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Hi, beautiful and functional template

Since it will be used for hotel, I would like to ask you if you know how to avoid google map showing other hotels too. In google v2 this info is not shown. For example, in your demo, if you move to Honolulu around Waikiki and zoom 2-3 times there are hotels shown on map. The more you click, the more hotels are shown. Is any parametre available to hide this info?

Hi, personally I never do that so I am not sure about it. I think you need to customize the code for Google Maps in “lamoon.js” file.

Anyway, you might also be interested in this thread: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7396722/hide-local-listings-from-google-maps-api

Thank you very much, I was searching for this info for long time. I hope you understood my point that showing competitors on a business site is not the best approach.


I’d like to make a link to the gallery section but directly to one of the sections (for example, in your demo template, to resort).

I’d like to link something and, when clicking, go straight ahead to the section I need…

thanks in advance,

Hi, it seems like you have not bought the template? I did not see the buyer badge here.

Also, unfortunately, the customization would be beyond my general support. You would need to find a freelancer to do all of the customization jobs for you.

Hi, UXbarn.

I did bought the template! It’s not the first question I make here…

I was just wondering if there was an option for that…

Is there a way to use Latitude and longitude instead of address?? on google maps? My address is not displayed correctly.



There is not unfortunately, by default. You would need to manually customize the code in “lamoon.js” file. The function for loading map is “loadGoogleMap()”.

Hi, so I’m trying to edit the css for the accordion widget in the sidebar so the image extends the full width (260px in this case).




In “inspect element” turning off “padding: 1em 2.2em” for ”.ui-accordion .ui-accordion-content” in the file: jquery-ui.css works, but I don’t know where that file is.

Sorry but there is no “buyer badge” on your name that you have purchased the item. Not sure whether you posted in the correct item here?

Oh, I posted in the wrong theme. I bought the Lamoon responsive.

So this may sound dumb, but how do I find where to edit my comment above? I want to copy it and paste it but I can’t find “my threads” anywhere. Also, one solution is to write:

.ui-accordion .ui-accordion-content { padding: 0px !important; }

in “Your Custom CSS” under “More Styles” in Theme Options. The !important overrides the inherited CSS

Awesome. Thanks for sharing! ;)

Hi there! Great theme and I can’t wait to get up and running. So far so good with everything so far but having some issues setting up my email / reservation setup. Any helpful hints? Thanks again!

No, I’m using HTML version. I’m still learning Dreamweaver CS6 and I figured it would be a great template to play with and test out since I’m starting a side biz. But wondering now if I should have bought the wordpress version instead to make it a little easier on myself. Is that a cop out? lol

Haha. WP version could definitely save your times for creating a site but the HTML one may be great for learning. So it depends. :)

Anyway, I thought you were asking about the WP version, sorry about that.

For your original question, you would need to configure the SMTP info in ”/php/reservation.php” file. Just change the common fields which have the comments on them.

It might be more difficult to setup the SMTP here if you use any free services like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. So I would recommend you to use your own SMTP that you got from hosting provider. It is usually easier to configure and you can also get the support from them.

that’s exactly what I did! Thanks!

Hi, just noticed that when navigation is made on mobile devices, current page is not shown as selected in select/option menu. Selected is item is always the first entry (Select Page).

Is a way to fix this?

When a page loads, the js should look at url and compare it with the option values appended to (#menu select) by initDropdownMenu()at lamoon.js. Then select(“refresh”). I haven’t implement it yet but I can’t think something else (client side / js based). Any thoughts?

I think your solution should work or, alternatively, instead of looking at URL, you can refer to the active menu item on the same page as well. :)

thank you

Hi UXbarn

I purchased your Lamoon – “Responsive Resort and Hotel Template” so I could edit this for a client. After a week’s work when near completion I posted the URL link to the website so a friend could have a look at the website and instead of the name “Cyprus Townhouse” and stead of the page description “Cyprus Townhouse and Apartment rental” I get this:-

“Lamoon – Responsive Resort and Hotel Template” in place of the posted URL and “Premium Responsive Template for Resort and Hotel” instead of my own description on the index page..

