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Awesome! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks Azamat! :)

Incredible work. :D There are hundreds of themes like this for WP but you are the first who developed this type of design for Joomla! I like it.

Thanks dmsumon! You’re right.

Waw….. Great work htmgarcia. Really great job…..

Thanks ThemeRox! I really apreciatte it.

Very very nice! :)


Thanks, Park!

Great one htmgarcia, really great :) As dmsumom said this is quite unique work for the Joomla category. You deserve a lot of sales man! Good luck ;)

Thanks joomfx! Happy to hear it.

Good looking template! Is it using any kind of framework?

Thanks baparks! No frameork is needed for this template. Is easier to manage.

nice work and Goodluck

Thanks metrothemes!

Great piece of work, all the best with sales. Perhaps consider making it responsive on future updated version.

Thanks Tony! I’ll consider that.

Great looking template! Interested in buying it, one thing it is lacking….responsive. I feel it is a must have now and have converted all my clients this way now.

Thanks copycatus!

I’ll considering making responsive. You’re right.


Not sure if it’s just me, but the site’s back end is very slow. I have installed 2 templates today on the same server and the other is perfect.

Any Suggestions?

Hi GezIOM. Thanks for purchase Laboratory!
IMPORTANT: This is a Front-End template, not a Back-end template. Is impossible that this can cause problems in back-end because is executed just in the Front-end. It’s pure logic.
May you send me an email through my profile page with details about your website to provide you a better support.

Great Template! Very easy to customize, very exceptional design. We are amazed for 100%.

Hi prekki!

Thanks for purchasing. I’m glad you like it :)

nice template,

so can i change the colors?

regards mike

Hi @MikeIndigo1976!

I’m glad you like it! :) Sure, you can choose from 5 available colors. Regards.

i mean other colors ;)

If you have CSS skills, sure, you can modify a css file to addapt to your custom color.

How do you style current/active nav items? When I click on one of them, the list item doesn’t seem to gain or remove any classes.

Hi newhallklein! Thansk for purchasing Laboratoy!

As a onepage template behavior, this template mark the current nav item (darker color in both menus):

Any doubt, feel free to send me an email through my contact profile. Regards.

i actually figured it out. thanks though!

I’m glad!

also, when I install the quickstart package, nothing seems to happen.

Hi newhallklein! Thanks for purchasing Laboratory!

Please tell me the details through my contact profile to help you better.


figured this out too. thanks!

:) if you need help again, we would like to help you.

wow …template really stand out of boring theme approach hell – more unique designs like yours !!!! As template is in one page concept – is possible to add some separate pages whioch will be accessible only via menu click ? Personally I woul like some more effect on homepage – I mean photo slideshow should have some effect – for example if there will be full orange screen and than separated to squares to uncover first photo – that woul be good entry effect :) and maybe some more effect transitions between photos otherwise template is perfect :)

Hi freakpower!

I’m glad you liek it! :) This template has an automatic behavior to add click menu (if you add a menu item (External URL type) this will create a custom module position to place your content. So, unlimited menu items for OnePage behavior.


also maybe preloader can be better before site loads – some nice moving icon, something funny or simply something moree effect instead of that plain text that is there now and maybe some better interesting designed font for main menu instead current one.. anyweay wish u good sales.

I know what you mean ^ ^ Thanks for the tip, fraekpower!

pls tell me where i can find “THIS IS LAB” in the Blog section??? i check the index.php and all css files…

Hi applegbook! Thanks for purchasing Laboratory.

This is not the files. Is in the Global Configuration > Sitename and Menu manager > Help Menu > Home >Page Display Options

any chance you release responsive version ? Am only buying responsive templates as many people using small mobile devices for viewing sites so its must for me …

10 days.. thats great ..definitely wait for that. Hope u include some cool and neat design elements like a bulb filling with icons as you have in Lab or something like that :) love that bulb :) or moving service circle or neat team section.. well there is alot of cool stuff in Laboratory..hope I will see something like that in new template cool so template will stay aside others same as lab – definitely your best template so far ..

Now, I just can say that this template will be awesome! I like it :)

Sorry for teh delay, bye finally we released a new template One Page behavior: http://themeforest.net/item/simplekey-one-page-portfolio-joomla-template/4463383