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I want to make the navigation bar of “posts” the same as “pages”. For some reason they are different.

I see that it’s possible to do as shown in your preview site: http://lambda.oxygenna.com/creative/2014/07/25/where-no-fan-has-gone-before/

What can be done to make the navigation bar similar for both posts/pages?

On pages you can have your top bar be transparent That option is not available though for the blog pages.



My name is Sajjad from RTL-Maker . net

Are you have some themes or plugins that have no RTL support yet?!

But you have some customers that have RTL language (like: Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, …) and need RTL support for using your themes or plugins.

We have a service for adding full RTL support to your themes or plugins. Just look at our website at rtl-maker . net

Best Regards - Sajjad

Hello ! Thanks a lot for this template. I just wanted to know if there is any chance to remove the effect of changing the colour or fading the photo on the BLOG Pages ? Like on your demo http://lambdahtml.oxygenna.com/magazine-post.html I prefer to have no effect at all on the main picture. Thanks and cheers

try adding that to your extra CSS rules:

.figure-image:hover .figure-overlay, .figure-active .figure-image .figure-overlay { background: none; }

works perfectly, thank you !

Glad we could help!

Hi, I have a small bug fix for you…

File: /bitnami/wordpress/wp-content/themes/lambda/inc/options/widgets/OxyWidgetWPML.php Line: 82 Current: $output .= ’’; Should be: $output .= ’’;

The language list is not closed. Adding the UL to the front fixes the HTML error.


I have read http://help.oxygenna.com/wordpress/lambda/contact-page.html and I am trying to use the Hotel demo theme concept, and find the function of the contact form to Book Your Room Now does not work, either by default of by reconstructing using your code described in the above page.

Because the form is not intended to display with fields of name, email etc, when the button is clicked, something else should happen.

What is the intended purpose & action of this contact form?

Hi there and thanks for buying one of our items,

Lambda does not include a booking system. The demo showcases how you can use Lambda as a hotel page and probably plug it to whatever booking system plugin you are using. At the demo however we just include a contact form 7 form, that you can either replace or add more fields if you like.

Hope that helps

Kind regards

Thanks for the prompt reply, the documentation needs the message in your reply clearly stated.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll add it on the next release.


Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I have been trying to add a background video for a day now and I can’t seem to get it to work. Just a blank screen. BG images and color overlays work, just not a video. and my video is correct format. https://upup.app/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/upup-bubble-bg-video-720p.mp4

https://upup.app is the site.

I am using the most recent version of your theme 1.59.12 with the app skin.

Hi there,

You mean at the top of your page? Because I can see a background video there.

Hey guys, I am trying to activate my licence of wpbakery to get access to the templates but the activate button in the plugin seetings is hidden. Is this a common problem?

Hi there,

I’m afraid as theme developers we are only allowed to provide the plugins as is without the license keys to the end users. This policy is dictated by envato and not us.

Kind regards

I’ve been trying to notify you of a bug, I have 2 licenses but my support expired years ago. There is no other way to contact you. The page loader settings erase when you save them, and it wipes out the page loader. Please fix and notify.

Hi there,

We are sorry that you had a negative experience by using one of our themes. It is envato’s policy and not the authors that themes should be supported on a 6 month period and upon expiring users should renew their support (a new license of course is NOT required, only renewal for the support of the existing licenses). We cannot (under themeforests agreement) provide unlimited support (as envato considers support packages as a selling product).

We could look into this issue if you email support@oxygenna.com (you have to understand though that this is on a good will basis and we would appreciate if you change your rating).

Kind regards


foxynal Purchased

Hi Guys, Woo Commerce is not compatible with the latests version of Lambda… Is an update imminent as its causing image display issues across our website.


What version of VC are you using?


foxynal Purchased

I’ve tried the version included in the latest Version of Lambda as well as the fully paid licence version 6.0.5.

Could you email me at christos@oxygenna.com with your wordpress credentials?


Hy, guys! I just bought for Oliver Conf SRL, a company from Romania, a Lambda – Multi Purpose Responsive Bootstrap Theme but because I received an error message that the transaction was not finalized due to some trouble with the my bank card, I repeted twice the operation and in totally I paid three times the theme from Lambda. I can prove it with my bank application which show how many payment were made to the same destination and the with the same amount for three times.

Hi there,

You could create a refund request for one of the items and in this request provide the purchase codes for both purchases.


Hi, Oxigenna

I did not receive from your company any code purchase for the three payments made. I can prove the payments already made for you with my bank account. Also, I did not receive any link or other possibility to download the lambada website platform, even if the purchase was made not only once but three times. Please, check. Also, give me more information where the refund request will be made, in which section of your website.

On the other hand: I want to inform you that, in the eventuality that my problem will not be solved in a reasonable time, I reserve my right to action you in justice for deception by using deceptive offers and faulty payment methods which create great prejudice to the clients. All these accusations I can prove them if necessary.

Iosif Calin Buzau, Romania

Hi Iosif,

The process of buying and theme licensing is handled by envato for all themes sold in themeforest and not by authors like us. We only receive payments from envato and not the final customers (ie. you).

Regarding your issue you’ll have to contact envato.

Kind regards

Please, help me to receive back the extra money paid twice. You have to retain only the necessary amount for a single transaction, because I really want to buy this theme from Lambda. A few years ago I bought another thema from Avada, which I use yet even now on the website www.voxcivica.ro

Hello, can you advise the css to make the logo bigger in the top bar? Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt,

Try increasing the header height. Since the logo is restricted in size by the header by making the header height will also make the logo bigger.


ok thanks, can you advise the css to add to control this as I don’t see a setting for this in theme customisation?

To change the header height go to your wordpress backend and click on “Skins” and then click to edit your active skin. Inside the skin options you’ll find the settings for setting the height of the navigation bar.

Happy holidays

Hi, I’m using Lambda Medical, but I can’t create sub menu. It doesn’t appear even it’s exist in appearance>menus I’m using the theme last update

That on https://artucogroup.com/ No Sub menus appear, when I press “inspect” I can see the sub menus code but in gray I deactivated all the plugins, with no change. When I change the theme It’s working.


Hi there,

Just tested the theme and can’t find any issue with the submenu. Is there a way to inspect your site (I see a coming soon page)


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I have a blog on golf shoe reviews. I’m using the Studio press theme, but It’s not good for an E-commerce store. If I change my theme with Lambda, Can we show our posts exact same that is currently on studio press? You can check my website design of golf shoes at https://shoes4golfers.com/


gwenzez Purchased

Hello, I am starting a new project and wondering if Lambda is accessibility ready? Thanks