What is happening here? This can’t be correct.. Have you hard coded those two lines of information into one of the scripts which accompanies the “Responsive Resort and Hotel Template”?

I need this to be corrected before I deliver the website to the client. The client won’t be able to post the URL link to his website if “Lamoon – Responsive Resort and Hotel Template” and “Premium Responsive Template for Resort and Hotel” are listed instead of my own link and description on the index page..

I have tried to log into XBarn support using my email address and name used for the ENVATO system but this will not give me access and I have also attempted to register with the view I can sign in to get a ticket for support but this doesn’t work either!

I’m not very happy about this and now to my frustration I am unable to sign in to your support system in order to try and correct this issue.

Please contact me as soon as possible. I am desperate to correct this fault with the website. My ENVATO name is k_r_Craft

Item ID: 2791966

Item Purchase Code: b5807604-a767-4d84-aab3-88dfcc80e63e

Purchase Date: 2013-02-24 00:05:16 UTC


First of all, thanks for the purchase. :)

1. “Lamoon – Responsive Resort and Hotel Template” – this text is the title of each web page by default. If you open each HTML file, you will see the following HTML code as its own title:

<title>Lamoon - Responsive Resort and Hotel Template</title>

I am wondering that did you make change to all of them? If not, just change it to be your site title on every web page you have.

2. “Premium Responsive Template for Resort and Hotel” – this text is the meta description of each web page by default. In each HTML file, you will see this following code at the “head” section:

<meta name="description" content="Premium Responsive Template for Resort and Hotel" />

Simply change the text to be yours on every HTML file you have.

I did not use any hard code script or whatever script on those texts. They are just the plain HTML tags which you would need to make change for your own site.


FYI: Anyway, there is another JavaScript that you might want to remove. It is not related to the above but it will display the unworkable menu item on mobile.

Please open ”/scripts/lamoon.js” file and go to the line 461 then you will see this line of code:

$('#menu select').append($('<option></option>').attr('value', $('a#purchase').value).text('Purchase this template'));

You can remove that line right away.

Hope this helps. :)


I can’t find where I can enter my email for contact form. I have contact.php and reservation.php totally empty.


Sorry, I could not see your buyer badge. Please post with the account that made a purchase.


i’ve got two small questions…

1. I’d like to change also the language of the images categories in Gallery… How can I do that?

2. I’d like to change also de language of the mail form in contact?

thanks in advance,

Sorry, I could not see your buyer badge. Please post with the account that made a purchase.

Hello, UXbarn.

I don’t know what can I do, I’m posting this with the account that made the purchase. And it’s not the first time you kindly answer me:

My name here is eliasdomingo


Oh, I think you have entered the comment on the incorrect item. This item is the HTML template version. Actually you would have to enter your query on WordPress version that you purchased here: http://themeforest.net/item/lamoon-responsive-wordpress-theme/3064132

Could you please re-post this question there (also state which translation plugin you are using) ?

By the way, honestly I could not remember all the potential buyers so I would have to take a quick look on the badge first. Sorry about that. :)

Hi! I’m trying to add the theme but WP asks for style.css and index.php files. I can’t find any in the folder. Can you please help?

Oups! sorry HTML version… Got it ;)

Thanks for this template – it works very well.

I do have a couple of questions I hope you can answer.

1. I’d like to add a anti-spam question to the contact and reservation form. Can you tell me what the best way to do is?

2. I need to change the order of the rooms in rooms Ux. How can that be done?

3. I want to make the site multilingual using either qtranslate or WPML and want to put little flags linked to the different languages on the righthandside of the page underneath the header (but I don’t want to use a custom sidebar). Any ideas?



Why the font is not displayed correctly? My partner has purchased this template and want to know the failure to update this error.

Chrome (version:: 25.0.1364.172 m): http://uploadpie.com/TixZd mozilla (version:: 19.0.2): http://uploadpie.com/V1EbZ


Hi, please post with the account that made the purchase.

