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Live preview isn’t working.

Live Preview is working now, thanks

Original clean theme! GLWS ;)

I think this is correct link to live preview – http://www.webcornice.com/demos/laguna/

ups! Sorry:)

no this one please : http://laguna.webcornice.com/ and live preivew link should work as well now.

Very nice! Like it a lot! GLWS!

Great theme! Good luck :)

thank you louiejie

Fantastic work, everything is perfect & its great responsive, Gud Luck with sales :)

Hi. Nice theme! I’m having a problem when I add portfolio items. It always adds a duplicate image when I upload a featured image. So it shows as a slideshow with the same image twice. I only want the featured image to show once. Any ideas? Here what I mean: http://new.emanueljfriedman.org/

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Actually there is feature to show multiple images to single portfolio item. So if you want to add single image to portfolio item please use “Use as Feature image” link. if you want to add multiple images to single portfolion use ” Select / Insert into post ” btn.

if you still facing problem send use credentials we will take care of it.

Yes, I am using the “Set as Featured Image” button, but it puts the same image in twice. If I edit the post and remove the featured image it fixes it but not very intuitive. Also, I don’t see any of the shortcodes in the documentation. Where are the shortcodes?

sorry if feel any problem, for shortcodes please find “demo data/shortcodes and pages content” folder in download package in which you can found all shortcodes with demo data.

Great looking theme!!

A silly question but can I add the front page slider to the blog page?

Can I change font sizes?

What widget areas are available?

Can I change size of the top logo area?

Screenshots of the admin area would be useful! :)


thanks, answers are here

- Font size can be manage from css

_ 6 Custom Widgets

Custom Contact Form Widget
Custom Comments Widget
Custom Populer Posts
Custom Recent Posts
Custom Tags
Custom Flickr
Custom Latest Tweets

- Logo area size can be change from css

- please send me email so i will send you screenshots of admin panel in reply

If you need we will help you in above things.

yes you can add slider using shortcodes to any page

Do you do customization? I like the theme but I need some changes. Shouldn’t be too difficult: —Ability to link portfolio thumbnails to a PAGE or URL vs. the post itself. This should be an option when add a portfolio item. —Shortcode to add portfolio items from a specified category into a page. —Ability to disable the lightbox link on thumbnails —If it’s a video portfolio item, the lightbox should play the video

Your requested updates are done please downloaded updated version. Features added : - Added new feature in portfolio item to add URL for external link or any page/post instead of portfolio post link ( Permalink ) - Lightbox can be Disable for portfolio item - Shortcode of Portfolio have Category specified option now.

Excellent! Thank you very much. I will install the new version.

welcome :) let us know if we help in any thing else

Hi, I´m having some problems to use the slider, i already create the slider, put the images but the slider is not shown on the home page, where i can get more information about that ?

Hi, here is your customized slider width and heights for responsive, - please go to css/shortcodes.css line 573 change height in .ei-slider{... height: 251px; }

- go to css/responsice.css line 99 change the height .ei-slider{ .. height:199px; }

- go to css/responsice.css line 234 change the height .ei-slider{ .. height:112px; }

- go to css/responsice.css line 390 change the height .ei-slider{ .. height:71px; }

tks again, the slider is ok now, but the menu still showing some lines down the top

actually your logo is too large if you are not shrinking your logo then do these changes:

- styles.css line 203 #navbar{ width:620px; ...

- css/responsive.css line 16 #navbar{ width:425px; ...

Hi Webcornice,

Great theme. A couple questions if you have a moment:

1. Do you have an example of the 5 footer styles? In one of those styles does it have the footer with no Laguna, Map, Daily Stills and Twitter area? 2. In a future update will you consider swipeable hero areas/sliders? It seems odd for a responsive theme it doesn’t have that. Just my humble opinion. 3. Do you have an example post where there is more than 1 portfolio image? 4. If there is more than 1 portfolio image does the user have to always click the + to see the other images? 5. Can the lightbox effect be easily disabled in the theme?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Best Regards, Steve

Hi dlichtdotcom,

thanks and here are answers:

1. You can select one-col in Laguna Settings/Footer add then add tex/html widget in first footer area in widget section and add 5columns in it then you can add shortcodes what ever you want.

