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Can you help me to figure out why the countdown doesn’t work ? http://kampong.us

hi meison :)
Its look like you havent set up the twitter feed. If you dont want to use the twitter feed you can delete this code in script.js about line 31

//script recent Tweets

            modpath: 'twitter/',
            username: 'envato',
            count: 4,
            loading_text: "loading tweets..." 

Hope this help

My countdown doesn’t work either! I deleted the twitter feed code and it still doesn’t work. Please help!!!

Hi Antaninka :)
can you give me the link for your site so i can view it better?

Hi there. I’m having some issues getting the slideshow to work properly. Can you check my site to see what I could be doing wrong? Thank you!

Hi oneofafind :)
Try to delete all the comment in index.html that start with <!-# e.g
and try to optimized the image you used for slider.

my counter deosnt link ive adjusted the code under js scripts $(‘div#clock’).countdown(“2014/15/1”, function(event) {

this is what i have written down this is my website http://greenspring-capital.com/

Hi there,
Try to delete all the comment in index.html that start with <!-# e.g

perfect thanks

you’re welcome :)

Hi! Please help me! I did everything (like setting twitter etc) but countdown and twitter doesn’t work.

The page worked locally but just after uploading – doesn’t work on server


(now after some translations and ajusting it doesn’t work even localy…..)

Thank you in advance)

I’ve uploaded the original css – and it works!maybe it was my mistake by modifying css(i did it sinse some fonts do not support cyrillic symbols) But now some icons doesn work)

icons fixed – now everuthing seems to be working)) it was my fault indeed)

ok great :)
Im glad everything works now


I really like this theme but I’ve never worked with Bootstrap before. Can you tell me what I would need to do to install it and update it with my text and images?


there is no plan for that right now :)

Ah, okay. Thanks.

you’re welcome :)

Hi Is there a chance to get rid of “our site will be back at” and the countdown panel? There is a problem with slider! What are the requirements for the size of the photos? armadini.nichost.ru

Hi there,
You havent set the twitter feed yet, thats why the slider wont work. Check this page if you dont want use the twitter feed (on F.A.Q section ) http://themeforest.net/item/lalawora-responsive-coming-soon-page/4428114/support You can add this in style.css to remove the text and countdown

The best size is 1900×1200px, so the image wont be pixelated.
cheers :)

Hi, I have read all the comment and tried to resolve the problem with my countdown and tweet ! but it still doesn’t work. Can you help me please ? My website is : www.buybikebrussels.be


Hi there, try to set up your twitter feed first. Look at the documentation to set the twitter oauth.
cheers ;)

Hi, thank very much ! But how resolving twitter feed, the countdown works ?! what’s the link between each others ?

If you dont want to used the twitter feed you can delete the script for twitter. You can take alook at item F.A.Q in item support.

My countdown clock doesn’t work, any ideas? http://instyleevents.ca/

Hi there,
To make the counter works, try to set the twitter feed. There is explanation to set the twitter feed in documentation.
You can see the item FAQ in support tab for common problem.
cheeers ;)

Can’t it work without Twitter? I dont think ill be using Twitter at all.

Hi when i try to send email it keeps saying email could not be sent why?

Hi there,
Here are the list you should check:
Make sure your site support php files
Make sure you had set the contact.php files with correct email & info
Try change the recipent email with different email
Try to ask your hosting provide about this matter, some of hosting provider need to use SMTP Authentication for sending email.

the site supports php, can i send you my contact.php file so you can verify that the issue is not from there? thanks for the response

sure, just sent me a message from my contact form in here http://themeforest.net/user/ridianur

Hello, I have a problem with Contact form.

I receive the “Not Allowed” error on top of the form when click Submit

My server support PHP, could you please help

Hi there, Can you give me your site link? Some of hosting, need smtp authentication for sending email. In that case, you need to ask about this matter to your host.


Thank you I talk with my host and it is working now

It is possible to remove the space between the slider and the count down?

The space is so big.

And for the image slide show, it is possible to set up the height of the slider?

Thank you

Hi there,
Its possible with custom css. If you’re not familiar with css, you can try to hire some freelancer to do that like in studio envato.

Hey, I have also a problem with the counter. I have deleted the lines for twitter as you described, but nothing happens. Can you take a look at http://construction.jahplan.de Would be great.

Thanks and kr!

Ah sorry for my mistake. Try to redownload the countdown plugin again from here https://plugins.jquery.com/countdown/ its look like the version you’re using its not compatible with this template.

Perfect! I checked out the versions and V 1.02 worked for me! THANKS!

You’re welcome :)