Hi UXbarn

Form works fine on my own webserver, but fasthosts (https://help.fasthosts.co.uk/app/answers/detail/a_id/40)require additional script to send a form from my clients site and I don’t understand where to place this code in the contact.php form.

Fasthosts help says;

Search for: Advanced Search Options Or select a product… Sending email from your website How do I send mail from my website using a script?

It is possible to use Fasthosts SMTP servers to send email from your web scripts. However to preserve the integrity of our networks, there are some limitations in place to avoid misuse. You are responsible for the misuse of any scripts on your website. Restrictions on Sending Mail from our Servers

To prevent spam from being sent through our webservers, there are certain restrictions in place when sending email from web scripts. These restrictions help us prevent spammers from using our servers and improves the service we can provide to you.

Email must be either sent to, or from, an email address hosted by Fasthosts. This must be an existing mailbox in your account, and if your domain’s MX record points to another email provider, it will not count as being hosted by Fasthosts.
All outbound email must be routed through our outgoing email servers or it will not be delivered. It is not possible to send email from a script directly to a third party SMTP server.


Use the PHP mail function and set the ‘mail from’ value using the following code – replacing email@yourdomain.com with the appropriate email address.

$email_from = “email@yourdomain.com”; ini_set(“sendmail_from”, “$email_from”);

You need to add a fifth “-f” parameter to the sendmail function. This will set the name of the from address.

mail($email_to, $email_subject, $email_message, $headers, ‘-f’.$email_from);

Can you advise, thanks.


You can change “From” email by making change to this line of code:
$email = $_POST['email'];

However, in this case, I would recommend you to contact Fasthosts support directly and, perhaps, send them “contact.php” file. I think they should be able to help you about the configuration to be working properly on their hosting.

Is there a way to male the text slider. Slide slower??



You can customize the speed of Flexslider in ”/scripts/lamoon.js” file. Open the file and go to the line 269 then you will see the code block of the slider as:

animationSpeed : 1000,
        slideshowSpeed : 6000,
        pauseOnAction : false,
        pauseOnHover : true,

You can see the reference of each attribute here: http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/


Can you put Youtube Videos & HTML Content as popups from the Lightbox links too?

Hi, thank you for your interest. :)

The template uses Fancybox jQuery plugin as the popup engine so yes, you can do it but you would need to manually use its API for that. Here is more examples of Fancybox: http://fancybox.net/

In the menu, I see a bunch of things like this:

<span>& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;- </span> (note, I added extra spaces here so it wouldn’t evaluate the html entities)

However nothing between the span tags shows up even if I type some text in there. Does this have some significance or can I remove it?

Hi, those are for creating indention of submenu when seeing the menu on mobile view.

Hi I would like to purchase this nice template , but I was checking your demo in http://themes.uxbarn.com/?theme=lamoon, with my sony cel phone with android and a also with a sony tablet , and in the cel phone the site is not responsive neither with the default android browser or the opera browser, also I cant highlight the images in the galery, In the tablet or phone, also in the tablet I can`t go up and down. I wonder why all this happend only with your template and not in other templates that I check.?

Hi, thanks for your interest! :)

For the issue, I am not quite sure whether the iframe usage in the given URL is the cause. Could you please try this URL instead?: http://www.uxbarn.com/demo/retail/lamoon/ .

Hi, I like your template. It looks awesome for a hotel! How does the reservation system work? Does it send the details to the predefined email address or the admin can access the info from the backend?

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest. :)

The reservation form simply works like the contact form that will send the submitted info to the defined email address.

Ok! Thx for the response!

Hi, first of all i should say good work on the template. I am 2 clicks away from buying it.

Question: For the gallery, If I use an image uploader to upload my photos to the gallery Dir. will the photos be automatically populated in the gallery or the photo have to be called on the html side.

Hi, thanks for your interest! The gallery would need manual html modification.

Thanks for the quick response