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kpyeo Purchased

Lambda with woo commerce is not working properly on mobile. I am using this template: http://lambda.oxygenna.com/product/ and it works on your website. However, when I installed this template on my wordpress a few things are not working on mobile browser. 1. Product page the + and – is missing for choosing the number of items to add to cart 2. In the checkout page, customer cannot enter email and phone. It is not possible to click on the box to enter these details.

Can you advise? Thanks.

Hi there,

Are you using the latest Lambda & updates? The plus/minus buttons are from a 3rd party plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-quantity-increment/) and I don’t see any issues with the checkout page when using a mobile. What device are you using?



kpyeo Purchased

I am using an android phone with Chrome browser. I tried installing the latest lamda theme and importing the product template. www.kpyeo.info . U can try it out. The problem is there in the checkout page.

Hi there,

I can see that issue on your site but not on our own demo site. One thing you could do is add some custom CSS rules (in Lambda>Advanced in the extra CSS field):

.woocommerce-checkout .col-md-6.col-2 { clear: both; }

Let me know if that worked Regards


kadec Purchased

The multi service component in pages no longer apply columns?? it leaves my classes as col-md-

We have checked our demo site and it looks ok to us, could you email support@oxygenna.com

Does this theme support Gutenberg and if not, when is that in the works? Thanks

We will be updating Lambda to be Gutenberg compatible.

Hello, I do not understand why suddenly my cart disappeared in the top bar and my checkout page does not let me choose the payment method. I’ve done all the updates and it still does not show up. Help

Hi there,

Feel free to open up a ticket in our support forum: https://support.oxygenna.com/support


Hello, we have been using this theme for a few years. We have discovered that all the html at features lists (tags like links, strong or em) is now rendered as plain text showing the html markup.

Is this a change in the behaviour of theme or WPBakery? or is it a bug?

I have reviewed the changelog of the theme but I have found no references to this.

Thanks for your great work!

Sure, you can see a few examples here:

https://www.caduceus.es/servicios/integra/ or same page in English https://www.caduceus.es/en/services/integra/

In the past the ‘abbr’ and ‘a’ tags were rendered properly, but we just discovered that they are shown as plain text now. No idea when it happened, but I guess it wasn’t long ago.

Hello, any hints about this?

I’d just like to know if this is the “new” behavior expected for the feature list, so I can update the pages and remove the tags. They don’t look very good at the moment.

Thank you

Could you email support@oxygenna.com so we can look into this for you? Thanks

The current version Lambda theme (v1.59.4) installs WPBakery Page Builder v5.5.2—which is two versions behind the latest page builder release, namely v5.5.4.

How soon will you be providing an update to the WPBakery Page Builder plugin?

Thank you.

We will push an update this week

Hello, I inherited a client againstthegrainwoodcraft.ie from another agency and their site is using lambda theme with woocommerce. Unfortunately their lambda theme is out of date ( Version: 1.28.0 ) and the checkout is no longer functioning properly. The email field doesn’t allow you to fill in email address. How can I get update lambda theme to the latest version so it functions properly with woocommerce. Thanks Peter

hi there,

Updates in Lambda are free for lifetime. You need however the purchase code in order to be able to fo the updates.


Hello, Thank you for your reply I have the purchase code but it is not associatd with ,y envato account as it was previous designer that purchased the template for client. I now want to update the template. How can I do this or where can i download by using the purchase code. Thank you

There are instructions on how to update in the documentation http://help.oxygenna.com/wordpress/lambda/

Hi there, My clients just noticed that on their iPad, the portfolio is not displaying all the photos (10 only instead of 16). Why please? I tried both with and without 16 in the related field. Thanks a lot.

Feel free to email to support@oxygenna.com so that we can have a look at that

I got an email about an updated version and I see it on the changelog, but the download is still the one from August. Any idea why?

We just downloaded the latest and it has been updated correctly it is now at version 1.59.5

That’s strange, I just tried again from my downloads page. The files in the zip folder was last modified on August 6th, and when I load it into my website it’s still showing as version 1.59.4.

Please open a ticket in our support forum


Are you able to add your own custom styles to a demo?

Of course, you can edit the many skin options, or use extra CSS.

Hi, I’m checking the demos and have a couple of questions.

1. Is it possible to build an online shop to sell photos? (any chance to see a demo of a similar store? or the way you recommend me to use it to build it?)

2. Also, on the magazine demo, I’ll like to include video posts. I assume this will be easy to use and accomplish, I just want to be sure it can be done :)

Thanks in advance!

1. Lambda can work with WooCommerce so that might be the way to go take a look at the shop demos for Lambda

2. Yes Lambda supports video posts out of the box

Thanks. One more thing, I’m trying to get the ?blogstyle=masonry style in some of my blog categories, but I can’t make it work. Do you have something in the documentation to work with to make it work?

My support expired and I’m just trying to set properly my blog


I finally made the masonry page style :)

Is it possible to have a unique template for each category page?


dmitridr Purchased

Hi there, I am just wondering – is this theme compatible with PHP 7.0? If not please let me know. I have my current theme but need to update it to make the site faster. Also please let me know how may I update the theme as I am struggling to find a simple way to do it. Thanks!

Yes the theme is compatible with 7.0