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Very nice theme. Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much!

Great work , congrats :)

Thanks for comment!

Agree with WPExplorer. Good luck mate!

Love the colors! :-)

Thank you :)

wow very nice.. good luck!

Thanks for comment :)

This looks great and I am very tempted to purchase this theme.

I just have a quick question:

Can the background/ header/logo be changed backend or require code/css?

Is there a built in shortcode editor, to produce shortcodes such as the services and the client boxes?

Thanks in advance.


Yes the background and logo are changed from theme’s backend using wordpress media library uploader(you can have a different background for each page). About shortcodes, no, there is no built in editor, the shortcodes are written in the documentation and you paste them inside the theme’s content.

To get a clearer idea of the backend options, please look at the screenshots from here:

Let us know if you have more questions.


I’m interested in this theme, but it’s very important that I would be able to link to individual pages. Is this a one page theme, or is each page going to have its own url?

I only ask because I’m unfamiliar with how demos work and can’t tell if each link takes me to a different page.


Yes the theme definitely isn’t one page, each page you see in the demo is a different page. For example, homepage is a different page compared to contact page, our team is another different page, each portfolio type has its own different pages, the same goes for blog and so on. And also, each page has its own url.

Thank you for the quick response! I also have one more question:

On the portfolio pages, can I configure the images to link to the portfolio piece instead of opening in a modal?

I understand what you want to achieve but I am not sure you can setup it the way you want. Basically, in this theme portfolios are just category listings – to get a better idea about this, for example, in wordpress backend for portfolio 2 we created a parent category named “Our works 2” and added 4 children to it: board meetings, communication, laboratory analysis and product marketing(and we attached posts to it). The results is here:

Basically all children of “Our works 2” appear in the portfolio filtering(you can disable portfolio filtering if you wish). Then we added the parent category “Our works 2” to the menu and when you click on “Our works 2”, all posts from this category and its children are listed.

The big advantage of this behavior is that you can go further and, for example, you can create “children of children” categories – for example add 2 new subcategories(let’s say “test 1” and “test 2”) to the “communication” child of “Our works 2”. All these categories with their children can be added to your menu and if you add only the “communication” child to the menu, it will list only its own posts along with the “test 1” and “test 2” in the filters.

So you can filter the portfolio categories to your liking – if you wish to list on a page only what’s in “communication” – then go for it, if wish to have another page that lists what’s in the “board meetings” category only(it can have its own children) – no problem.

However you can’t have the same category name in a portfolio hierarchy. Even if you create a new parent portfolio parent(“Our works 3” for example) and add a new “communication” child to it, when you will try to list what’s inside this category, you will get the results from the first “communication” category(that belongs to “Our works 2”).

I suppose this is more of a wordpress limitation rather than theme limitation. You should at least have “Mammals 1” and “Mammals 2” as the name of those categories.

Let us know whether you have more questions.

Alright, that isn’t a deal breaker. As long as I can create multiple portfolios of the same type, but with each having their own set of categories, that would work for me. Is that possible?

Yes you can have multiple portfolios of the same type.

Hi, like your theme. My compliments. I’d like to know if the “cross-hatched” divider with text (as seen on the home page of your demo, reading “THEME HIGHLIGHTS ”) is something that can be designated throughout? I’m assuming so, but didn’t see it in the features. I noticed you’ve used two types of dividers, so I’m thinking you have it available as a short code?

Yes there are 2 shortcodes: [lab_title] and [center_labtitle] and their usage is:

[labtitle]my text[/labtitle]
[center_labtitle]my text[/center_labtitle]

Indeed they are not shown in the theme’s demo, but they are included in the documentation(same goes for service blocks that also have their own shortcode).

Sorry, if I may…one more question regarding the dark gray section at the page bottoms (blog, twitter feed, etc.); can this be controlled outside of the css? Would like the option to just have this content area as the common white background and darker text. Thanks, again.

The footer section color(text + background) is controlled only from css I’m afraid. The theme has a separate css file named colors.css with all color styles that are not changed from theme’s backend. For theme’s footer there are few code changes to make and if you wish you can just delete the footer’s colors code and the footer will inherit the text color and background from the body.

If you encounter any difficulties you can come to our support forum –

Let us know whether you have more questions.

Excellent. Thanks for your responses. This will work nicely.

Hi, nice theme… but there are problems I have noticed with IE 7 , 8, and 9. The slider buttons are not next to each other but rather on top of one another. The site isn’t responsive at all under IE as well. The heart button doesn’t show the heart for IE either. None of these functions work under IE for my testing. They all work fine in firefox & chrome.

There is no point in making a theme responsive on ie7-ie8 since too few people use these browsers on mobile devices. Iphone has safari while android has chrome. However the theme IS responsive on ie9. Press F12 in internet explorer and select browser mode and document mode to ie9. Is not that other themes from top authors are responsive on ie7-ie8.

Also the slider buttons bug occurs only ie7, it works fine on ie8-ie9, but we will fix it for ie7 too in a future update that we will released soon.

The heart button is created only using css3, that is not supported by internet explorer.

It’s a nice design, but one thing I HATE is when designers say it’s responsive and works for IE 7 , IE 8, etc. and it doesn’t. You don’t come back and say “Look, few people use ie 7 and ie 8, blah blah blah.” Either your design works in ie7 and ie 8 or it doesn’t. You sell a template based on FEATURES … and you should, at the very least, mention “IE7 and IE8 – some features do not work because of this or that.” It’s that simple. No excuses, no apologies. At least people know upfront, that’s all I’m saying. I thought it was a bug which is why I was letting you know, but obviously it’s not a bug from your answer. I am not knocking your design, it’s beautiful. However, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more transparent about browser compatibility and inform buyers. That’s all. Good luck to you and your sales! :)

I won’t say much anymore, but I feel obliged to mention one more thing: you are here either to bash other people’s work, or you don’t know a certain thing about responsive layouts.

Asking a layout to be responsive on ie7-ie8 is like asking why you don’t support ie5 and ie6 anymore. “Compatible browsers”(IE7, IE8 , IE9, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome) – doesn’t mean the theme is responsible in all these browsers. Responsive layouts are based on media queries that are part of CSS3 . For internet explorer, partial support for CSS3 has been added starting with version 9. To learn more about browser support for media queries, please consult this link:

Forcing older ie versions to work with media queries is possible via js hacks but even with this, only some properties would work and to make a theme with lots of features / shortcodes fully responsive on an older ie version is too time consuming and simply not worth a developer’s time.

Starshade, I bought your theme and it looks great. I also have your Aquitaine theme for – love it. Can you look at: ? I’m using the team shortcode with picture in the right dimensions – but it’s not working. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong. Thanks – Clark

It seems you copy pasted the shortcodes inside pre tags. Check your html tab inside the wordpress editor and delete any pre tags you see.

If you can’t handle it, please drop us an email via our contact form from our themeforest profile with user / pass to your wordpress backend and we will check and fix the code for you.

Hi there, I’m looking to buy Laboratory, but just need to know how customisable the slider is? I’d like to be able to have text left aligned with an image right aligned in a frame, with a background image behind the whole slide. Is this possible? Many thanks.


Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately the slider doesn’t support the kind of layout you are describing – you can setup the slider only the way you see it in the demo(obviously with your own text descriptions and title). However with several code customizations(done by a developer) the kind of layout you are requesting can be achieved.

One more thing – when I pull up the documentation to look at it – the browser does not pull up the images (which don’t appear to have a direct path) how can I view the images in the documentation as I go thru the documentation. Thanks again – beautiful site! – Clark

I am not really sure how you open the documentation. Inside the “documentation” folder you should just open the documentation.html, but maybe you have something in your computer that blocks the browser to open the images. Not sure what browser you are using, but try opening the documentation with chrome or firefox, it should work without any issues.

Also, for more questions / issues with any of our themes you’ve purchased(Aquitaine / Laboratory), please come to our support forum:

Hey, thanks for your help with – not sure if you noticed, but the picture did come up – but with no background color for the text. I’ve tried to place the color in the shortcode in various ways, but to no avail. Your doc states: [team_block background picture=”absolute_path_to_member_picture” name=”team_member_name” position=”team_member_position_inside_company” twitter=”twitter_profile_link” facebook=”facebook_profile_link” linkedin=”linkedin_profile_link”]team member descriotion[/team_block] So where does the color come into play and how is it placed in the shortcode? Some other shortcodes seem to function – but I see similar issues with like-shortcodes in other areas of the doc. Thanks again, Clark

Starshade, I was trying to work further with the shortcodes on my other page: , I found that the services short code in your documentation: [lab_service title=”service title” color=”#color_code” icon=”absolute_path_to_icon”]text description[/lab_service] works to some degree, but lacks to demonstrate the color defined even though I’ve put it in there. The color value was absent in your other ‘team’ shortcode. Can you get these to work? They are very nice aspects to the theme, and a big reason why I bought the theme. Let me know if you can do this right away – or will I have to wait for the next theme update – or anything so I have an ETA on it. Thanks again. – Clark

The team block shortcode definitely works but indeed we forgot to mention the color parameter that works like this:


Instead of #color_code, try for example #000 – it should add a black background.

For the services shortcode, yes there is also the color value, but the only values that you can use are:
and you will get the graphics from the demo. No color defined will display the dark – black graphic.

We apologize for forgetting to mention these vital details in the documentation, but we will do so in a quick update.

OK, I placed the teamblock shortcode here: - but it only seemed to change the color of the font – rather than the background. Could you just relay to me the full shortcode for this – color and all. That way I’ll know how to use it and know where to place everything. I’m getting there. Thanks for all your help. Your direction for the service code did work, however. Thank you.

Apologize again. There is one more parameter, try this one:


Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Thanks for your help with – I was making the changes in the style sheet which you directed, but then realized that in the theme options was a ‘height value’ for the logo – which did the trick. Thanks!