Discussion on Lahanna - Food Blog WordPress Theme

Discussion on Lahanna - Food Blog WordPress Theme

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Pre-sale question – Is there a possible way to add linked text for each ingredient?

Hi, unfortunately it is not available by default.

Have a nice day!

Hello there I am using the theme from week ago and every thing Everything worked fine But I have a problem with activating Social Feed Gallery v3.4.8 I Got to Customize > Widget > Instagram Footer There are two fields Title & Select your Instagram gallery: I logged into the plugin and linked it to my Instagram account But nothing has changed on the page How do I activate it on the home page (style 4)

Hi, please create a new topic about it on our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


Hi I have social feeds gallery at the bottom on the website footer

however i would want it to appear really small like in demo . In this plugin i cant make it smaller cause the lowest no. in settings is 10

Can you explain which INSTA widget the demo theme is using so I can use the same ?


Hi. Which AMP plugin is compatible with this theme. Can’t afford to be penalized by Google, right?

Hi, we haven’t tested with any AMP plugin, Btw, Google shouldn’t penalize sites for not using AMP anymore;


Have a nice day!

Thanks for the suggested reading. I love my Lahanna theme and really don’t want to change it anytime soon! —Laura

I have the licence for the template, but it will not update it from Envato Market. Can you please assist me?

Hi, Envato Market plugin requires active support period to get the new theme updates, but you can still manually update your theme by uploading the new theme zip file;



I have a recipe website using the plugin WP Ultimate Recipe. DO I need to convert those recipes to the new WP Recipe Maker first, before switching to your theme? What is the best way to convert these recipes to your format?

Hi, you can use WP Ultimate Recipe plugin with the theme, it should be compatible.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to convert WP Ultimate Recipe recipes to Cooked recipes (which is the plugin we used on the demo sites.)

Have a nice day!

Does the theme come with the Cooked plugin? or any other recipe plugin? Can we pick which recipe plugin to use?

Hi again, we have used Cooked plugin (free version) on our demo sites, but the theme supports other popular recipe plugins, too;

Cooked (Recommended) – WP Recipe Maker – Meal Planner Pro – Simmer – WP Ultimate Recipe -



only one question: Lahanna is working fine with wp 5.8? How about with the new widget blocks?

Regards, r.

Hi, we will test the theme with WP 5.8 in two weeks. Thanks

do you support RTL?

unfortunately no.

Hi! I installed demo content 1, but it’s not showing on the site. Please help https://prnt.sc/15gb9ex

I’ve tried installing the demo content a couple of times but the theme isn’t showing

Hi, please create a new topic about it on our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


Hi looking at purchasing your theme – I have a question ref the nutrition facts – do they auto populate once you create the ingredients list for a recipe ? Or do you need to work out the nutrition facts yourself manually each time?

Hi, nutrition facts are not auto populated, need to be entered manually.

Have a nice day!

Hi do you have any suggestions for tools or plugins that work with your theme to make entering nutrition facts easier ?

Hi again, unfortunately we don’t have any more information about it, you may check out other recipe plugins see if any of them provide such functionality.



First off, love the theme. I can tell how much work you put it into it and I appreciate it.

Second, after I uploaded the last update, my logo is stuck as this tiny, little thing and I can’t seem to get it any bigger.


On the left is how we had it before the update, on the right is how it is now. We didn’t mess with the stylesheet at all or customize anything outside of the customizer to get it to look that way – just played with the Logo Height.

The Logo Height Slider on the current theme is only effective about a third of the way, and then this is as big as the logo gets and the even though the slider keeps going, it doesn’t get any bigger.

Can you offer any help or guidance? We will keep poking around, as well. Thank you, again.

Hi, thanks for your feedback, we have just fixed this issue and it will be available with the next update about in a few days.

Have a nice day!

Hi theme not showing edit option with Elementor can i edit this theme with Elementor???

Hi, we haven’t created the pages in this theme with Elementor, but it is compatible with Elementor, you may create and edit new pages with Elementor.

if you need more help with the theme, please create a new topic about it on our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.



i need to customize the home page please guide how can i edit home page because I want to use this home page

Hi again, please create a new topic about it on our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


Hi , it is compatible with AMP technologies? I need a fast and very mobile (and google) friendly site

Hi, unfortunately, we haven’t tested the theme for AMP compatibility.

Have a nice day!

I see in the product description that this theme is not Gutenberg optimized. Can you confirm if the Gutenberg editor is now available with this theme since it has been updated?

Hi, yes it is compatible with Gutenberg editor.


Hello, there seems to be an issue with your support forum, I have purchased and I need your assistance. Please can someone tell me how to get in touch?

