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if you can let us know when a responsive update will be available, i will buy this template immediately.

This new template will be a completely new one. Laboratory maybe will be responsive (we need to consider this after finish our current projects)

okay, how can we know this ” new template” is available? is there a deadline set?

I’m glad you’re interested :) We are working very fast to get it approved asap. We are talking about a couple of weeks as maximum.

Please keep us posted on the responsive template. I’m in too!!! :)

Hi rubyespinosa! Sure :)

because big requests for responisve version of Laboratory .. I think u might consider to make Lab responsive after u finish the new one :-)

Sure, we are considering this. Keep in touch for updates.

Gorgeous template! Does this theme work within Tumblr as well?

Hi djexplosive! I’m glad you like it :) This is a Joomla template. So, not.

hi i want to ask you,,if i can have submenu or adding more menu? will work fine? and the second thing is i want to have one more languache is it possible? thanks

Hi portfolio! About submenu, we are working in this update. About Languages, sure. This template works as a regular Joomla template. You may install new languages and manage it.

can i have a demo account so i can test it?

Please, send us an email trough our profile page to provide you better support.

please post whenever you have the new responsive one-scrolling-page ready…. thx

Hi emel_77! We are working very fast to get it finished and approved. Sure, we will let us know when the new template is ready.

Hi! I have problems to display a search- and a login modul on the template! Any suggestions???

(RokAjaxSearch & super_login)

Hi applegbook! Thansk for purchasing Laboratory! please, send me an email trhough our Profile page with details and the URL of your website. Regards.

Hi, Is there a position, where I can have one of the module fixed below the main menu? The module should remain fixed through out any scrolls etc.

Please advice.


Hi nishmau! Thanks for purchasing Laboratory. May you provide your site url and details through our profile page (using the contact form). Regards.

hi I sttill much more like laboratory than your new template. So did u decided if u release responsible version of laboratory..

You’re right, so many requests about it, that we are working very hard to get this major update. We apreciatte the interest in Laboratory, freakpower :)

great … I will wait for responsive version.. laboratory is simply genious only what I would change is a little bit enhance slideshow from design point – its too simple and maybe some better site preloader and main menu font but laboratory is simply genious – its even better than all one page WP templates I seen not speaking about joomla where u are pioneer in one page templates :-) whenabout u think u can finish new responsive version ? month or so ?

Hello, i have a problem finding the hml code here, i want for exemple to edit the brighter module but i can’t without editing the hml code,can you help me please?

Hi SmartConcept! Thanks for purchasing Laboratory :) Please send me a message through our Profile page with more details.

Great template!!! How i can to change the text of preloader from english to spanish? Thanks. :D

Hi dirab51! Hooooola! Look in the language folder en-EN the file en-EN.tpl_vg_laboratory.ini Please, tell me how it goes.

Muchas gracias, ya veo que hablas español. Saludos

Is possible add Captcha – ReCaptcha in contact form? Too many Thanks

Hi dirab51! Actually this is an update coming.

OK Thanks, waiting for it. Good Job

Hi~htmgarcia: Could you advise where is the documentation to show how to change the style , modoule function?

Mmm…..WHich menu ?

OK~Is it “help menu”,right?

And I want to know how to change the loading brief “Please wait, the page is loading” Thanks again~

Also, you may hide the Parent Catgory (if is the case here). The new positions created are not listed in administrator. You must add manually in the Position field the name of the created position.

OkI will try to find the parent Catgory…. And I don not understand how to add manually in the Position field the name of the created position, could you explain more ? Thanks a lot

By adding custom position manually, means that in the field where you choose the module position you can type a custom one instead. For example, you created a menu item with the url #about. So, this creates a module position about. You must type about in the module position field.

Tell me if this is helpful. Regards.

hi, i’ll buy this joomla theme, but i’ve a little question before that. how the content module is displayed? Thanks in advance, Elisa

Well, you can see the demo clicking in Live Preview button on the description. Regards.

yes, i saw the live demo, but i don’t understand which is the article part, could you tell me, please? thanks in advance, eliven

Sure, eliven. The article start in the “This is Lab! ” title and ends in teh “Read more” link.

Hello, i have a problem to edit the brighter modul, and i cannot find the hml code into your template, here is the information http://we.tl/BZoUxQCJtr plase help me cause i cannot edit this module. thnxs

Hi SmartConcept! Thanks for purchasing Laboratory :) I check your attachment; is not possible make
(breakline) to use paragraphs, by default. Please send me a message using our profile page here with details of your FTP to make a litle customization to allow HTML code to make breaklines.

Also, the bulb is in right, so, I didn’t understand you what do you need with this feature.

any news on responsive version ?

Hi freakpower! Still working.

waiting for it like for a christmas gift :) altrought your new template is nice laboratory is simply famous :)

Mr. htmgarcia : How i can to add Datso gallery component in main menu? All my tries are failure. Thanks…

Hi dirab51! May you send me details of your website using our profile page to try to figure out the situation, please.

Send. Thank

Hi, i tried the contact form but it’s no working, i’ve to activate some features? I’ll waiting your news, it’s important, please. Thanks, Elisa

Hi Elisa! I just replied to your email with the fixed result. Regards.

Hi!! it’s great!!! thanks, i’ll made some test!. Regards

I’m glad it works, Elisa :)

hi mate. Just want to make sute – are u stiull working on responsive version of this ? Im still waiting for it ….thx in advance for reply..