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Hi, we are having trouble with the woothumbs plugin. Our product images don´t load when we use a foreign IP (we live in Spain). We have tried to uninstall the woothumbs plugin, reload the images and then the images load correctly, but when we reactivate the plugin again doesn’t work. Here in Spain the plugin works fine and we see the images and the zoom. One example product page is: http://siibiza.com/en/tienda/avarcas-en/baby-avarca/ Any ideas what we could do? thank you very much

hi, does the woothumbs plugin is activated right now? i use foreign IP too but i dont see any problem with it.

Can you see the big image of product? We have tried in a proxy with http://anonymouse.org and with friends in other countries and we can’t see it.

not with anonymouse. but it works in normal browser, not sure why though this is the first time i experience this http://s18.postimg.org/87utwryx5/avarca.png


I am having problems creating the section underneath the primary menu after picking header version 1 as my header. I want to be able to see then amend the sections you have which are;

HOTLINE +88 123 456 Toll-free in the entire state

FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Free Shipping for New Signups

NEW LOOKBOOK Shop the Lookbook

I though it was done by creating a row then separating into 3 sections and add a text box and put the copy in but the section is very distant from main menu where on your demo its closer. Please help

Your a legend mate :)

Actually mate i just emailed as you fixed the menu but created another problem . Nothing major but you’ll see in the email and images i sent to compare your demo to my site page. Thanks mate.

Hi Dahz, i received your email with new header-v1.php and replaced it in folder and it took the original issue back to the beginning. The section has become distant from main menu again and doesn’t look like your demo. I have replied and sent details. Thanks

Hi, i’m having a problem with the Nav Filter widgets.

It is fine when I filter products by attribute or brand. If there is a second page and more, there is a problem. When you click page 2 or 3, it still shows the products which were on page 1.

I have identified the problem which is the URL mapping. e.g.: The URL for page 2 is:


Where it should be:


What is the file I should edit to fix how the URL is set?

hi, i see that you are still using labomba 1.7, we’ve fixed this issue in the latest version, i recommend you to update it

done thanks :)

another UI issue is the button placement of Add to Cart and Add to Wishlist when there is stock quantity of 1. no problem if quantity is more than 1.

attached a pic for your reference. not a big prob but if there is a quick fix then it would be great.

hi, yes its a bug from the theme. in the meantime please add this to your custom css
.yith-wcwl-add-to-wishlist .add_to_wishlist {
line-height: 4 !important;

If you have the copyright footer area set to black, what css should be used to change the color of link?

can i see your site first?


We have set up everything, but i need some help for some issue.

I have sent you a email from labluwebd@gmail.com to dahz@daffyhazan.com, please send me slider xml so that i can set two sliders exactly like the demo.

One more thing, can you please send me how to set up the Hotline..Freeshipping…and new lookbook… under main menu? I have used that in custom header text in Header section, but seems it doesn’t get the right design for that as in the demo.

Also i need to add right footer payment logo, but can’t find where it is.


But i need the slider xml to get the slider as in the demo site. Here it is, http://www.luminabeauty.com/ You have sent labomba xml which doesn’t make sliders ok like demo site.

hi for slider you need to import the zip slider files. for that page you need to upload slider_trans6 and slidernewyear zip foles

Great. Sliders are working now. Thanks.


I am having problem with the blog images. The theme automatically crops the image and to its suitable size, I want the images to have their original height and weight. No cropping, just want the images in the blog page to be their actual size.

So, how will I do it?

Thanks Tanvir

no you cant, we have different template. dont worry you can use blog full template with sidebar anyway

I still couldn’t do that(turning of auto crop image function). Can you please do it for me if I give you the backend access? Please….

yes. please send me your admin panel to dahzinfo[at]gmail.com

I need help,

How can I install the demo version? I want it identical as La Bomba.

Also, the documentation doesn’t help. I followed the steps and made my header a huge mess.

Please advise at your earliest convenience.

Thank You

please send me your admin panel to dahzinfo[at]gmail.com i’ll look into it

awesome, Im doing it now

Hi Dahz,

I pointed out an issue with product photos not showing up a week or so ago and it was found to be the woothumbs plugin causing the photos not to display?

I was wondering if you have found a valid workaround for this yet?


hi, sorry for the late reply we were away last week. unfortunately there’s no quickfix for this. but we are planning to update the theme this month to fix known bugs- including this

Yeh i saw.

So fix will hopefully be this month? Any idea on when you are planning the release for?

yes, hopefully at the end of this month.


We need to create a home page http://themeforest.net/item/labomba-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/6106367. Please how to xcheive this men and women section both in mobile and all devises.

you can just delete the current one and install the new one. dont forget to backup any changes you’ve made (if any) in css or php files and reapply them after the backup

We have uploaded the new version in our site. But now you have given the option visibility devises. But how http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/labomba/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/bg_men.jpg this image accept both all devises. We need the same. We have generated the same pixel size. Please kindly suggest

hi, you need two images to achieve the same layout. one is a similar image like that (an image in a half layout), set this as ‘visible on desktop’. then another image- a full one, which need to be set as ‘hidden on dekstop’

Hi! Love the theme!

I have a tad problem with the blog template. I have gone into settings > reading > set my post page and everything. Once I go to the page that I have set for my blog and add a blog template (grid) nothing happens. It is still the default blog. Crazy thing is, if I go the page that I set for my homepage and changed the template to the blog-grid, then it works. Not sure what’s going on. Any ideas?

