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Hi. Our site has been up for a while and working fine but yesterday (?) all of the video (vimeo) has gone all wonky and is no longer responsive. It is showing up underneath elements beside it even though they are in separate columns. The site is www.bizanglemedia.com You can the the messed up video at the top of the home page as well as on the Our Work page. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks

Hello! Yes everything is the latest version and updated. Lambda version 1.58.0 and all plugins are latest versions. Thanks

Just FYI… I found the conflict! Jetpack was the issue. I removed it and everything went back to normal immediately. Have you seen this conflict before? Thanks.

Glad you figured it out ;)

Can you tell me if the Subscription Boxer plugin (https://subscriptionboxer.com/) is compatible with the Lambda theme?

I love the Lambda theme, I don’t want to change themes, and I’m trying to create a subscription box option in the shop. Thank you.

Hi Jerlene and thanks for buying Lambda,

We haven’t test it with that plugin. Did you run in any issues when using it?


I’m trying another option right now, I’m hesitant to try a plugin with so little user feedback. I’m not willing to change themes (love Lambda) for their proprietary theme.

If you need any more help, please open a ticket in our support forum


If I install the template, do I keep my blog posts?

Yes, the theme doesn’t effect them

I’m working on a the shop page with your Shop demo, but for some reason my shop-right page does not look like the Lambda demo. How can I resolve this? Thank you. http://www.madlandiatrading.com/mmg/shop-right/

I reinstalled the demo content and now the Shop page is acting the way your shop-right page acts in the demo and that works for me, thank you for your time.

Hi, I would like to ask a little question,

Where can I modify the CSS classes of the “Contact Form”? I want to erase the bold in normal text, but I can’t find the css file.

Thanks in advance, Pablo

Hi there,

You can edit the contact forms in the contact form 7 plugin and add your own classes


Hi! How can I install the theme in another directory and then apply it to the root? Any plugin for this?

Another, how can I add sections in Charity? And change the #sectionname of them?

Please open a ticket in our support forum


Never mind, it seems that each time I ask a question, within minutes I solve the issue. But only after hours of something not working for me. So thank you for patience!

I have recommended your theme to at least 4 people that I know are using it now. You guys rock.

Many thanks for your support and recommendations :)


Very good Lamda. I want to buy it. But there are questions: visual composer and slider are included in the price, I understand it correctly? they do not need to be bought separately?

When loading a page, it shows the percentage of downloads. Can you disable this feature? What will happen on the screen if you disable this feature? The site made on the basis of the template Lamda will also be loaded for a long time?

Best regards, Svetlana


Visual Composer and Revolution slider are included in the theme, they do not need to be purchased separately.

You can disable the loader if you want, there are many other loader options or none at all. Its up to you :)

I’ve read your documentation, but I still do not understand how to create a pop-up Modal from a Portfolio Item. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks

Please open a ticket in our support forum


Hi, I have been using your theme for a while, and I am facing an issue with the icon services after adding a third language to the website. I have a separate page for each service, and then i have a short description for each service under the Services section, which is integrated to the website. I use these short descriptions as icon services (items) in each page. The issue is that every time I point the service to its right page, it changes to something else. When I press the icon service on any page it points to the corresponding page of another language (Arabic)... I have fixed the links several times, and they keep just changing. I think there’s an issue in the Services plugin integrated into the theme. Would you please check that and find me a solution. (website: lingodan.com)

Hi there,

Did you try contacting our support forum: https://support.oxygenna.com/support


hey there, on my page https://www.dietrichfilm.de/ the Background-Video don´t show up. I see in the code, when i disable the 100% height from the video inline declaration it shows up. Can you tell me where can i make these changes ? Thank you, sorry for the hustle.

Hi Thanks for your Feedback, yes i use the latest Version.

I search for this implementation, i think it is in the VS Composer.

<video loop=”” muted=”” autoplay=”” style=”width: 100%; height: 100%; top: -342.719px;” class=”section-background-video” id=”mejs_950405522749326_html5” preload=”none” src=””> <source type=”video/mp4” src=””></video>

Where can i find it? Thanks for your Help.

What version of Visual Composer are you using?


Jerlene Purchased

Is there a simple way to add a background image to a column in VC? That option is not enabled in your theme. Thank you.

Hi Jerlene ,

Feel free to open up a ticket in our support forum: https://support.oxygenna.com/support


hi , i am using lambda corporate theme .. I want to know how can i change the sorting of staff ?

it is not showing according to the update date ..

Hi there,

Did you try using the order number? Feel free to open up a ticket in our support forum if you need more help with that.


Is there a way to revert skin options back to default?

Hi there,

There is no such option but open up a ticket in our support forum: https://support.oxygenna.com/support/ and I can send you the code for any skin.