Hi, our support forums should be working well,, are you getting any error in any phase? Here are the basic instructions for creating a new topic on our forums;

1-) First create an account here if you haven’t’ created already;


2-) Then navigate to your theme/template forum ;


3-) Scroll to the bottom of the forum page and “Enter your purchase code” then click the “Verify” button, after that, you will be able to post new topics in that forum.

Have a nice day.

Hi, I have some questions before I purchase this theme. I will be starting from scratch with a new blog, and I do not have coding experience. I would like my site to have the same layout shown in demo #1, with the blog with circles option. I realize that I will need to upload my own logo. I love the layout but have questions that I couldn’t find answers to in the documentation.

Here are my questions:

1. Do you recommend that I install and activate the parent theme, rather than the child theme option as I am not good at coding?

2. And if so, will I be able to make my site look like demo #1 with the parent theme? There are only minimal changes I would make, such as changing the main menu categories and some of the main menu icons.

3. If I upload the 1-click demo #1, I’m assuming my site will look like the demo 1 layout, fonts and all, with all of the content from demo 1. If that is the case, would I need to individually switch out all of the demo content for my own content as I create it? Or is it possible to just choose the layout for demo #1 blog with circles like a blank slate, and as I create content, the content will appear as it does in the demo. I do know how to create menus and navigate the WordPress dashboard. I’m just trying to figure out the easiest way to go about this.

4. What is the name of the font used for the text overlay on the slider for demo 1?

5. What is the name of the font used for the blog post titles in demo #3? I may want to use this font in conjunction with demo #1 if possible.

6. What is the logo size used in demo #1?

7. Is it possible to remove the Instagram feed widget from the footer area, and if so, will removing it result in a large blank space over that area?

Thanks in advance.


1-) yes, parent theme is good for you since you are not planing any code customizations. You may switch to child theme anytime you want.

2-) sure, you can customize your header and menu with the Live Customizer easily. There are 300+ customizer options, no coding required.

3-) Yes you will have the same site with style and content as seen in Demo 1 when you run 1-Click Demo import. Then you can get rid of demo posts or pages with bulk delete options.

4-) It is “Sacramento” font.

5-) yes you can do that, the font name is “Lancelot”.

6-) The visible logo size is 882×230, but it would be a good idea to upload the original logo at 1.5x or 2x sized for a crisp view on high-res screens.

7-) Yes, you can remove instagram from the footer, there won’t be any blank space or any layout issues.

Have a nice day!

Thank you so much for the info!

you are welcome ;)


We would like to buy this theme but we have Wordpress 5.6. Is this theme compatible with that?

Kind regards

Hi, yes the theme is compatible with Wordpress 5.6.


hello, Can I ask what font is used on the second row, where the 4 boxes are?

Hi, it is Jost.


Hello, been using Lahanna for years now, love the template never had any issues until now. Latest update Version: 4.0.4 broke the sizing of the main logo. My logo is now super tiny and cannot resize it back to the original. Please check to see if this is a issue with the latest update.

sorry , might not be clear on the screenshots. The first screenshot is a mock-up in photoshop of what the site use to look like before the latest update. The second screenshot is the site live after the update. All devices show the second tiny logo. No plugins are installed to minify anything. Nothing was changed to the site except updating the Theme to the latest version.

Hi again, this is what it looks like now;


if you see the logo tiny it must be a cache related issue, please check your site by clearing your browser cache or in guest mode.


Hello again , not sure how you got that image to display that size (looks a little odd). If you’re saying to clear my browser cache, its one of the first thigs I’ve tried. Logo displays tiny on different browsers (chrome, Edge, Mozilla), they all look the same. Ive purged my hosting sites cache, my Wordpress database cache. Looks tiny on mobile as well. Only way I can get the logo to the correct sizing is by changing Themes. Thanks for your help, I’ll have to look into other options.

is it any way to remove the category icons from the main slider? i want to show just the name of the post, (i want to hide de post category)

Hi, please create a new topic about it on our support forums and our support team will happily help you, thanks.


I’m thinking to buy this theme, but i need to know if its posible to import my actual recipes from the actual wordpress site, tha uses “foodiepress” plugin… is it any way to migrate those recipes to this theme?

Hi, can you provide a link to the plugin page?


its a plugin devolped by http://purethemes.net/

FoodiePress – WordPress recipe

Hi again, unfortunately it doesn’t seem there is a way to import recipes from that plugin to Cooked plugin. However if it is a well coded plugin you may use that plugin with Lahanna theme and keep your recipes.

Have a nice day!


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