Hi, in that setting > reading , just leave the post page to select (dont set your blog there)

Is there a date for the responsive aspect of this theme will be fixed (i.e. screen refresh when rotating the device or shrinking then expanding the browser on a desktop)? My client wants to go live with their site running this theme shortly and this is a big issue.

hi, is it possible for someone to comment on this issue please?

hi, im really sorry i missed this comment. yes its a bug from the theme we are still working on this though.. we will update the theme to fix this. sorry for the inconvenience

Excellent, thank you. I have two clients about to go live with this theme, so I look forward to the update. Many thanks

Hi there, I am having an error when i upload the theme onto my site/server. I have emailed you regarding the issue with a screenshot of the error. Can you please respond. thank you

Hi team,

I have a quick question about the retina logo.

When I view my site on the ipad – http://www.thejanesociety.com – the logo appears super big. Why is that and how can I make it the normal size?

Thank you in advance, Camelia

hi, to fix that you can upload custom mobile logo from the admin panel


Is it possible to change the design layout of the checkout page using page builder?

i want the elements to use full width and be one under the other.

For example: Have a coupon? Checkout Method Billing Details Shipping Address Order Summary Payment Method


hi, unfortunately the checkout page is predefined. so you cant change it.

I just recently purchased for an upcoming project and first I have to say the design is amazing! The problem i’m having is replicating the main page. I’ve looked through the help documentation, which sadly isn’t the most descriptive.

1. It appears i’m missing the two sliders for the default home page. I’ve looked in the assets folders and was only able to find one, slider 20, but when I tried to import it I get errors.

2. Importing demo content is usually done with a single xml that pulls in all the files, settings, and images. Yours is broken up into categories, which would be fine, but the images or at least blank images are not included. This means there is great confusion trying to replicate the parallax section of the default page where it shows “Mens” and “Womens”

3. Finally there was no documentation about placing images inside the menu, I had to search for longer than necessary to enable hidden settings to see the ‘descriptions’ you may want to include that in the help file for others. Finally regarding the menu how do I create the 3 columns under the main menu as in the demo?


1. for the preview homepage you need slider_trans6 and slidernewyear. try to download it from here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxvrosxIUzETaFQ2SXBmVEJaM0E&usp=sharing

2. the single xml also can be downloaded from the previous link.

3. the instruction to create menu can be seen in the documentation section menus (navigation). to add image there you just need to add labomba-image-menu to the css class box, then add your image url to the description box.

hi, its a bug from the theme.. unfortunately there’s no quickfix for this. we are going to update the theme this month to fix this issue. for now i recommend you to use the other layout. sorry for the inconvenience

Hello friend. Great theme, indeed! I have some questions: 1. You have a MEGA menu plugin here, but not write about it properly in theme promotion text ?! 2. Can you add a social icons bar, at the top line of the site, like you did it in Food&Cook theme. Or it already could be done. 3. What about SEO optimization, is you working on that option here ? Sorry about my bad English. :) Best wishes. You are the best.


1. yes, we use our own menu and we dont feel the need to promote it as its one of the first thing user will see in our live preview.

2. its not built in like in food and cook but you can add html tags to show social icons (with font awesome) there and add link to each of the icon.

3. you can use third party plugin for this :)

The visual composer is broken on product pages (simply does not appear) and we cannot edit them using the visual composer… nor can we touch the HTML code directly since it does something to the ... etc. code so we can’t even see what images are being references since we updated the theme to your most recent version. Do you know when this will be fixed? I see there was a comment from about 4 months ago saying it would be address in the newest update, but it does not appear to have been.

Also, do you know why shipping address still logged as the billing address even when it’s entered differently during checkout? Will this be fixed soon? Thanks!

hi, can i see your site first? for visual composer go to setting -> visual composer -> choose product to enable it in product pages

Hi Dahz

Since I updated MNSWR.com to Labomba 1.8 (with the updated Visual Composer) the Design Options for the VC elements and rows have disappeared from Visual Composer. Also the automatic gaps in-between elements and rows are gone. I purchased the plugin myself last night to check whether is was the version or something, but no difference. I tested the version on other WP themes where VC works fine but it doesn’t on Labomba 1.8. Also the VC Settings page doesn’t show the design options anymore. In the post/page composer the Design Options don’t show either. Now we have to place gaps between every element to keep them from sticking together.

Are you familiar with this problem and do you know a solution for this?

Thank and best, Michel de Groot

hi, the plugin version is a modified one, so you need to use the version we included in the package, please try to deactivate-delete the visual composer and df shortcode plugin you are using right now and go to appearance -> install plugin to install the one that compatible with our theme.

Thanks for your fast reply. I just followed your advice, deactivated and deleted VC & DF Shortcode plugins, and re-installed, but the problem stil exists. Elements and rows still sticking to one another. I published a test page to show you: http://www.mnswr.com/testpage/

hi, actually that’s the styling in our theme. we dont add auto-margin to add flexibility in creating the layout. so you can create it manually. our theme also doesn’t have design option.

Tried using the chat software, but got no answer.

Since you corrected the shortcode fault yesterday, i can nolonger change the text or delete the text from the product description and small product description?


hello guys. did you get any further with the product description errors?