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Hi David, fyi I managed to come up with a quick fix to the “Not Found” error message by copying the form_process.php file to the javascripts folder. There is, however, a fairly long lag between clicking on the form Submit button and receiving the on-screen acknowledgement of receipt. Is there anything I can do to reduce this? Currently it’s leading to users clicking the Submit repeatedly due to the lack of feedback, and my client being deluged with multiple duplicate emails. Appreciate your advice!

URL is http://www.orissa-international.com/landing/landingpage.html

It’s a pretty boilerplate script—shouldn’t really be lag. Are you on a slow server or does PHP Mail take a while to initiate? You could add a loading spinner in the jQuery.

Does this use your Foundation 3.0+ framework? I love your raptor kit and Reveal Modal, and Foundation 3.0 looks really cool but since this template hasn’t been updated since February 2012.. I assume this template could run on your older framework? If so do you have any templates that use your 3.0 framework? thanks! :)

Hi David, yes it uses Foundation from Zurb as a base framework (we didn’t write it—the fine folks at Zurb offer the framework). I believe it’s based on the 2.0 version. The template is responsive and uses clean HTML and CSS so we’ve really had no compelling reasons to update it to use the new framework. If it was an app or a more complex template we’d consider it, but since it’s a landing page template what we have does the job quite well. Thanks for your interest.

Hi, I am also getting the not found error message, I have all the changes made to the php file. Can you help me out? Thanks.

Be sure to place the form_process.php file at the root of your site or the same directory as your landing page.

Hi, I am not receiving emails, I followed documentation and can’t get the form to send emails, nor receive email confirmation that one was sent. Can you help me out? Am i missing something that’s not in the documentation?

Does this theme integrate with popular autoresponder services like Aweber, iContact and Mailchimp?

You’d simply have to hook the signup form to any one of those services. All of the services you mentioned will generate form code that can be used in the template.

Hello. First of all I’d like to say you have created a nice page, and thank you for that. I have an issue that I am having with the CTA Button: I want to move it a little to the right in order to line up with some of the changes I made above it. How would I go about doing that without messing with any of the other parts of the page? I have been changing a few things here and there, but the changes either do nothing at all or move it in odd places that don’t really add up in relation to the code I edited. Thank you.

If you email me directly through my ThemeForest profile with a URL to your live page, I’ll try to give you some advice. Thanks.

Hi, I upload files and configure the file for form, but are showing error Internal Server.

Hi David, I have a little problem with your template, I can’t install it on my wordpress. When I try to do it appear a message that it say your theme can’t be installed because it hasn’t the stylesheet style.css and needs a theme. How can I resolve this problem? I’m new and I’m a little lost.

What is this error message that shows at the bottom of the page?

6.4 applewebkit/537.36 (KHTML like Gecko)

This is just a plain HTML page.

Excellent! Love it!:);

Hi, can you provide a flag to select before send, in the contact form due to the privacy law acceptance?

Hello I just purchased this theme and I am receiving this message when trying to install “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” Can you please advise me on how to fix this?

Sorry just realized the issue.

installed on http://premadeblogs.com .. looks like working fine