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THe problem with the size is only on safari

yes it’s on this page http://hikeandfly.com/850scrambler/ the link is on the first big image or in the menu “videos” Thank’s

Hmm. As far as I’ve tested, the height problem might occurred from the direct embed video file—in this case is ”.mp4”. So different browsers may select a video player to handle how to display and play this video file differently.

What I would suggest is to upload your video file to YouTube and use their embed link for share instead. With this method, there would be more standard way for browsers and lightbox’s JavaScript codes to treat with your video height and width.

After you got your YouTube’s embed link, please additionally put ”?wmode=opaque” at the end of the link to make it display properly, like:


Thank’s, perfect

Hi, I’m interested in buying your script. Only worry is how easy it is to link your order and contact form as they are to a php mailer script? Would you help? Thnx

Hi babacool, thanks for your interest!

I’m not sure I correctly understand your question about linking order and contact form. And yes, they use phpMailer for the email tasks.

If your question is about how easy to setup the form with phpMailer, I would say it’s pretty easy. ;)

Kind Regards.

I really like the theme, just wondering how hard it would be to make the lightbox of images advance from picture to picture in the gallery based on the filter last viewed. Instead of having to close the lightbox every time.

Hi titlew, thank you for your interest. :)

To create that function, you would need a bit knowledge of javascript or jquery to update the attribute “rel” for every filtered anchor tag of the same-group images as the clicked category.


beautifull theme. im interesting theme but how can i change menu names i wonder. Are menu butons text or images. is it easy to change or less menu items?

Hello luxor, thanks for your interest. ;)

The menu items were created using HTML unordered list tags. It means that you could modify their texts, add more or remove some without any difficulty. :)


Have you ever thought about doing this sort of template so it works with WordPress?

Hi Robert,

Yes, I’ve already submitted the WordPress version. Now, it’s in the review process by ThemeForest. :)


Thats great news. Do you know a time frame for ThemeForest in approving it? I would like to purchase it and just would like to know how long it might be. Thanks very much, its a great template to work with and just what i need.


Hi Rob,

I have a latest news for you, great news. WordPress version was approved!

I’m not sure I can post the link here but you can find the link on Item Details tab.

Hope you like it!


hi. how can i change google map for my adress? is it copy & paste googlemap link to lamoon.js line 37. ? but its doesn’t work.

Hi, thank you so much for your purchase. ;)

No, not the link of Google Maps. You would have to enter your address to the line 37. Just simply replace the text “57-091 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku, Oahu, HI” with your own address. :)

Hi! I bought your html Lamoon theme and would like to have a smooth transition of the images in the gallery. In your answer to titlerw’s question you answered “To create that function, you would need a bit knowledge of javascript or jquery to update the attribute “rel” for every filtered anchor tag of the same-group images as the clicked category”

Could you please advise what code should be inserted in the lamoon-gallery.js to achieve this feature. It seems to me it would be much easier if you give the solution instead of me installing another gallery script. Thanks!

Hi, thank you for the purchase! ;)

Please open a ticket for this at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/. I would try to come up with a solution for you. :)

Hi, just to inform you that the version 1.1 was approved. Photo transition was already added. You could check it out. :)

why in small screen there is a link to purches the theme?

$('#menu select').append($('<option></option>').attr('value', $('a#purchase').value).text('Purchase this template'));

Hi, actually that’s for the live demo purpose. You could remove that from your production website.

how can i decide what rooms to show on rooms page?

Since this is a normal HTML template, you could simply use HTML tags to create the room list as you want. You would see more detail of tags in the sample pages and documentation. :)

Great theme!

Thank you! :)


First of all thanks for a great theme. I’m almost finished with my website, but have one small designquestion for you before I can launch it. How do I remove the lines from the headline on the frontpage, without editing the main style.css? Grateful for answer,



Hi, I think you’re talking about WordPress version and I’ve replied to your question here: http://themeforest.net/item/lamoon-responsive-wordpress-theme/discussion/3064132

Hi. I’m looking forward to buy your theme. Just a question. Do you plan on adding an “Online Reservation” small form on the header or somewhere else? I mean, many hotel websites have like a quick check availability form where you put the dates, and how many people and it redirects you to the actual reservation page. By any chance are you planning to add something like that? Thanks, and great theme BTW .

Hi, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, I don’t have a plan for that but I guess there might be some WP plugins could do as what you want. :)

When I’m trying to install the theme in Wordpress 3.4.2, I’m getting an error saying the theme doesn’t have a style.css.

When I try to add it manually to Wordpress it says the theme is damaged. How can I fix this?

Hi, this item is a general HTML template, so it couldn’t be used as a WordPress theme. Anyway, you could find the WordPress version on Item Detail or my portfolio page. :)

Hi! On one page I use one-fourth columns. First and third columns contain an image and second and fourth columns some text. I have a small problem with the appearance with the screen size 480px to 767px. The display is somewhat “broken”. The image from the third column overlaps the second column and the fourth column is shown in its own row. And then the situation repeats itself in al other rows. In the layout template of one-fourth columns the appearance is in order. When I compared the two I can’t figure out what seems to be the problem since they have the same css properties. Please help – I opened a ticket at ticksy. Thanks!

Hi, I already responded to your ticket at ticksy. :)


I am interested to buy this theme for my next project. One question:

The block quote that you have on the Homepage, I don’t see the sourcecode of it. Would the code be included on the files? I mean, the one that you have on the elements, is static block quote, no changing by itself like the one on homepage. I would like to use it as Testimonial…


Hi, thanks for your interest. :)

Yes, the code was included in the package. Testimonial is a set of block quotes and use JavaScript making them rotate.

Hi !

Thank you for your wonderful theme. I also have a problem with the default googlemap. I can’t change it even by changing the adresse at line 37 of the jamoon.js file. When I do it, the google map disappears and is replaced by the grey 860×300 picture.

Is there anything to do with goole API Key or something else ?

Thanks a lot.


What is your site URL ? I would have to look for the problem first.


It seems like there is a script error in your web page. My browser returned this:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input. (lamoon.js:1)

Could you replace the file with the default one then make change to the address info again?


I want to make two changes to the slide: - That the left and right buttons do not disappear. - What the picture does not change automatically, just by pressing the buttons.

Is it possible?

Thank you


1.) That was included in the slider engine code. So I am afraid it is not possible unfortunately.

2.) To stop auto slideshow, go to “Theme Options > Home & Slider” and under the section of “Slider Auto Animated”, check it as “No”.

Hi UXbarn i want to add video to the galery, Is it possible? ThankYou


Hi Gastón,

Thank you for the purchase but, unfortunately, the template only allows images in the gallery page.

Hi – great theme – we’re using it on www.finca-maridadi.com.

Just one small problem when printing a page. The page content appears fine on Page 1 – but is then cut and just the background image prints on page 2, 3 etc :-(

See: http://www.finca-maridadi.com/luxury-villas-ronda/finca-maridadi.html

Can you suggest a fix. please.

Hi, thanks for the purchase. But in order to organize the page for printing, you might need to additionally customize the code manually which I would recommend you to find a freelancer for the jobs.