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Awesome theme! Very impresive. How customizable is the homepage? Seems like the different areas can be added/removed, but I just want to make sure :)

I’m interested in adding an email opt-in on the area under the slider, and simplify the footer.


Thanks for the complement, Yes home page is customizable, Top Sliding bar, banner Slider, Footer are handling by site admin panel and Recent Projects, Recent Posts are comming by highly customizable shortcodes.

If you mean Email contact form then you can easily add contact form shortcode. Yes footer is customizable as you want, you can use one column if you want and add shortcodes or widgets in it.

Hello! First of all, I love this theme. :bigsmile: thanks for it. But I have a problem with the home. I dont know how to display the latest projects and recent posts on it. I’d like the home will be like in the demo: http://laguna.webcornice.com/minimalist/?page_id=3595, but now, I only see the slider. I created portfolio items and blog posts to see if they appeared automatically, but not see them.

Hope you can help me.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for purchase, did you made Wordpress Menu ? if yes then follow these steps. to bring home page in menu please go to Appearance / Menus / in pages section click View All and select Home page and then click Add to Menn. For latest posts and latest blog please use the shortcodes which are in the package folder/demo data/shortcodes and pages content/home page. these shortcodes have to place in the Laguna Settings/Home Page section.

These steps are already in documentaion for your reference if you still facing problem please enail us login info we will take care of this

Oh! I’m sorry, I skipped a step. It’s fixed. Thank you very much by its rapidity.


Thats good you fixed, please let us know if you need our help.

hi really like the look of this theme about to purchase it, but i was wondering dos it come with the Layered PSD files for the clean style laguna theme?



Hi, thanks you liked the theme, yes package have layered psds, if you need more PSDs related to theme and not included in package we can provide.

Hi Webcornice,

The live demo’s of the Laguna templates does not seem to work anymore. When will they be online again?

Thanks! Evert

Hi, thanks for purchasing, demo is working might be due server you faced problem, Demo working now please let us know if you need any help.

Hi There, I’m a wordpress newbie so sorry for the silly questions! I can’t seem to get the slider to work. I’ve used the psd to create test banners 1180×521 pixels JPG, I’ve assigned one category to both, set banner to elastic – I get a black panel and text that says ‘loading’. Any ideas on where I’m going wrong? Thank you

Hi, thanks for purchase, please asign category to your slider item and then go to Appearance / Laguna Settings/Slider and enable the slider, select the category you want to show in home page slider. If you still having problem to setup please email us link ad login we will take care of it.

Thank you – really like the theme!

Welcome :)

Hello me again – also can I reduce the amount of space between items? Ie.’Checkout our new product’ box and ‘recent projects’ box? Thanks

hi, in home page content area there is shortcode used for space you can set hight as you want here it is [spacer height=”90”] please let us know if you need our help.

Thank you for your help :)

Welcome :)

Hi Webcornice,

Whenever I select a category on productportfolio the pictures are almost completely faded except one: http://www.caseand.co/productportfolio/

How can I solve this?

Thank you.

please download latest version, if you dont want to updated full theme you can just replace lib / js / wc.custom.js please let us know if you need further help

Hi Webcornice! The above is solved so thanks for that. There is another thing. The portfolio is shown twice on the same page? I cannot seem to find the problem. How can I solve this?

Hi, it seems you have put Shortcode for portfolio and Same page has selected for Portfolion from Setting Panel. Please remove one option it will show once.

Hello, I have the same problem as designunique, I reduce the space between the blocks of the home. I searched the code [spacer height = “90”] in my home page content area, but I haven’t this shortcode. It might be because I haven’t the content of the “home page with slider flex”. Anyway, if I put that code [spacer height = “90”] in my home page area, doesn’t work. What I’m doing wrong? Can I reduce the space differently? Thank you!

welcome :) right good, for changing space between the components on home page you have to do change in /wp-content/themes/laguna/style.css line 246 .sc_btm_pdd { padding-bottom: 90px; } line 247 .sc_btm_mrg { margin-bottom: 90px; } so if you want you can try that. and for other issues we have to see your website.

Thank you very much again! I fix the problem! :)

ok good welcome :)

please let me know if you need further help

Hello – how hard would it be to have a 6 col portfolio (with smaller thumbnails). Is it possible?

Hi, you want to customize the 4 column portfolion into 6 columns ? yes it is possiable by change column widht in css.

Need some help! Installed the latest build and now my portfolio items are gone! http://www.creativeluke.com/jandj/

show me your shortcodes what do you used? and also please send us login info using email so we can check.

Can I change the font size from the Wordpress editor or I have to modify the file “reset.css” through FTP? I’ve seen that in the css style is the font size of the body, but when I modified it doesn´t work.

