :)