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Hi can u please answer my question about responsive version – I only want to know if I should wait and it come or if u decide to NOT release responsive version ?

Hi freakpower! We decided not to release a responsive version for this item. We are creating new items with responsive behavior instead.


ahhhh .. thats really bad luck for me :( I know – I noticed u releasing new responsive templates but this one is your best one – unfotunately other templates u release dont have laboratory quality, originality and design level :( Laboratory was sinmply the best one … hmm but what can I do…... I have buy another template from themeforset but i really wanted Lab.. ...

this is joomla template? it comes with the quickstal together, ie? the installation files?

thank you

Hi ademucelin!

You’re right; this is a Joomla template with Quickstart installation (also, the extensions by itself like modules and template are included).


How do I remove the display of the page being loaded?

Hi nticom! Thansk for purchasing Laboratory :)

There is no option to disable this feature, unless you have JS and CSS skills to manually modify the code.


ok, which js and css so I can charge editalo?

Sure. Please go to Extensions > Template Manager > vg_laboratory – xxx and in the Params: Custom CSS add this code:

#loading-mask{ display:none; }

This is the faster way to get it done. Try it and tell me the result.

Round and Flat… Very nice !

Thanks tudor_sv :)

hi or template quickstart installation Language pack installation state of Persian or farsi wondering right encoding???? simpel Language adress: http://www.abco-co.com/ tank you

Hi hesari_313! Please ask for support using theaccount wich you bought the template.



I have a client that has 2 offices in different cities. Is there a way I can have a drop down menu connected to the top Contact Us menu? I did try the secondary menu, but it disappears when the site scrolls down. Thank you

Hi bevisible!

Unfortunately, the menu for One Page behavior is the only that keeps stick when scrolling. Maybe adding custom CSS can be possible get both menus displaying everytime.

Unfortunately, Laboratory doesn’t support drop down menus, unless you uses a third party extension to achieve this.

Let me know if you want to give a try to the first suggestion; I can’t guarantee results but we can give a try.



Can we please try the option of making the second menu a static menu? I will try and get a 3rd party extension to see if I can get a dropdown. Thank you for your effort.

I would suggest try a menu extension, as you pointed.

In JED, you may take a look here: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/structure-a-navigation/menu-systems/drop-a-tab-menus and choose a good one.

Tell me how it goes


hi, can i know if this theme works in ie7-9 coz on the live demo its doesn’t work properly

Hi cybernaptics!

How it looks the template in your computer? – please send details to: htmgarcia [at] gmail [dot] com


hello i have some problem first i need zoom maps how i doin ? after i want not see it ABOUT Get to know us better simple and another topic how i make ?

Hi fedoracore!

How exactly are you adding the map in first place?

Waiting to help you


how i can hide title in article ? and how i change fontz because default not support turkish last 2 week i wait you answer me in mail you make center title please help me fast

In order to provide support, you need to be nice and polite in your requests.

Hi, This template works recente joomla 3.2.3 or superior?

Hi sterrivel,

The template works with firsts version of Joomla 3.x I can give atry and test in last 3.3 versions and come back to you if you want.


I dont have the knowledge of joomla. But i know html css and php very well. Can i still b able to edit your this joomla template? plz reply

Hi kpkurankar,

We already replied this same message.