2. Swipeable for touchscree? there is Flexslider in this theme which is swipeable please check out these pages on touch devices

http://laguna.webcornice.com/clean/?page_id=3143 http://laguna.webcornice.com/clean/?page_id=3328

3. http://laguna.webcornice.com/clean/?page_id=3088 First item in this page is example of multiple images

4. No if there is more then one then Slider will enabled and user will use it to see all images

5. Yes you can disable lightbox effect for portfolio, there is option for portfolio item to disable lightbox.

Hi! I couldn’t seem to add menus no matter what I do with the Menu or Pages. I might have missed some steps. Could you please tell me how? Thank you! :D

I just sent a message. Will be waiting for your response. Thank you! :)

welcome ! then it seems you have created Home page rather then using wordpress default Home page? yes got your email but your server is not working please have a look server issue once that has resolved then we will take care of it.

Your issue was in creation of home page instead of using wordpress default home. Issue has fixed now..! and emailed you details

It’s me again. I just want to say thank you for helping me out. I appreciate this greatly! Awesome theme!!! :D

welcome :)

I need to allow more characters to show when you hover over a portfolio image. Where is this value? Seems to cut off the text at around 140 characters. Thanks!!

You have to edit laguna/lib/functions/wc-portfolios.php file find string_limit_words(get_the_excerpt(),20); this code and change it 20 digit acording to your need. this will need to change more then one place in same file.

Hi, before buying like to know whether at this template social icons can go above the navigation menu instead of being at the bottom of the web. Thank you.

Hi, you can use top sliding area for those which will be open on click. you can take a look of top sliding area in Dark skin demo. where you can place social links inplace of text showing there in demo.

Hi Webcornice,

First of all this is an awesome theme! Thanks for that. Do have a question though: Is it possible you could provide me with the demo-template? So I can replace pictures myself.

Hope you can help me. Thanks! Evert

Hi, Thanks, there is demo content file Package Folder / demo data / lagunaDemoData-for import.xml if you import this using wordpress admin it will add all data in your website. if you have issue in importing demo data please email us login detail we will take care of this for you.

Your demo does not respond and resize for an iPhone. is this a feature or a bug??

Thanks for purchase, sorry fixed the responsive issue we forget to place <meta name=”viewport”... in package file.

Please download latest version and also you can check demo on mobile.

Great! Thanks for the quick response.

Nice Theme ! Good luck

thanks !

Hi, Great work. Just a question before I purchase, does Laguna also have Isotope or Java type of filtering where only category selected show and the others dissapear?

thanks to purchase it, please send us email then we will send you customized files in reply of that email.

Hi, thanks a lot, everything works the way I want it now. Thanks for your ecellent support!!!

welcome :)

Hi there, just purchased this theme and I too am having problems with adding new slides on the homepage.

I created a category added slides and selected that category under the options panel, but it does not show on the homepage. Please help me out, thank you, great looking theme by the way

*UPDATE: I figured it out, I had assigned a different homepage. For anyone else with this problem, I was able to change the homepage at Settings>Reading Settings>Static Homepage

Hi, thanks to purchase. Actually this is happened when you create home page manualy, you dont have to create Home page just use wordpress default home page. Just have to add home page in menu, and add content from theme setting panel, and set slider from theme setting panel. Please let us know if you need our help.

Hi there!

Great theme you’ve created! We want to ude it to a project site for young people. We have though some technical problems with the settings in the wp administration. There are no longer settings to setup the frontpage, and use shortcodes etc.

Can you help us and look at it?

Best wishes and thanks

Pia – www.mynewstory.dk

We will look at Demo Data and hope we find answers there. Thanks.

Hi again. Thanks for great support on email. We are in good proces with our site and the theme is great! We have a couple of things we need to be programmed. Can we book you to do that and pay for it ? I am not sure what your guidelines are for support in general – should we write an email to you, or write the questions here? Thanks again

Welcome, and thanks for being in touch with us. We will use email for detail customization and updates which you wants.