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Great work, GLWS

Thank you!

Awesome template rzamat, glws mate! ;)

Thank you!

Nice style ! :)

Thank you!

Awesome Work :) GLWS

thank you!

Great work, I’m happy to purchase it :)

Thank you :) !

Amazing template. Great work! Do you think you can make it responsive? It’s the only reason which stops me to purchase it but i would love to.


I’m sorry. I think I don’t, because it has complicated design which is very hard to make responsive.

Ahh too bad. Anyway good job!

very nice but not responsive. Great job though…

HTML5 technology is not worth sacrificing speed and performance. Nice template nonetheless.

hey there. could you tell me what font you use for the logo?


contact form works.

Nice idea :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you!

How can I apply a different color background? or an image for it instead of just white,

thank you!

nevermind, I found it

My gallery shifts a bit when the image is opened, any way to get rid of that?

I used fancbox jquery for gallery. Please, check out its options.

If you’re not able to make responsive because of the complexity may I suggest making a simpler mobile version of this theme and we can use a mobile redirect.

Can a single video be used in place of the sliders? I like your matching video template and would like to use that in place of the sliders.

1. I think I won’t make Mobile version. If I receive many requests, then I may make mobile version 2. You can add video but you have to know javascript. Anyway, it isn’t hard to put video there.

i uploaded the file to wp. and it gave me a miising file error : The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

i looked for the file and didnt found it. and i tryed downloading it again with no luck.

what should i do ?

How flexible is this template? Can I hide certain sections I don’t need? Can I edit the rotation services? Can I hyperlink items under works?

Am I able to adjust the color scheme ?

Hello, I like your theme very much. But I want that spin menu on services tab on separate html. I dont have much knowledge of html. IF you can provide me that spinning menu on separate html and then just give me some support about customizing its parts. I will purchase your design. plz reply urgent

Also is it possible to stop rotate on mouseover??


I want to buy but not responsive? Please responsive version.