I expect your support

nice use of Laguna theme :)... this is customization of theme you have to send us email we will do it for you and send you files.

ok, what email should I send the request? Thank you!!

http://themeforest.net/user/webcornice please have a look bottom of right side bar in this page

Hi! This theme is great! I have some questions before buying? Is the theme translation ready (.mo .po files) or do you have plans to include in future revisions? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for complement, I have oplan to include in future, by the way one of Laguna theme purchaser using WPML which compatable with it.

Hi, thanks for such a great theme. Just started working on my site and it’s going smoothly.

I made my logo image larger with #logo img { height: auto max-width: 200px}

It looks fine on desktop and tablet but on some mobile the logo image is too wide for the content area. I put my css in the custom css area. Do you have any suggestions for how to get the logo to fit on mobile? http://alivingproof.org/home/

Hi, welcome and thank you for complement and purchasing our theme. I have checked the logo it seems fine with me on mobile like logo goes on one row and then navigation on another row on mobile, may be i didnt get what you exactly want if you can please email me screenshot or if you can email me detail of your problem then we will figar out.

ooo ok it works! thanks. I have a question about the ”_” underscore after the excerpts across the site. I want to change them to ”...” but can’t seem to find it in the code. I have a feeling its in here <?php echo sprintf(__('%s','WC'),$excerpt); ?>

Hi! Thanks for the Theme, love it! I’m just having problems with the default home page… you said “please don’t create any page as Home page, theme is using default home page of wp”. But I don’t have any default home page to bring its link in menu. Can I create it?

good welcome, please let me know if you need any help.

Hello again! Just one quick question.. is it possible to disable the slide’s titles and descriptions on the slideshow?

Hi, to disable that you have to do change in css file. please send us email we will take care of this.

Hi, I am new to working with word press themes. I wanted to know if with this theme I could add future shopping cart? If not, is it easy enough on your “portfolio page” to input my products being offered add a button that will link my customers to outside source shopping cart?

Hello, thanks for purchasing, yes this ispossiable but it will need work a bit please email use detailed requierment of your customization we will look and let you know.

Hello, I really like your Wordpress Theme, but I was wondering about a few things while setting up my page www.goldenleavesfestival.de:

1. The slider doesn’t scale in ratio anymore and the text brackets are not together as in the demo.

2. In my homepage the Line-Up/ Portfolio Section ist not aligned to the left. I also can’t click on the icons (chains), which lead to the articles/posts. The ref does only work with one specific solution.

3. There are dots appearing all over the theme (Portfolio Section on home and Dropdown Menues), which seem to come from the lists. Is there a solution to make them disappear?

Thanks for your help in advance, I’m a wordpress beginner.

Hi, I have two questions:

my site: http://alivingproof.org/home/

1. The twitter plugin does not display the tweets anymore as a widget. Is there an update?

2. At the end of excerpt there is a ”_” I would like to change that. Can you point me in the right direction for where that is in the code? The file name.

Thanks, Celso

Hi, here are answares: 1. Actually twitter updated there api, so please download latest release and just replace the file lib/js/jquery.tweetable.min.js

2. you can replace in lib/functions/wc-global-functions.php at line 122, $ending = ’ _’;

please let us know if you need further help.

my site: www.goldenleavesfestival.de

There are dots from ul appearing all over the theme (Portfolio Section on home), which seem to come from the lists. Is there a solution to make them disappear?

Do you have any idea why the shortcode is not working fine?

i didnt find the dotes where these are please send us email with screenshot we will look over.

It seems shortcodes are working fine bcz your portfolio, blog, and callout box etc, are comming by shortcodes. please send us detailed email specified which shortcode is not working with you.

Hi, i need to creat 2 diferent pages with 2 diferents portfolio categories, is there a shortcode for that ? how can i proceed with that ? Tks

Hi, yes you can display portfolios as much as you want. here is shortcode you can use: [portfolio cats= “Books, Pens”]

here is all options of this shortcode : [portfolio] “title” = ” ” “info” = ” ” “btn” = ” ” “btn_link” = ”#” “cats” = “Books, Pens” “style” = “gallery-4cols, title-4cols, gallery-2cols, gallery-hr” “filter” = “on, off” “order” = “DSC, ASC” “limit_per_page” = “-1 to show all, or any number”

plese let us know if you need further help

I used [portfolio cats= “projeto-2”] but in the page show all categories, it´s not filtering.

please send us wordpress login info in email, we will take care of this

When choosing the portfolio 4 per line option, it is showing only 3 per line. I have noticed that it is adding 40px in before the first image of each line. Where about is the code which is causing this? So far I haven’t been able to find it.

It should work if you selected 4/page option, and multiple column it adding padding in last item make the spacing consistant. please email us link with worpdress login info we will take a look. here is example : http://laguna.webcornice.com/clean/?page_id=2593