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This template doesn’t work at all. Please fix it or refund my money back. I just downloaded and click index and I see the style is not loaded. I could spend an hour or so and get it fixed but that defeats the purpose why I bought the template. The images also doesn’t adjust well on phones.


Thank you for purchasing our template.

Yes, this is known issue. You are trying to open .html files as a file, instead you should try opening them from ‘localhost’ (under HTTP-protocol). We used LESS technology (dynamic CSS) in our template, which needs to be run under HTTP-protocol.

In an hour we’ll update the template which contains both with LESS technology and without it. You’ll have a choice to use more flexible version or the one with simple CSS.

Do you want a blue version of this light template? It’s easy. After purchasing the template, just change the colors in ‘variables.less’. You’ll get your preferred blue template.


where do I find this variables.less file, changing skins is very hard to locate in your template here. I would like some help with this or a refund please.

Hi, Please, contact us via e-mail. Write to We’ll be glad to help you.

Hi, I’m trying to upload the light theme to Wordpress, and it is failing, saying that the sytle.css file is not available. What am I missing

Hi, Open DOM and check the path of ‘style.css’ in ‘head’ tag. Check if ‘style.css’ exists in that path folder or not. If not, copy it to appropriate folder, or correct the path to one where your ‘style.css’ is located. If you still have problems, please contact us by Good luck.

Hi, do you have any plan to fix the image size when viewed on smart phones. For example, the about us page pictures look a single long line in android based phone and the images on homepage doesn’t look nice at all. Thanks!

Yes, we are working on it. Very soon it’ll be fixed.

I am trying to Upload the zip file to wordpress and the installation does not complete there is an error with the template. Please help or I would be forced to ask for a refund. I need to complete this project ASAP.

You mistakenly bought our theme thinking that it’s a WP template. But it’s not. We completely understand your situation. So, please, contact Envato support for a refund.

Good luck.

Hi, I’m using the index Light template and I find an error that I can´t solve in the

    : The photos are going, when reaches the last, pass back through all the photos, replicates the latest and jumps to the first. is very ugly. How can I solve this problem? Or failing that, can I make the slider dosen´t start again?

    I would also add a transition to fade, can I do that?

Hi, thanks for the responsive. Finally we have solved the problem, but we have one last situation: in the tablets the slider show the image at 50% more less of its size, where do you think the problem is? Thanks for help me.

Hi, So that we understood your problem, can you make a screenshot of your web-site? Because when we tested this template, everything was all right. And, please, send us a message from your e-mail here: This helps us to reply to your questions in more details and quicker. Thank you for your patience.

Hi, thanks, I’m sending a personal email with the screenshot


Please recommend best CMS or PC software to edit content pages created with this template. Thanks


You can use any kind of popular text editor software to edit HTML content of this item. The template uses LESS technology, so this probably misled you. Please, read documentation for more information.

images in every version of the preview are not scaling properlly> the heights are strectched

Hi, Yes not scaling, we use max-width. If delete max-width from CSS then scaling all images

Hi! It’s easy to config the contact form? By php?

Hi, yes easy. Thanks


Just wondering if you can tell me where I need to change the js for the slider to auto scroll, I can’t seem to work it out?


hi use this code

interval used millisecond

$('#myCarousel').carousel({ interval: 2000 })

Excellent. Thank You !

Thank you for the this template.

is there any way that I can make a template boxed instead of full width. Please advise. if it can be achieved .. how ?

Thanks Abdullah

please help me. how is make slider auto? sinceraly thanks

thanks but $.fn.parallaxSlider.defaults = { auto : 0, here auto: 5 or auto:500 or auto:300 auto ok but not normally ..

sorry my english is not good

ok no problem now 5000 ok.. sinceraly

$.fn.parallaxSlider.defaults = { auto : 5000,

1000 -> 1 sec